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Hi everyone! Alphabet and Number Cakes are BIG at the moment, thanks to the beautiful tarts and cakes made popular by Aditi Goyal. Today, we're creating our own version of this sweet trend in cake form.


This Alphabet Cake Video Tutorial is such a fun way to customize a special occasion cake! We've adorned ours with chocolate,fruit, and flowers! (Member cake video section from

For this cake video, we've created an "A" cake, but anything goes...whether choosing the first letter of the birthday boy or girl's name, a number to represent their age, or even the first letter of the last name for a wedding rehearsal dinner.

We've seen Alphabet and Number "cakes" of layered tarts as well as cookies, but for this tutorial we've chosen two thin layers of pound cake with a whipped cream cheese frosting. Just as with naked cake designs, we are only adding frosting to the filling and on top of the cake.

To ensure freshness and prevent the cake from  drying out, we've also used a simple sugar glaze to coat the edges of the cake.

We hope that you enjoy the video!

Alphabet Cake Video Tutorial by




We used our Pound Cake Recipe poured into a shallow 11x16 inch pan. We used our "A" template to cut out our shapes from the partially frozen cake layer. Decorate with your fruits, chocolate, candies, sprinkles, flowers, or cookies of choice.

Whipped Cream Cheese Frosting

Sugar Glaze

Fruit: We used Strawberries, raspberries, cherries

Chocolate Candy Coating, some waves were created with a cake comb.

Dark chocolate nonpareils (or your candy of choice)

Piping Tips: Wilton 12, Ateco 869

Coloring Gel- Mint Green

Flowers: We used mini carnations and buds.

Our cake base was two sheet cake cardboards wrapped tightly with a white plastic tablecloth and stapled beneath to secure.

Piping bags


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  1. @Freda- I thought we may have some drops of juice form over time around the strawberries since contact with sugar can have this effect on fruit, but surprisingly did not. I know that this can sometimes be an issue though and so you can always wait until closer to the event to place them on the cake. We did have just a few drops here and there around our raspberries over time, but nothing noticeable (and easily fixable with a small piece of paper towel) ;0) -

    @Jen- Have you tried the non-dairy Whipped Meringue Frosting Recipe on our Large Fluffy Frosting Flowers video? This has a light consistency and does not require refrigeration. You can find it here:

  2. Hi there,
    The cake is beautiful. All your baking is fantastic. I want make two numbers cake. My question, how do I make templates for numbers. If you mentioned it, I’m sorry, I didn’t see it
    Thank you

  3. Hi Rachelle, I'm glad that you liked it! My "A" was easy enough to just kind of eyeball (I folded my sheet of paper longways, cut out half the letter and then unfolded). But you can find a lot of letter templates by just going to google images and searching for number templates. You can find them on Pinterest too. Here is a link that I found for free number printables but there are many more.

  4. Hi Isabella, we used an 11x16 pan, you can find details on the pan and other supplies used listed beneath the video under Materials.

  5. The cake you made is wonderful when cutting, does it cut well with the whipped cream cheese frosting?

  6. I just love the look of this cake and plan to make it as the number 70. I will be making macaroons to put on as additional decoration but will the cookies get soggy if I place them on the night before. Or will I be able to put them and the other decorations into the cold icing the morning of the event.

  7. Hi Baba- I'm glad that you are making the cake! I haven't tried this with macarons and so I can't say for sure. But, I would probably just put them on that morning to be on the safe side if you are worried. This whipped cream frosting will be soft so that you can easily push in the macarons in the morning.

  8. Hi Melissa, my question is more around the pound cake recipe. How do I convert it so that it can fit the cake pan size that you have used?