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Thawing cakes

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  • Started 1 year ago by Toyamarie
  • Latest reply from Melissa Diamond
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  1. Toyamarie
    Posts: 22

    How long would a three layer 10 inch stacked cake take to thaw? I know temperature in your area affects this but I need a general idea. Thanks

    Posted Nov 14 2012 5:21 pm #
  2. Hi Toyamarie--To be clear, you want to thaw a 10" (filled & frosted) frozen cake tier?

    Posted Nov 14 2012 8:10 pm #
  3. Lynn S.
    Posts: 153
    Location: Pacific Northwest Member

    to have the chill totally out if that you would want to take it out the night before. i'd leave it wrapped in the plastic & foil. otherwise i'd guess 6-8hrs. when i did this for my son's wedding/grooms cakes i was covering them in ganache so a bit of chill in them was ok, i didn't take them out until the morning & i started on the 6" cakes & worked my way up in size. but if i was covering in buttercream i would of taken them out the night before to have them totally chill free. i hope this helps.

    Posted Nov 15 2012 1:03 am #
  4. Toyamarie
    Posts: 22

    @Melissa crumb coated and stacked- three layers partially frozen. I waited several hours before putting on the final coating of icing but I couldn't tell if it was completely thawed or not :-)

    Posted Nov 15 2012 2:54 am #
  5. Oh I see...I'm sure it was fine if they were already partially frozen when you assembled, filled and crumb coated, and then you waited several hours more. I use that time to settle the cake (although you can technically wrap and settle the filled layers before crumb coating too.) If I'm not going to settle it overnight for time reasons, then I settle the cake for a few hours with some sort of weight on top (thin book, thick magazine, etc.) --Not everyone settles, but I do think it helps with bulging. But back to your point!...--

    A few hours should be plenty before frosting the final coat. I say in my videos to allow the cake to reach room temp before applying the final coat mainly because if you are wanting to smooth your frosting with the "viva" or "roller" methods, the icing won't crust properly if the cake was frosted while still cold.

    Hope this helps! (And thanks Lynn for your feedback & advice!!)

    Posted Nov 15 2012 3:09 am #


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