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Hi everyone! We’ve whipped up a couple of patriotic sweets for you today! These are very simple to put together– and would be perfect for your July 4th get togethers next week! ;0) —

First, we made a flag-themed cake.  I LOVE piping buttercream, and if you are familiar with some of the basic piping techniques, I think that you will find this very simple!

I started with a 6 inch tier, crumb coated with vanilla buttercream.  I tinted some of our buttercream Americolor Sky Blue, some Super Red, and left the rest was left white.

I fitted my piping bag with a Wilton star tip 21, and piped a section of blue rosettes.  (You can see the markings in the frosting that I made with a toothpick…just a basic map to work from.)
Fun for July 4th!  Cake Decorating Tutorial by MyCakeSchool.comNext, I filled in with white and red piped shells (again, Wilton 21) to create our stripes!


Fun for July 4th!  Cake Decorating Tutorial by MyCakeSchool.comTop is finished!

Fun for July 4th!  Cake Decorating Tutorial by


Starting with the bottom of the tier and working my way up, I filled in the sides with more white shells of buttercream!  I really like the “shells-all-over” look!  ;0)   If you are new to piping & aren’t having good luck with the shells, you can easily pipe star shapes instead with the same tip!  Just hold the piping tip perpendicular to the surface of the frosting as you pipe.

Fun for July 4th!  Cake Decorating Tutorial by

Using a piping tip 3, I made a few white dots on my blue rosettes to represent our stars.

That’s it!  Here’s our finished cake~


Fun for July 4th!  Cake Decorating Tutorial by



Now…for some cupcakes.  When we were thinking of blog ideas for the 4th, I couldn’t decide between the cake above or the cupcakes that I’m about to show you…so we went with both! —


The first step is to pipe some chocolate decorations.  I used red and blue pre-colored candy melts (Wilton)…and also some white chocolate bark that I had on hand (Ambrosia brand).  I melted the chocolate in small bowls, in 30 second increments until melted.  Then, I spooned the melted chocolate into disposable piping bags.  Mine were fitted with small round piping tips (2 or 3’s)…but some prefer to just snip the end of the bag.

*If you don’t have tinted candy coating, you can use oil based candy color or powdered colors.  I actually deepened the color of my blue candy coating with Americolor blue coloring powder..but only because our original plan for the chocolate was to also apply them to our flag cake–and I was trying to match our blue buttercream.  Normally, I would not have altered the shade of blue.

I piped the patriotic little cupcake toppers onto a parchment lined cookie sheet.  Then, I chilled them in the freezer for just a few minutes as I worked on my cupcakes.  I don’t recommend freezing for very long.  If you won’t be decorating right away, you can just leave the chocolate at room temperature until closer to decorating time.

Fun for July 4th!  Cupcake Decorating Tutorial by

Here are some basic white cupcakes (I used Pillsbury white mix for these but use whatever brand/recipe is your favorite!).  Then, holding a sharp knife at an angle as I rotated the cupcake, I cut out & removed a little cone  shaped “lid”.  I’m making room for our fruit!

Fun for July 4th!  Cupcake Decorating Tutorial by

Next, I spooned strawberries into the cupcake.  I sliced the strawberries into a bowl and sprinkled on a little sugar to bring out the juices.

Fun for July 4th!  Cupcake Decorating Tutorial by  Next, I used a Wilton 2D large star tip to add a little cream cheese buttercream to the center.  Use whatever you’d like–they are great with buttercream and whipped cream too!Fun for July 4th!  Cupcake Decorating Tutorial by  I added a couple of blueberries too!

Fun for July 4th!  Cupcake Decorating Tutorial by

After filling the cupcakes, I replaced the “lid” and added a swirl of cream cheese buttercream on top.  Then, I added our chocolate toppers!

Fun for July 4th!  Cupcake Decorating Tutorial by

I love the red, white, & blue!   If you like a lot of fruit like I do, you may need a fork for these!  I just love the height & color…and the simplicity!

Because of the amount of exposed cake on my cupcakes, and because of the amount of fruit that I used, I would recommend assembling these fairly close to your event.  They come together very quickly!! “Naked cake” can dry out, so if you bake in advance, you’ll want to lay plastic wrap over the cupcake tops until you are ready to assemble.  –

If you need to decorate in advance, just use a little more frosting than I did so that the moisture of the cake is locked in!  More frosting is never a bad idea ;0)!!


Fun for July 4th!  Cupcake Decorating Tutorial by


I hope that you enjoyed our tutorial!! Have fun experimenting with these ideas, and I hope you’ll share your creations with us!  Happy Fourth!

Fun for July 4th!  Cupcake Decorating Tutorial by


Stop by again soon!

Fun for July 4th!  Cupcake Decorating Tutorial by


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  1. Ana Brachowicz says: #1

    Gracias por sus lindas ideas,junto con mi nieta haremos algunas de ellas,para decorar la mesa de 4’th July.

  2. Melissa Calegan says: #2

    They are so cute and look fairly quick and easy. I think that I will try the cupcakes. Thank you so much for this!

  3. Esther Lara Cortés says: #3

    Hola, me dio mucho gusto encontrar esta pagina , todo lo que veo es hermoso , felicidades !!!

  4. Delores Coston says: #4

    OMG… Those are so clever and I am lovin the cupcakes. I am going to attempt to make this for my fourth of July gathering… Thanks for the step by step play.

  5. Lisa Tibbedeaux says: #5

    LOVE the cake – would this also work with the ‘pretty petal effect’ pattern/technique??
    I really like the petal technique, so just wondering if it could work for this. Thanks!

  6. mammyof3 says: #6

    Love the cupcakes!! I love fresh fruit with fresh cake!!! Thanks for sharing!! I am gonna def try these!!!

  7. cyndi barnett says: #7

    These cupcakes are going to be delicious as well as pretty! Also not so heavy after eating a big cookout dinner. Thank you; you’ve got the neatest ideas!

  8. Araceli Avila says: #8

    I loved it! than you for sharing your creativity.

  9. Very cute, Melissa. I pinned your cake along with a note that says you show how to decorate it on your blog. Thanks (I’m a Canadian living in Quebec, but this is colourful and fun!)

    ~ Marie, the EpicureanPiranha

    Pinterest ID: Marie Lancup

  10. Linda Thompson says: #10

    Love them! I want to take both on our cook out! Do you think the cake would still look nice in a bigger size?


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