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Sharp Fondant Edge

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  • Started 1 year ago by Shelly Z.
  • Latest reply from teri10309
  1. Shelly Z.
    Posts: 2
    Location: Wyoming Member

    When covering a cake with fondant, how do you get such a sharp edge on the cake? Mine always seems so curved and rounded and not sharp at all. I feel like the sharp edge looks much more professional.

    Posted Aug 12 2013 11:22 pm #
  2. Use ganache or SMBC to frost your cake. Helps with those sharp corners.

    Posted Aug 13 2013 12:31 am #
  3. Hi Shelly-- I vote for ganache also beneath the fondant, it sets up to give a nice foundation, and I find it easier to get sharp corners. I don't always make my corners extremely sharp...I think that a softer look can be really nice also. However, when I want an extremely sharp edge, I prefer ganache, and I also use thick pieces of acetate to aid in the smoothing. The fondant covered edges can be fairly easily manipulated. I like to hold the acetate right up against the edge of the cake with one hand, and use my other hand to ease the fondant toward it, which really defines things.

    Here's a link to a video where I demonstrate how to get super sharp edges with a fondant covered square cake--but the same methods can be applied to round. --(You'll also see my "how to ganache a square cake" linked in the page below also) -

    Hope this helps!

    Posted Aug 13 2013 4:41 am #
  4. stephanie72
    Posts: 488
    Location: Bay Area - California Member

    Melissa where do you find your acetate? I'm having trouble finding some.

    Posted Aug 13 2013 2:44 pm #
  5. Hi Stephanie-- We found ours locally at Joann Fabric-- Actually, they may call it template plastic-- Here is a link:

    It is much thicker than the acetate that I use with chocolate wraps, etc. ..but it still has a nice bend to it. We bought a sheet of it and cut out two 4x6 pieces.

    Posted Aug 13 2013 5:03 pm #
  6. Shelly Z.
    Posts: 2
    Location: Wyoming Member

    Thanks for the help!!

    Posted Aug 14 2013 3:14 am #
  7. stephanie72
    Posts: 488
    Location: Bay Area - California Member

    Thanks Melissa. We have Joann's here, I've actually looked for it but I had no idea where to look. Now that I know the official name of it, I'll look again.

    Posted Aug 14 2013 5:12 pm #
  8. teri10309
    Posts: 4

    Acetate is available through pfeil & holing. Also to get the corners sharp I would put in the freezer to keep it sharp before I put the fondant on it.

    Posted Sep 6 2013 9:13 am #


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