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Birdcage Cupcakes - Free Blog Tutorial by!

Hi everyone! Last week we added a sweet little birdcage cake video tutorial to the site, and as it turns out–people LOVE birdcage cakes! Who knew? I think it was one of the biggest responses we’ve had to a cake on our Facebook page–I guess everyone is in the mood for springtime themes, and birds—-lots of birds! So, for today’s blog tutorial we thought we would continue the theme just a little bit longer — This time, we are working with cupcakes.

Let’s discuss….


First, I rolled out some fondant (tinted Americolor Sky Blue). I kneaded in a little bit of tylose to help it dry more quickly and also so that I could roll it a little thinner.

Then, I took my oval cookie cutter and cut out birdcage shapes. You can see that there is no need to cut the entire oval…just enough to get the shape that you need.

I cut out pink birdcages too (mine are tinted with Americolor Deep Pink). Then, I took some piping consistency royal icing and used a Wilton tip 2 to pipe on my birdcage.
 Once the royal had a chance to set (which only took about 15 minutes or so), I piped on royal icing flowers.  You can see that these are all very simple–lots of little dots and swirlies and teadrop shaped leaves.  (My royal icing leaves are tinted with Americolor Electric Green).


Next, we needed some little birds!  To make them, I just flattened a small ball of fondant into a circle and then gave it a little pinch to form the tail.  After a few minutes, the fondant had set enough that I could draw on an eye and wing with a food coloring pen– I also pressed on a little tiny yellow fondant beak (but yellow royal would have worked well too) –  I glued it to the cage with a dot of royal icing.

Here are some more birdies waiting in the wings.  :0) –I wound up not needing all of them…but I used several.  The larger ones are great all by themselves for cupcake toppers.


I also decided to mix it up a little bit for those of you who don’t want fondant cupcake toppers—this simple design also goes nicely with our theme~

First, pipe on a swirl of crusting buttercream (any medium to large round tip will work fine with this). Wait a few minutes and then smooth with a Viva brand paper towel.  (Viva has no impressions or quilting).

Then, I just piped intersecting lines of vanilla buttercream and embellished with a squiggle here and there–and small buttercream flowers on top.  All of these accents were piped with a Wilton tip 2.


I hope you’ll experiment with the designs above and make them your own!  Also, as a little side note, a crusting buttercream could be used to pipe the birdcages if you would rather not make royal icing.  Cookie birdcages would make sweet cake toppers too!  Whatever you do, I know that your family and friends (and customers) will LOVE them!

Here’s a group shot~

Birdcage Cupcake Tutorial by



Thanks for stopping by~Have a great week!


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  1. Cakeamonga says: #1

    very very cute! So pretty & you can use these to cover sugar cookies with as well. make the cookies the same way you made the fondant cage bases.

  2. becky culver says: #2

    I so love bird cages, not sure why just do. these are the cutest ive seen. so going to make these. thank you for the inspiration

  3. Elaine Scotton says: #3

    so adorable…i also saw them as a cookie decoration…or a small cookie topper

  4. These are so SWEET! Such pretty color combos too. Just darling!

  5. alsearer says: #5

    Why cant I get my frosting the right consistency to use the viva method?! I’ve tried like 3 recipes and no matter what I do it doesn’t crust the way it should! I put the paper towel down and it pulls up frosting.

    I love this tutorial! Very cute idea!!!

  6. BeBe says: #6

    Hi Alsearer, first, let me ask if your cake is at room temperature when you apply your frosting? If your cake is cold, the frosting will not crust for a very, very long time…..that could be the problem. It should be that you frost your cake with a medium consistency crusting buttercream recipe, wait 5 minutes or so, (depending on humidity of your area) touch with your finger and if no frosting sticks to your finger it is ready to smooth with a Viva paper towel. Let me hear from you.

  7. Sadia Wasim says: #7

    Very cute idea for cupcakes.
    Bebe i have the same problem but when my cake comes to room temperature then the cream crusts fine.

  8. Kathie Shea says: #8

    OMG! These are so cute! I wait so impatientely for your next tutorial! You’re the best! Thanks

  9. Hi Melissa!! I just wanted to thank you for sharing such a great tutorial!!! : )

  10. Melissa Diamond says: #10

    Everybody, thank you so much for your nice comments!!

  11. alsearer says: #11

    I think you just solved my problem!!!! I always freeze my cakes and frost them just out of the freezer. That’s easier for me but I guess not the right thing to do…? I’ll try to let everything thaw before trying next time!!! :)

    I love this blog soo much! Being honest I can’t afford to sign up but I would love love to see everything else you post! One day 😉

  12. BeBe says: #12

    Hi Alsearer, I’m glad that helped.

  13. Applemom3 says: #13

    How fun! Can use these for Mother’s Day too I think!

  14. queenbee says: #14

    could these be any sweeter….any CUTER….the answer, NOOOOOOOOOOO. I will be making these for myself for Mothers Day. Do you remember your little cupcake bird from last year?? It was a teal blue with a yellow whimsy hat? How cute would THAT be in the center of all these sweet cupcakes….oh I can see it now. :)

  15. SugarSwirls says: #15

    SO ADORABLE!!! You are amazing! Thank you SO much for your tutorials and wise advice to all.

  16. houda el haimeur says: #16

    if you could provide us with some vintage cupcake totorials, the ones with perals and flowers made out of fondant,

    thx a lot

  17. Melissa Diamond says: #17

    Hi Houda–Good idea. Thanks for the suggestion!

  18. Askanam says: #18

    you are amazing, these are so so cute!

  19. cake it is says: #19

    Beautiful as usual. I can’t wait to do this for an upcoming spring birthday.

  20. texasbakergirl says: #20

    Very cute. Very easy peasy. Thanks for the great tutorial.

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