Wild About YOU~ A Cupcake Tutorial

Hi everybody!  Well, it’s officially Valentine’s Day season…just under a month to go!

I feel like we could all use a dose of lovey dovey sweetness :0) –Especially if it involves….ANIMAL PRINT!

How I do love animal print :0) — And even more when we throw cupcakes into the mix.  Today’s theme is “Wild About You”.  Who are YOU wild about?  Your hubby, your kids…the mailman ;0) –Whoever they are, they are going to love these….

Here’s What I used for today’s project:


Crusting Buttercream (important if you want a smooth finish).  I tinted mine with Wilton Pink, Americolor Electric Pink, & Americolor Super Black.

Viva brand paper towels

Piping Tips– Wilton Tip 2 (small round)  & Tip 12 (medium round)

Wilton Jumbo Heart Sprinkles (optional)


Okay, let’s get started!

I started out by piping on my base coat of frosting with a tip 12 (a larger round tip is fine too.) –Once crusted, I smoothed with a Viva brand paper towel.  If you’d like to see more on this technique–click HERE.

Then, I used a piping tip 2 to pipe on zebra, giraffe, & leopard print patterns!  Since this is a Valentine’s Day theme, I thought it would be fun to throw in a lot of pink ;0)

Once the patterns were piped onto the smooth buttercream, I allowed them to sit for about 5 minutes or so until the buttercream had crusted.

Time to smooth with a Viva paper towel (or any smooth napkin)

I thought it would be fun to make some animal print toppers also. I already had some fondant cut-outs from a previous project. To make these, just roll out some fondant (I like to knead in a little tylose) and then cut out your shapes. Allow to dry overnight.

Then, I painted some of my hearts with a “base coat” of pink paint. I made my paint by mixing pink coloring gel with a small amount of vodka. (Lemon extract works also)– The alcohol evaporates quickly, leaving the color behind.

After about five minutes, the surface was dry and I was able to use my food coloring pen to draw on some zebra stripes! These are so cute resting on top of a swirl of buttercream.

Here’s a heart that I made in the same way. (Painted stripes with food coloring pen writing and accents.) –This one is larger because it holds the main theme of our display! ;0)

That’s all that there is to it!

Now, time to gather all of these wild cupcakes together for a group shot~ ;0)

Hooray! I hope that you enjoyed these—now, go make them for someone you love! See you next time ;0)

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  1. Trish says: #1

    ya know what I am wild about…MY CAKE SCHOOL and all your GREAT IDEAS! Oh yaaaa, I went there! So cute and a GREAT and FRESH twist on VDay themed cupcake. LOVIES!

  2. Cakes On The Lane says: #2

    These are so cute, Melissa.

  3. Stephanie says: #3

    These are so nice!!

  4. Joy says: #4

    I’m not a fan of cupcakes but these are adorable. My daughter-in-law is a social worker at a children’s psych hospital. I may whip up a batch for her to take to the children on Valentines Day. They’re all so adorable!

  5. Sadia Wasim says: #5

    Adorable and too cute! Love the colors!! Thanks!

  6. Tracey Ellington says: #6

    I am also “WILD” about my cake school. I can’t get enough of it. I think my husband is a little jealous. Thank you Melissa and BeBe for all you do; I have learned so much in just a short time!!!!!

  7. Jennifer says: #7

    I think these are absolutely adorable…thanks for posting

  8. Adorable!! I love them all! Great job! Thanks for sharing!!! xo, Reannah

  9. Pandora says: #9

    What a fun twist for Valentine’s Day!

  10. creativelaura says: #10

    Wow! Beautiful!!! Thank you so much for sharing i recently found your website like two days ago & i fell in love with everything you have made. I love baking! I have learned so much in the last two days thanks to you :)

  11. Taly says: #11

    Beautifull ideas!!! thank you so much for share….

  12. SamCyn says: #12

    Very, Very Cute! Thanks for sharing :)

  13. Debbie says: #13

    Love your website, I am new to it but what i have learned in just a few days is amazing, can’t wait to see what is next.

  14. Brenda says: #14

    Sooo cute, creative and educational! I forgot about the paper towel trick … thanks for showing it.

  15. guadalupe ruiz says: #15

    I am no speak english, but i understood everything.
    is beutiful all
    thanxs for all your ideas

  16. Margie says: #16

    What a cute idea! Where did you find the little Wilton hearts?

  17. BeBe says: #17

    Hi, I think we bought those at Michael’s

  18. Melissa Diamond says: #18

    We did–I’m not sure if they sell them year round now…. I’d stock up just in case ;0) — I use them year round!

  19. Lee-Ann says: #19

    my daughter will have a blast making these for her Valentines Day Market at school!

  20. Tammie Letroise-Brown says: #20

    These are gorgeous! I can’t believe they are as easy as buttercream. I’m gonna review the post again for tricks. :)

  21. Portia Ladley says: #21

    These are AMAZING! I would have never thought of doing an animal print with buttercream icing. You make it look easy enough for me to try :) I’ll definitely do it for my daughter’s b-day party (hot pink with zebra stripes is her theme). THANKS FOR THE TUTORIAL!!!

  22. CookiesForEveryOccasion says: #22

    I love this idea. My daughter turns nine next week and she love pink and zebra strips. Thank you so much I am going to try this

  23. Jamie Edwards says: #23

    Which brand of food pens do you use? I use wilton and mine never come out with such rich shades of black :( maybe it’s where I’m purchasing them from…any suggestions?

  24. Jamie Edwards says: #24

    of course I see wilton on the list after rereading lol sorry Melissa

  25. BeBe says: #25

    Hi Jamie, we usually use Americolor pens that we order from globalsugarart.com

  26. aliys says: #26

    Just letting ya know Melissa, I’m using this tutorial to help me through my culinary school finals. We are decorating cupcakes using a theme we picked at random. I got valentines day! These will be so cute.

  27. Melissa Diamond says: #27

    @Aliys, yay! That makes me so happy. ;0) —Good luck, I know they will be fabulous!

  28. Aliya Tudor says: #28

    I will post pics :) I totally fat fingered the keyboard & misspelled my name in that 1st post. Doh!

  29. amanda Sam-Wobo says: #29

    This is simply breathtaking and amazing

  30. Bobbye Adams says: #30

    Glad to know
    About Americolor pens. I’ve also had issues with the Wilton ones!

  31. lyn says: #31

    What equipment an supplies did you use for this creation? Want to try for my niece party next month.

  32. Lynn Morano says: #32

    LOVE this idea and will be using it in the upcoming month. Thanks for sharing

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