Cascading Rosettes of Buttercream~ Video Tutorial

Cascading Rosettes of Buttercream~ Member Video LibraryIn this quick cake decorating video tutorial, you will learn an elegant technique for creating cascading rosettes of buttercream. This piping method will add instant elegance to your cakes, and the application goes quickly and easily!

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Looped Ribbons of Buttercream with Hydrangea- Video!

Looped Ribbons of Buttercream!  Video Tutorial by MyCakeSchool.comIn this video tutorial, you will learn an elegant, yet surprisingly simple way to decorate your cakes in ribbons of buttercream. As a finishing touch, we've added a simple buttercream hydrangea. We hope that you enjoy the tutorial! Make sure to scroll beneath the video for additional materials and notes.

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Sweet Baby in a Hammock~ Cake Video Tutorial

Sweet Baby in Hammock- Cake Decorating Video Tutorial by MyCakeSchool.comToday's cake is perfect for all skill levels and features a sweet baby peeking out of a hammock. I have seen a few different versions of this idea on baby shower invitations and thought that it would make an adorable baby shower cake. Baby showers are such a popular occasion for cakes and we are excited to have another tutorial to add to our collection. We hope that you enjoy the tutorial!

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Elegant Chocolate Peony & Decorative Accents- Video

Elegant Chocolate Peony- Video Tutorial Library-MyCakeSchool.comIn today's video tutorial, you are going to learn how to make a gorgeous chocolate {candy coating} peony and also how to dress up your cake with simple yet elegant chocolate accents. This cake feels current with it's beautiful oversized peony, yet using candy coating as the medium keeps things fun and interesting!...

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Sweet Mermaid Cake Topper with Buttercream Waves~ Video

Sweet Mermaid Cake  with buttercream waves!  Video  Tutorial by MyCakeSchool.comHi everybody! In today's cake decorating video tutorial you will learn to make an adorable mermaid cake topper! This is perfect for beach themed parties that call for something CUTE but not too difficult! I love cake toppers because of the instant pop of personality that they bring to a cake, and the buttercream waves in the tutorial are the perfect compliment. Enjoy!

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Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes!!!!-Minute Video & Blog Tutorial!

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes!  Blog Tutorial + Minute Video!

Hi everyone!  We have added a “minute video” version of this cute & simple ice cream cone cupcake tutorial!  We originally posted this summertime favorite back in 2011 and the response over the years has been wonderful.  It is such a fun and EASY design!  The only difference that you will notice between the video & the blog tutorial below is that I no longer use piping tips to frost these cupcakes.  I simply snip the end off of my disposable piping bags.  This saves on cleanup time.  Enjoy!!


Blog Tutorial: May 20, 2011

Today we made ice cream cones!!!!

I’m so glad, because I could NOT think of an idea for the blog this week :0) — And then, suddenly….yesterday, I had ice cream on my mind…lots of ice cream!   :0)

This theme is perfect for summer parties and the best part of all is that they are so quick to make!  The most time consuming part is tinting the frosting.

Plus, there are no worries of making the icing super smooth because ice cream is kind of swirly & lumpy-bumpy–hooray!

Here’s what I did…

First, I cut notches out of some waffle cones so that once flipped, the cones would lie pretty flat on my cake board.  It’s best to saw your cones with a serrated knife.  It’s a little tricky, but not too bad…I broke one though!  :0)

We could have used one wide board but we decided we liked the look of three narrow ones better…

We used confetti sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, & toffee bits for decorations.

That’s all there is to it!!  I made three tall ice cream cones for a total of 16…but wouldn’t it be fun to make a super long cone the length of the picnic table?  Maybe another time….   But for now, these happy little ice cream cones make me smile…  :0) —


Thanks for stopping by the blog!!! Have a great weekend!



3 9×13″ sheet cake cardboards if you are doing the exact same setup as I used in my blog tutorial.  (Each board is sliced longways, stacked, & wrapped  to create one narrow base board.)

Your board covering of choice.  I used a plastic tablecloth  secured in back with a stapler.

Your vanilla buttercream frosting of choice

Disposable Piping Bags

Coloring Gels:  I used Americolor Electric Green, Wilton Rose, & Chocolate Brown

Chocolate frosting for the “hot fudge”  (canned chocolate frosting is a good shortcut)

Pink fondant with white 18 gauge floral wire (painted or colored pink with food coloring pen) to create cherry on top

Misc sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, etc. of choice

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Happy 4th of July! Ruffled Flag Cake- A Blog Tutorial

July 4 -Ruffled Flag Cake Tutorial  by!


Hi everyone!  With the 4th of July just around the corner, we wanted to post a quick and easy tutorial for your cake decorating enjoyment! :0)

Here we go!

Any size tier will work with this design,  but I chose a 6″ double barrel tier frosted in vanilla buttercream.  After smoothing the frosting, I filled it with patriotic words and phrases using my trusty Wilton piping tip 2.  You can see that I wasn’t too precise in the size of my lettering or placement…I just wanted to fill up the space with meaningful words and the occasional star or heart ;0)!  If writing on cakes isn’t your favorite thing, this would be just as cute with polka dots or stars!

July 4th Cake Tutorial by! 

Now for the top of the cake!  I piped our blue “square” with a Wilton star tip 21 and buttercream tinted Royal Blue.  Since we wanted our flag to cover the entire top of our round cake, our square needed to have a rounded “pie-shaped” edge.  Quick & easy!


July 4th Cake Tutorial by!

Now for the stripes.  I love the stripes!  As someone who loves ruffles, I think that a ruffled flag is always a good idea.  Using my trusty 104 petal tip, I piped rows of red and white ruffles.  Remember, thin end is facing down.  Start at the bottom of your cake and work your way up… slightly overlapping each row with the next.

July 4th Cake Tutorial by!



July 4th Cake Tutorial by!


Would you believe that we had exactly 13 stripes?  Complete luck!



July 4 -Ruffled Flag Cake Tutorial  by!

I added some polka dots for stars & that’s all there is to it!  So much fun.

July 4th Cake Tutorial by!

This flag took no time at all to create, and it may be my favorite one yet!

Ruffled Flag for the Fourth! Tutorial by



July 4 -Ruffled Flag Cake Tutorial  by!

Thanks for stopping by!  Have a Happy 4th! xo


July 4 -Ruffled Flag Cake Tutorial  by!


We decorated a double barrel (tall) 6″ cake but this design can be adapted to suit whatever cake you like.  (For info on a double barrel cake, see this tutorial.) –

Vanilla Frosting- I like a crusting vanilla buttercream like this one.

Coloring Gels:  We used Americolor Super Red & Royal Blue

Piping Tips:  I used a small round tip 2, a petal tip 104, & star tip 21




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Father’s Day Roundup!

Looking for Father’s Day ideas?  We’ve rounded up a few favorites for you!

Father’s Day ties & tees cupcakes!  In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make these cute & simple toppers.  You can personalize the t-shirts with food coloring pens to suit the Dad-of -honor {great for little ones who love to decorate too!} ;0)  Click Here for the free blog tutorial!



Father's Day Ties and


Here’s another favorite– I just love stick figure people ;0)  There’s something so cheerful about them, plus you can’t get much simpler!  We used candy coating for this design and the result is sure to bring smiles!  Click over for the free blog tutorial!


Next up, our Super Dad coffee mug cake!  This design is fun for the giant coffee factor….but also really lends itself to all sorts of personalization.  Swap out our “Super Dad” logo for sports teams, funny sayings, etc.  for the Dad of Honor.  Have fun!  (Click Here for the Free Blog Tutorial!)

Cute Mug Cake Tutorial for Father's Day- by


Do you have a Dad who is out-of-this-world??  These funny Monster Cupcakes are always a crowd pleaser, and are SO much fun to make!  Anything goes! ;0)  Find the Tutorial here!

Monster Cupcakes by!

Awwww…our Love you Bunches was originally a Mother’s Day post, but with a few color adjustments to the “Mama Elephant”, you could have an adorable Father’s Day cake also.  You can find our templates and a few quick instructions in our free blog tutorial!


Love You Bunches!  Sweet (free) Tutorial by!

Our last Father/Daughter child idea is actually from our Member Video Library.  It’s a favorite baby shower cake design of mine, but the giraffe templates would be so cute for Father’s Day also!  Click to see the video!

Sweet Giraffe Tutorial by


That’s all for now!  We hope that you’ve enjoyed scrolling through, and hopefully you found an idea or two!  Have a great weekend, and enjoy celebrating the special dads in your life!  xo

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Camo Cupcakes!~ A Minute Video Tutorial

Buttercream Camo Cupcakes!! Free "Minute Video" tutorial by!

Camo Cupakes!  Minute Video Tutorial-

Hi everyone!  In this quick & easy tutorial, you will learn to create a realistic {and delicious} camouflage design  from buttercream!  For fun, we’ve included both green and pink versions!  This is a tutorial that calls for a crusting vanilla buttercream if you are going for a smooth look.  You can find details below, enjoy the video!



Crusting Buttercream Frosting like this one or this one

Coloring Gels:  Americolor Avacado Green, Wilton Leaf Green, Chocolate Brown, Super Black (for grey & black), Chocolate Brown, and Wilton Rose.  (We used Avacado for the light green, and a combination of the two greens for the darker shade.)

Viva Paper Towels or any paper towel or napkin that has no impressions

Piping Tips:  Small round tips are great for piping your camo “spots”– I used Wilton 3 tips.  For the base frosting, you can spiral on your frosting with a 10 or 12 tip…or just snip the end of a piping bag and go without.


**If you’ve never smoothed over crusting buttercream before, here are a couple of tips:

Wait 3-5 minutes until the frosted surface has crusted (it shouldn’t come off on your fingertip when lightly touched).  Then smooth over with your paper towel.

Don’t frost a cake or cupcake that is frozen as the condensation will prevent crusting.

In the tutorial, I pipe my base light green frosting, allow to crust for a few minutes, smooth, then pipe the different shades of camo, waited a few minutes for it to crust, and then smoothed again. This process moves quickly if you are working on several at a time.


Thanks for stopping by, have fun!


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