Flip Flop Cupcakes!~ Free Tutorial



Hi there!

Summertime themes continue in our blog today as we break out the flip flop cupcake toppers!  The cheerful color, design, & pattern options are endless…and the theme is perfect for so many events– summertime birthdays for all ages, beach parties, pool parties…or just because ;0)

We’re using one of my favorite decorating mediums today… candy coating!  I love candy coating (aka compound chocolate, chocolate bark, candy melts, etc.) because it can be microwaved, piped,  & applied to your cakes in minutes.   An added bonus is that they can be made in advance &  will add a little depth to your design too!

You can find pre-colored candy coating (Wilton Candy Melts for example), but you can also tint white candy coating to all sorts of bright colors using  (oil based) candy coloring. *Do not add regular frosting/fondant coloring gels to your chocolate as it will cause it to seize.

Let’s get started!

Below, you can see my tinted white candy coating– After melting the coating in the microwave, I tinted the pink & blue shades using Wilton Candy Coloring.  The yellow was pre-colored Candy Melts (Wilton).

Flip flops are pretty simple to freehand, but you may like to use a template to ensure that everything is about the same size.   I slid my template beneath my waxed paper (on a cookie sheet)– I piped the melted chocolate from a disposable piping bag with the tip snipped off.  (If you’d rather use a piping tip, it would be about the equivalent of a Wilton 10.)


Flip Flop Tutorial-MyCakeSchool.com

As an optional step, I also piped small little flowers, stars, & hearts using a piping bag with a small opening.  These will be my accents for the flip flops later.

Free Flip Flop Cake Tutorial-MyCakeSchool.com

More piping…this time in blue.  After piping my chocolate designs, I chilled them in the freezer for about 5 minutes until firm.

Free Flip Flop Tutorial-MyCakeSchool.com

Time to start decorating!  I flipped the chilled flip flops over so that the smooth sides were facing up.  Then, I piped on the straps with buttercream (using a small round piping tip (3)) –You could do this step in candy coating also, but I thought that buttercream was a little faster.

In the photo, I applied a dot of buttercream to the center of the straps & then placed a chocolate flower on top.  This raises the decoration a bit & acts as a nice glue also. Free Flip Flop Tutorial-MyCakeSchool.com

I love these colors together!

The straps & dots are buttercream…everything else is candy coating. (Buttercream colors: Americolor Deep Pink coloring gel, Electric Pink,  Lemon Yellow, & Sky Blue).

Free Flip Flop Tutorial-MyCakeSchool.com

Now for our cupcakes!

I tinted a crusting vanilla buttercream with Americolor Sky Blue & Americolor Ivory coloring gel.  Some of my cupcakes were frosted entirely in ivory, but others like the one below were half and half.  The most important part of these cupcakes is the two dots of icing that I piped on each one with a Wilton tip 12 (10 would work well too).  These dots will prop up our flip flops so that they sit at a nice angle.

Flip Flop Cupcakes Tutorial!-MyCakeSchool.com


If working in advance, you can store these toppers in a cool room and then chill just before applying to the cake so that they are easier to handle.

Finished!  I love how these came out, so simple and cute!




Thanks for stopping by!



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How to Pipe Large Frosting Flowers!~Video Tutorial

Fluffy-Flowers!Hi everyone! Today, we are going to show you how to pipe frosting flowers that are large, whimsical, & fun! We've had several requests for these types of flowers & after experimenting with several different piping tips & frosting recipes, we've found our favorite methods & are excited to share.

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Popsicle Cake Tutorial!~ Fun Fourth Blog Tutorial

Hi everybody, we have a new summertime blog tutorial for you! This GIANT popsicle cake is a fabulous party centerpiece for the 4th of July. Give the tutorial a whirl now, or file the idea away for any of your casual summertime gatherings. Your guests will love the look, and YOU will love how easily the design is put together!

Let’s get started…

I started out with two (filled) 9×13 cake layers.



Next, I used a cake round as a template to mark off what will become a rounded top to our “popsicle” with an edible ink marker.  I carved away the top corners & crumb-coated the cake in a crusting vanilla buttercream.



Next, I carved out a bite from our popsicle & frosted over the newly exposed cake.


I tinted some of our buttercream with Americolor Super Red and Americolor Royal Blue.  Using a round piping tip 12 (optional), I mapped out where my red and blue sections would be, and then spread on my colors.


I piped on a bit more white so that the red, white, and blue layer was nice and even.  Then smoothed over everything with a Viva paper towel once the buttercream had crusted.


I gently smoothed over everything with my fondant smoother, which feels a bit like ironing ;0) — If you don’t have a fondant smoother, gently smooth your hand over your paper towel.


I made “bite marks” by gently pressing in along the edges of the bite.  The crusted buttercream can be easily pushed in for this fun extra detail!


You can see in my photo above that while my lines are pretty even when looking from color to color, they are a little irregular.  If this bothers you, and if you good at piping a fairly straight line, you can pipe along the borders to clean things up.  This is what I’m doing in the photo below, using a small round tip (4).

popsicle Have I ever mentioned that I like polka dots ?  ;0) — These are piped with a Wilton 12 (large dots) and a Wilton 4.  I also rolled out a bit of fondant  & used a star cookie cutter to make stars.  The stars were placed on our blue section for a July 4th feel.


Finally, you can’t have a popsicle without a popsicle stick!  We toyed with the idea of a fondant or gum paste stick, but opted instead for a much easier & more lightweight choice.  You can see below that I cut out a stick from a cardboard cake circle!  I painted the white side using a combination of Americolor Bright White & Warm Brown (& a bit of vodka).   Quick & easy!


I was a little worried about the cardboard stick holding it’s place without sagging, so I inserted a lollipop stick into the cake first before pushing in the cardboard stick just above it.  This gives just a little extra support!


And that’s all there is to it!



I love how this simple cake came out, I hope that you like it too!!




That’s all for now, stop by again soon!  xo



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Watermelon Cake ~Blog Tutorial

Watermelon Cake!


Today we are celebrating Summer Fun!! We’re actually a couple of days shy of the official first day of summer but the kids are out of school, the pool is open, & it’s HOT– so in my book, summer is well underway ;0)

When I think of summertime cake ideas, watermelon is one of the first themes that pops into my head…and somehow I’ve never made a watermelon cake tutorial before.  Today is the day!  We’re going to show you how to transform a simple sheet cake into an adorable slice of watermelon– and we’re throwing in couple of matching cupcake designs too.

First, I started with a 9×13″ sheet cake.  (Mine is one layer but of course this design works just fine with a double layer!)

I trimmed away the two bottom corners with a slight curve, as you can see below.  I also scooped away a “bite” on top of the watermelon.

*When possible (and especially if working with a soft cake), I like to do my cake carving when the cake is at least partially frozen.  If your cake is dense, room temperature cake is fine for carving.




Next, I frosted my cake with vanilla buttercream tinted with Americolor Deep Pink. (I carried the pink frosting across the top side of the cake also.)


Smooth the frosting however you’d like.  I used the “Hot knife” method of smoothing, so I dipped my spatula in very hot water before gliding it across my pink frosting.   Then, I frosted around the bottom edge/side of the cake with buttercream tinted Americolor Electric Green.





I swooped in with my trusty spatula at an angle and lifted away the excess icing.  I wanted a nice smooth/flat surface for the ruffles I’m about to add.watermelon Practice makes perfect!  Especially when you’re having trouble envisioning what a ruffled rind will look like ;0) –

My ruffled rind is piped with a large Wilton 125 petal tip (green frosting), and a smaller Wilton 104 tip (white frosting).


Here we go!  You can see that I allow just a very slight overhang with my ruffles.   If you’ve never made ruffles before, just remember that the small end of the teardrop shaped piping tip is going to be facing out…and the opening is parallel to the surface of the cake as you move the bag slightly up and down to create the ruffles.  This description will make much more sense as you are doing it.watermelon

Now, our rind is complete!  Two rows of green, piped with a Wilton 125…and one row of white, piped with a 104 tip.  My seeds are oversized chocolate chips, but fondant would have worked nicely too!


Since I used a crusting buttercream, I was able to impress “teeth marks” into the bite out of the watermelon.  I did this using the fat handle of a “cake paintbrush” of mine, but you can improvise with whatever you can find around the kitchen.

watermelon Next, I made some cute little cupcakes!  The pink is piped with a Wilton 12 tip, spotted with mini chips, and then ruffled with a small petal tip.

watermelon Another simple watermelon design is create ruffles in alternating shades of green.  Again, I used a small petal tip for these green shades!


Here’s our cake and cupcakes!! As a final detail, I piped small pink dots on top of my pink frosting with a Wilton 3 tip but this is completely optional.  This was such a fun cake to make, I hope that you try it out this summer!!





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Coffee Mug Cake~Father’s Day Blog Tutorial


Hi everyone!  With Father’s Day just around the corner, I wanted to post a quick and easy cake idea for you.  Today’s theme~ a mug cake!

If the dad in your life loves coffee (or hot chocolate!) ;0) – this is the tutorial for you.

First step…the handle~

To be on the safe side, you’ll want to start out at least a few days in advance.  This will ensure that it has enough time to dry.  I created my “snake” of gum paste, formed it into the handle shape, and pushed a lollipop stick into each end.  If you don’t have gum paste, you can knead tylose into your fondant until it takes on a more elastic (gum-paste-like) consistency.

(If you are in a time crunch, you could use sturdy floral wire to drive all the way through your soft gum paste handle.  You would just need to cover the exposed wire anchors with a plastic stir straw.)



I started with a six inch round cake.  My three layers topped out at approximately five inches tall.  This seemed to be a good height for me, but mugs come in all shapes and sizes so go with whatever you’d like!  As usual, after filling and stacking my layers, I did just a small amount of trimming to even up the sides.  (This is an optional step and one that you wouldn’t want to do with a super soft cake.)


Mug Cake- MyCakeSchool

Next, I frosted my cake with a crusting vanilla buttercream and gave it a twirl on my turntable, using a bench scraper to smooth the sides as I spun.

Mug Cake-MyCakeSchool.com

I briefly chilled my frosted cake in the freezer (10 minutes or until frosting firms up) and then smoothed over everything with a spatula that had been dipped in very hot water.  (This is the “hot knife” method of smoothing.  Use whatever your preferred method is!) ;0)mug cake- mycakeschool.com

Next, I made an impression using a circle cutter that was a little smaller than the top of my cake.  This was my guide  for the opening of my mug. Make sure that you don’t make the “inner circle” too close to the edge of the cake, otherwise that little ledge will be fragile.


Following my circle impression, I made my way around the cake with a sharp knife.  You can tell by the photo that I didn’t insert the knife very far…maybe a 1/2 inch or so.

mug cake-mycakeschool.com

Then, it was time to remove a little cake!  I find it easiest to divide the top of that inner circle into halves or fourths.  Just angle your knife and slice into the cake.  As you can see, I did not go very deep.


mug cake-mycakeschool.com

After removing the center of the cake, I used a piping bag filled with buttercream (no tip) to pipe over the little inner “wall” of cake.

mug-cake-mycakeschool.com Now, coffee time!   I used a piping bag fitted with a Wilton 12 round tip and filled with “Chocolate Brown”- tinted buttercream to cover the remaining bit of exposed cake.  (I started in the center and spiraled outward until everything was covered.)


A little finishing touch for the top of the mug… I used a small piece of a Viva brand paper towel to smooth over my crusted buttercream.

11-11-IMG_5022 Time to think about the mug design…

Since we are making a Father’s Day themed mug, I wanted a fun design fitting for the dads out there.  A good place to find Father’s Day inspiration is T-shirt websites or even greeting cards.

For my design, I rolled out some fondant (tinted Lemon Yellow) and used a homemade template to cut out my shape.  Let your fondant sit out several minutes after rolling if it seems very soft so that you can handle it more easily.

mug-cake- mycakeschool.com

I used my pre-colored red fondant for my letters.  (I kneaded in a bit of tylose powder to help things along.)   You can see that I also outlined my yellow cut-out with my black food coloring pen.


Hooray, time to make our mug really look like a mug with the addition of our dried gum paste handle.  Here I am, pushing it straight into the side.


As an optional step, I decided to make a little steam.  This was done with a piping bag (minus tip) filled with melted white candy coating.  I couldn’t decide…wavy steam or curled ;0) –So I made lots of steam options, popped my parchment lined cookie sheet in the freezer for about five minutes and they were ready.


That’s all there is to it!


I love how our Super Dad mug came out, and as someone who can never get enough coffee, I wish it was real! ;0)  This would also be so cute for your winter or snowy day themed parties as a hot chocolate cake too…just needs a few marshmallows! File it away in your list of cakes to try–you’ll love it!


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Beautiful Gum Paste Roses~ Video Tutorial

Elegant-Gum-Paste-RosesIn today's video tutorial, I'm going to demonstrate how to create beautiful gum paste roses for your cakes! These add such a touch of elegance and although they look difficult to master, I think that you'll find them to be one of the simpler flowers to learn.

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Ladybugs & Honey Bees! ~Cupcake Tutorials for BHG.com

Hi everybody!

We recently took part in Better Homes & Gardens’ Pretty Food Project!

We’ve provided two tutorials to BHG.com ~ Sweet ladybug cupcakes & a Happy “Bee-Day” themed beehive cupcake design!  Both projects are very simple to put together, with their buttercream & candy coating accents.  I hope that you enjoy them!  Please find our tutorial links below!


1-ladybug and beehive-bhg


Find our Ladybug Tutorial Here!~



and our Beehive cupcake cake!~



Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy these!

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Simple Sundae Cupcake Cake!~ A Blog Tutorial

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!  Or in this case, a GIANT ice cream sundae made of cake & cupcakes! ;0) -

It’s time to start thinking about summertime parties, and ice cream makes for such a fun theme.  A few years ago, we made an ice cream cone design from cupcakes, and today we are returning to that idea–but with a twist!

We started out with cupcakes and an 8″ round cake layer.



Next, I made the “ice cream bowl”!   There is more than one way to carve a bowl shape from cake, and it is the easiest thing in the world.  However, the method I’m demonstrating will give you a nice wide “bowl” without a lot of leftovers…

I started by slicing my 8″ round cake layer in half.


I took one of those cake halves and cut it into three pieces as you see below.  (I sliced each side away at the point where the cake begins to curve.)


You can see our first half of cake is on the left in the photo below.  As much as they may call your name, don’t eat those small corner pieces!  We’ll use them later!

Now, for the other half of the cake layer…

I sliced that one down the center.


Next, I pieced everything together.   The two little end pieces from our first half of cake became the small base of our bowl.  The middle section of our first half of cake became the middle section of the bowl.

The second half of cake, which we split down the center, became each side of our bowl.

(It all makes sense when you look at the picture!)



Next, I cleaned up the top edge by slicing away a few uneven pieces.


I frosted our bowl on it’s own cake cardboard using a crusting buttercream  tinted with a very small amount of Americolor Teal.


sundae Once the frosting had crusted, I smoothed over it with a Viva paper towel (optional), & chilled in the freezer for about 5 minutes to firm up the icing.  Firming up the icing was helpful for the next step, which was to cut the cake cardboard down to size using an xacto knife.

*The bowl doesn’t have to have a cake board of it’s own, but it made it easier for me to frost, smooth & then move the cake to the final cake base when ready.


I moved our completed, frosted bowl to our final cake base, using frosting as our glue.

Now for the fun part– adding cupcakes & piping our scoops of ice cream!!

For the ice cream, I used our crusting buttercream tinted with small amounts of Americolor Electric Green & Deep pink.  I filled disposable piping bags with the buttercream and snipped away the end to create a medium size opening (which would be approximately the size of a Wilton 12 tip or so.) sundae You can pipe a dot of buttercream on the bottom of the outer cupcakes to help keep them “glued” to the board.

Embellish with sprinkles, mini chips and frosting to resemble hot fudge.  Since we just needed a small amount, our “hot fudge” was actually just   a store-bought chocolate frosting from the grocery store.  (shhhhh…)  ;0)


After adding my scoops, I decided that I wanted a little less bowl showing, and more ice cream.  So, to do this without having to carve away any of our cake, I decided to pipe one more row of scoops along the top edge of the bowl.  I piped a line of blue as my guide for how low I wanted to bring the scoops.


Using a piping tip 5, I also embellished our bowl with some outlines, a small bead border, & polka dots!


Here’s a nice side view!  We also added a few extras.  You can’t have a sundae without a cherry on top!  I created ours with a ball of pink fondant.  The stem is white paper covered floral wire (22 gauge) which was painted with a paint of pink coloring gel mixed with a little vodka.  We also added a couple of pirouette cookies & an oversized plastic spoon  wedged into the side between two cupcakes (it was “serving spoon” size.)


And we are finished!! I just love how it came out. Such a happy display, and the design couldn’t be easier to put together!  If you try it, we’d love to see!



Thanks for stopping by!  See you next time ;0)



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Cheerful Lilly Pulitzer Inspired Cupcakes~ A Blog Tutorial!

Today’s tutorial combines some of my favorite things~  Cupcakes, buttercream, bright colors, and fun patterns!

I’m taking my inspiration today from the vibrant prints of Lilly Pulitzer.  In fact, I was shopping with my daughter a couple of days ago, & found myself in a sea of preppy Lilly dresses & accessories, & it it’s entirely possible that all of that Lilly-ness went to my head.   I began to think about cupcakes….and Lilly…and then, Lilly-inspired cupcakes!

You will love these.  They are SO much fun to make, and without the high price tag ;0)

First, I pulled out my coloring gels and tinted my Crusting Vanilla Buttercream.  Today’s design features smoothing which is only possible with a crusting buttercream….however as you will see, some of the designs look great without smoothing.  So, if you prefer non-crusting buttercreams, no worries!

COLORS:  Wilton Rose coloring gel (for my light and deep pink shades),  Americolor Turquoise (for light & deep blue shades), Americolor Electric Green (for both light and deep green shades), and lemon yellow. Also, I tinted a very small amount of black for my flamingo. Tinting all of this buttercream is going to be your least favorite part.  After this, it’s simple!

PIPING TIPS:  I used Wilton tips 10 or 12 for the base layer of frosting, and for anytime that I needed larger areas of color.  For most of the designs, I used small round piping tips:  1,2,3,4–  I used tips 1 or 2 for my thin lines, and tips 3 or 4 for thicker lines.


Here, I applied my base frosting with a Wilton 10 piping tip.  I circle around first (just shy of the edge) and spiral inward, keeping frosting level consistent all the way across. 02-IMG_4732 And so on and so on….

Then, I smoothed each cupcake with a Viva paper towel after the buttercream had crusted.  Just place a piece of the paper towel over the frosted cupcake and gently smooth your hand back and forth. (It just takes about 5-10 minutes for your frosting to crust).  I didn’t invent this “Viva Method”, it has been around for years–but I do love it for creating a smooth finish.  Viva brand does not have impressions or quilting which is why it is the paper towel of choice for this method.  If you don’t have Viva brand in your area, any non-quilted paper towel or napkin will do.  Some decorators improvise with parchment or cardstock.  (The “hot knife” method would be fine to use to smooth the base coat of frosting, it just doesn’t work so well with smoothing the featured patterns in this tutorial.)


Using a piping tip 1, I piped a simple flower on one of my cupcakes. This will be the center.

04-IMG_4737 Next, I piped another “daisy shape” around the first.  No rules or guidelines here except that I made sure that my second piped “daisy” made contact with the first with each new petal that I piped.  This makes a very simple design look complex.   (The other cupcake pictured was made with the same method, just two small ones rather than one large.)

05-IMG_4748 I finished out the cupcake (on the right) with a third “daisy shape”. Then, filled in here and there  with dots of white & light pink for variation, and a few teardrop shaped leaves piped with a tip 3.  The cupcake on the left also features a partial flower which is a nice option.  Just a couple of squiggles does the trick!

So, here’s where the Viva method comes into play.  You could leave these as is, for a very artsy & whimsical floral design… or you can smooth them.

06-IMG_4753 Just lay the Viva over your crusted flower, gently press/pat down on top of your design and rub your finger gently over.  Pull up the towel and we have the look of a beautiful, smooth printed design!


Here they are, after smoothing!  08-IMG_4767

Here’s another of the same pattern, just a different color.  (Before Smoothing)


Here it is after smoothing…and with a few blue outlines piped with a tip 1!


Here is the start of my hibiscus… first, I outlined the shape of the petals using a tip 2.  Then, I filled in with light pink (also a tip 2) and piped a couple of dark pink lines on each petal for an added detail.  Not looking too pretty yet…but it will! ;0)

06-26-IMG_4760 After adding a couple of green leaves, I allowed everything to crust and smoothed over with my Viva.  Then, I piped the center of the hibiscus with a tip 2.  With this as well as a few other cupcakes, I added piped details after smoothing, so that some designs would have raised accents also. 11-27-IMG_4778 Next, some roses!  Here’s an example of a flower where I used my larger round piping tip 10 for the “base” of the rose.


Then, I layered on white and darker pink shades with my piping tip 2 or 3…as well as my leaves (two shades) using a tip 4.  This is a very loose design for a rose as you can see ;0)

10-20-IMG_4776Here’s another version of a rose cupcake…same technique but with two smaller roses…

12-21-IMG_4780 After smoothing…


Here’s a very abstract looking flower with “squiggle” petals.  Everything was piped with a tip 2.

23-IMG_4791 Here it is after smoothing… I piped a few dots of buttercream to the center after smoothing for a raised detail.

28-24-IMG_4838 I’m sure that you have the idea by now of our piping & smoothing method…but I’ll continue to show a few “before” and “afters” in case you need ideas!

Here is a simple daisy/sunflower look.  Large pink center & yellow petals were piped with a tip 10.  Little dark pink spiral and white dots added to the center with a tip 2.

16-11-IMG_4793 And here we are after smoothing!  I decided to add a bright green outline (tip 1) to my yellow petals for a raised accent in a contrasting color.  These are so much fun because there is no “wrong” as far as color or design.  Just think big, bright and cheerful!

20-12-IMG_4804 Flamingo!  Light pink piped with a tip 2, then other colors layered on (also tip 2).  When I remember, I prefer to pipe the legs after smoothing so that I don’t wind up with thick flamingo legs! ;0)

18-15-IMG_4800 Legs were added with a Wilton tip 1, and eyes & beak are black buttercream piped from a disposable bag (with very end snipped off). Love him! ;0)

19-16-IMG_4801 Are you tired yet?  I must have had a lot of coffee because I just wanted to keep going and going with these designs.  It can be addictive!

Here is just a basic blobby flower with a couple of partial daisies continuing off of the cupcake. ;0)  This was a tip 10 for the large petals and then I defined them a little more with a tip 2.  Tip 2 or 3 for all of the other details works great.

14-28-IMG_4790 Here is the smoothed version (with a couple of additional outlines added after smoothing).  The tiny green centers were piped with a tip 1.

25-29-IMG_4816 Here, I piped a very abstract looking rose with my tip 3.  You can see, it’s just a series of semi-circles.  I started from the center, and worked my way around & out.

21-13-IMG_4806 Here it is, after smoothing but with additional piping using the lighter shade as an accent color.


Finally, a lot of “Lilly” designs incorporate sea life.  Here, I made a shell using a tip 2.  I started by piping a  small circle on the left, and then worked my way to the right, segment by segment.  You can see that the shape gets wider and then smaller again by the time that we reach the right side of the shell.
23-17-IMG_4813 I added other little details…starfish, seaweed, and another simple shell.

24-18-IMG_4814 After smoothing… (and upside down on the platter) ;0)  I guess there’s no right or wrong though, right? ;0)


Whew!  That was a lot of piping, but I loved playing with the different combinations of color & the endless design options!  This isn’t even all of them, but now that you know the basic technique and colors that I’ve used for these cupcakes, you will have no trouble creating your own!  Even choosing just one or two of these cupcake designs would make for a lovely platter! Perfect for your summertime themes~ beachy parties, luau parties, or just because…    ;0)

Here are some close-ups~




Now, time for a group photo!~


That’s all for now!  For more Lilly design inspiration, (aside from the Lilly Pulitzer website), you can find a ton of close-up shots of various Lilly prints & patterns on Pinterest & Google images.  Have fun, and stop by again soon!!

**(A note to our members~ This blog tutorial became longer than expected!  If you’d like to see a video version of this, let us know!)   ;0)

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