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Thawing cakes

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  • Started 1 year ago by Toyamarie
  • Latest reply from Melissa Diamond
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  1. ******
    Posts: 22

    How long would a three layer 10 inch stacked cake take to thaw? I know temperature in your area affects this but I need a general idea. Thanks

    Posted Nov 14 2012 5:21 pm #
  2. ******
    Posts: 4974

    Hi Toyamarie--To be clear, you want to thaw a 10" (filled…

    (message shortened)

    Posted Nov 14 2012 8:10 pm #
  3. ******
    Posts: 150

    to have the chill totally out if that you would want…

    (message shortened)

    Posted Nov 15 2012 1:03 am #
  4. ******
    Posts: 22

    @Melissa crumb coated and stacked- three layers partially frozen. I waited…

    (message shortened)

    Posted Nov 15 2012 2:54 am #
  5. ******
    Posts: 4974

    Oh I see...I'm sure it was fine if they were already…

    (message shortened)

    Posted Nov 15 2012 3:09 am #

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