Fondant Silhouette Design & Textured Buttercream~Video!

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Elegant Silhouette Cake Design against textured buttercream. Cake tutorial by Online Cake Decorating Tutorials & Recipes.

I love the elegant look of silhouettes on cakes. The wonderful thing about silhouettes is that the design options are endless. The effect is dramatic, yet so simple to achieve. In today's tutorial, I really wanted to create a bride and groom. Actually, the design that I demonstrate would work for a number of occasions~ bridal showers, engagement parties, rehearsal dinners, and even weddings.

Another technique that you will learn in this video is a unique style for textured buttercream! I used a very inexpensive tool to create a pattern in my crusting buttercream that resembles a woven pattern with a modern feel. Again, impressive but totally doable for any skill level!

I hope that you enjoy watching this video as much as I enjoyed making it! If you give this design a try, make sure to leave a photo in the comments!


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In this tutorial, I'm using 8" and 6" tiers (3 layers each--with the 6 inch layers being fatter)
These are frosted with our High Ratio frosting but any crusting frosting will do!

Black Satin Ice Fondant (pre-colored)

Ateco Cake Comb
Xacto Knife
Black Ribbon (ours was ⅜ inch)
waxed paper-for transferring your fondant design to the cake
Vegetable Shortening-- for lightly greasing the waxed paper and greasing the silhouette
Buttercream or piping gel for additional "glue" for the silhouette
tylose powder (optional--I kneaded a little into my fondant so that I could roll it thinner)
Red Satin Ice Fondant (or red coloring for white fondant)-- This was for our roses
**TEMPLATE for Silhouette Couple


Cutting board or cake cardboard to protect your countertops as you cut out your templates!
2 cardboard cake circles & 4-5 bubble tea straws or supports of choice if doing 8"/6" tiers (I used 4)


Use the templates that I used as they are, or do some experimenting. You can print off the images and draw on the bride and groom to make changes to hair styles, facial features, bridal gown, arm positions, body size, etc. Then cut out the bride and groom following the lines of any changes made.

I printed my images off on photo paper so that they would be nice and sturdy, but cardstock works well too. Cutting out the templates from photo paper with an xacto knife for me was much more time consuming than actually using the templates to cut out the fondant silhouettes.

You may find invitations or clip art silhouettes online that would work well with your designs. Some of these are free, and others you can make changes to in order to make them uniquely yours.

Have fun with these techniques! I can't wait to see what you all come up with ;0)



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  1. Thank you!! @Bernice~ Perfect timing! Yes, I'd love to see if you wind up doing the cake! --

    @Anita~ We considered adding a topper and decided to just leave it as is. I think that you could though, if it's just a really simple "50" for instance. Sometimes you don't know until you actually see the topper if it will compete too much.

    @ Gracie~ If you look under "Materials" above, you'll see Templates highlighted in blue. You can click it for a shortcut to the template. Otherwise, all of our templates are in the Templates section which can be found under the Member Resources section in the right side bar. Hope this helps!!

  2. When I trace templates I have problems with the fondant pulling. Even with the sharpest knife. Any advice how to prevent that? I use satin ice.

  3. Hi April-- Do you use an xacto knife? If you do and you are still having trouble, then I would let your fondant set up a little longer--at least a few minutes more before trying to cut out your shape. I kneaded a little tylose powder into my black fondant and this also helped to firm it up a little, but this is not a mandatory step.

    Let me know if this solves it for you!

  4. Oh goodness Melissa!
    I was on Pinterest and absolutely knew this cake was yours before I enlarged it to look at it.
    As varied and eclectic as you are...I can now recognize your beautiful style apart from your website and Facebook and just loving it!
    I loved that you textured your buttercream the way you did. Sure beats spending all the hours of practice I put in using textured rolling pins on buttercream :(
    As always....great work.

  5. Thank you so much Char-Lee!! That is so nice to hear that my cake was familiar to you ;0) It's funny how as decorators we all develop a certain signature style--even without realizing it. I'm glad that you like the textured buttercream look--so easy too!

  6. This is an excellent tutorial! Is this cake enough to feed 35 people? I know you have an 8 and 6 inch cake, with the 6 inch being taller than the 8 inch. One more thing...I am not that technology do I post a photo of cakes that I have made? I see them on your site all the time, but I just don't know how to! May I have some help please???? Thanks SO MUCH in advance!!!!

  7. Hi Terri, this cake will give 32 servings. We use the Wilton Party Serving Chart. The chart is found in the Member Resource section under Helpful Links (on the homepage). If you used a 9 inch cake you would be able to get the 35 servings. To post your picture, go to the Member Gallery and click on Submit Your Own Cake Photo (in blue print). If you have other questions after trying this, email us at

  8. I love this. This is something I have really been wanting to see throughout. Great job and great explanations during it. It was a lot of help.

  9. Hi Melissa a very beautiful cake so elegant for a lot of occasions, have to try this one you make it look so easy.Thank you so much for all your great tutorials.