Valentines Cupcakes!–Blog Tutorial

Today I’m going to share some cute designs for Valentine’s Cupcakes!  One of my favorites is this easy method for fondant cupcake toppers….

I love a nice swirl of buttercream on cupcakes…but every now and then I like to make them nice and smooooth.  Especially if I’m going to be writing on top of them.  Remember…this only works with crusting buttercreams…

Here’s the same method of smoothing….only this time, I layered two colors of buttercream.  I piped on my color with a Wilton tip 12.

I LOVE sprinkles!!! I use these heart sprinkles on designs year round. 

For the icing lovers out there…

And finally, I piped some chocolate decorations.  You can use any brand of candy melts or candy coating/chocolate bark.  Simply pipe and pop in the freezer for a few minutes to speed-set!

Here’s the group picture!  I snuck in a few other designs too.   :0)    The pink rose swirl is made with a tip 2D, and the heart within a heart topper was also made with the “puzzle technique” mentioned above. 

Thanks for stopping by!  Now, go make some cupcakes!!  :0)

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  1. These are terrific ideas for Valentine’s Day! Thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Donna says: #2

    How perfectly lovely! Can’t wait to try these ideas! I am loving your blog and following you on Fbook.
    Donna @

  3. michelle says: #3

    all of those ideas are super cute for vday!!!!

  4. donnell says: #4

    those cupcakes are so awesome looking! who wouldnt want to get a valentines cupcake when they look like yours.

  5. Stephanie says: #5

    What a wonderful selection of designs you’ve come up with!!

  6. Diana says: #6

    They look amazing!! I have never made cupcakes before.. Now i have a good reason to try :)

  7. Melissa Diamond says: #7

    Thank you!!!!

  8. kmoreton says: #8

    Super cute! I am probably going to do these for son’s Kindergarten class next week!

  9. Melissa Diamond says: #9

    Great! They will love them!! :0)

  10. Lexy says: #10

    I’m enjoying getting to “know” you via your blog. I’m seriously considering joining your “school”.

    Have I missed where you share your buttercream recipe? I’m not familiar with the
    term “crusting”….are all buttercream recipes “crusting”?

    Hope I don’t sound too much the beginner…oh wait, I am :-)

  11. Margie says: #11

    Those are adorable!!! Had not seen them before, but would LOVE to try and
    make some next Valentine’s day!!!
    Melissa, you are soooo talented!!!!!!! :)

  12. caronjen says: #12

    I’ve seen you use a roller to smooth your buttercream, what type/kind is the roller and where did you get it? Thanks!

  13. Melissa Diamond says: #13

    Hi–When I use a roller, it’s a high density foam paint roller (that you can find in the paint dept of home improvement stores). Just wash thoroughly before and in between use.

  14. Jenna-Marie says: #14

    Thanks Melissa!!

  15. These are amazing!! Will definitely be giving these a go this Valentines Day!

  16. Sandy says: #16

    When you smooth the cupcake with the paper towel, is it damp? Do you just press down? I’m a bit confused. Thanks!

  17. BeBe says: #17

    Hi Sandy, no it is not damp, it is a dry paper towel. After the frosting has crusted, you just press and smooth lightly. We have a video of this on our site, but you could also google Viva Towel Method and find more information on line.

  18. Adorable. I’ve got to pin this one on my “Valentine/Heart” Board.

  19. trish says: #19

    I did….I really did. I squealed out loud. And I mean loud. This is darling. Ooooh what a GREAT use of time hopping catching up here tonight. I LOVE EWE 2!!!

  20. trish says: #20

    I am the village idiot. I meant to put this on the I love EWE post…….

  21. grethel garces says: #21

    thanks very beautiful……

  22. Melissa says: #22

    So cute! I love the idea with the sprinkles!

  23. Shannon Williams says: #23

    Please share your crusting buttercream recipe. I have yet to come across a good one that isnt too runny. Thank you so much!
    Paddy Cakes Gluten Free Bakery

  24. Shannon W (Paddy Cakes Gluten Free Bakery) says: #24

    These are adorable! I am still working on my frosting techniques and these are beautifully simple. Just need a better buttercream recipe.

  25. Melissa Diamond says: #25

    Thanks! Shannon, the recipe linked below is a good basic crusting buttercream recipe similar to the one that I use when making an all butter (rather than shortening based) frosting. The only difference is that we use 1/3 c. milk with our 8 cups confectioner’s sugar. — Also, we let the mixer mix for a good 6 minutes, as the consistency just gets better and better ;0)

    **We often use clear vanilla (imitation) extract when we want the frosting to be whiter. Real vanilla will give a slight ivory tint to your frosting, which is still very pretty also but I just wanted to give you a head’s up! The whitest of frostings are made with shortening rather than butter…but the taste isn’t as good ;0)

    link to

  26. abeer says: #26

    I want to know the recepie of the butter cream

  27. Ever Acevedo says: #27

    Super!! Love it!!

  28. Chichi says: #28

    Thanks for sharing. Super cute

  29. cakeri says: #29

    hello i am your avid fan, wud like to ask what is the buttercream u used mostly in your cakes? is it crusting buttercream? or the swiss meringue or italian meringue buttercream? in thsese cupcakes is it crusting buttercream? I presume its crusting buttercream since u mentioned using viva? Thank you

  30. Janice Font says: #31

    What tip did you use for the green details on the flowers?

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