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In this video, you will learn how to make a Santa Claus cake topper! We have a *separate* video for Rudolph, which you can find if you CLICK HERE.

I had the best time making this cute little Santa, and I hope you'll give him a try too. Don't forget to check below the video for materials used!


White gum paste (tinted with copper coloring for skin)
Pre-colored black and red fondant (I keep pre-colored on hand as a short cut)
Tylose powder (or CMC)--for kneading into the red fondant to make it firmer.
Sugar Glue/Tylose Glue--(or your "glue" of choice)
Americolor Copper Coloring--for tinting Santa's skin
Toothpicks or thick pasta noodles (for anchoring pieces together)
Black Food Coloring Pen (I use Americolor) or you can paint with a very fine tipped brush if you don't have a pen.

Misc. supplies-
Styrofoam block (useful if you are going to have an anchor coming from
Santa's foot, this is useful)
Rolling pin for rolling fondant/gum paste
parchment paper for resting pieces on to dry
Pink petal dust-if you want Santa to have rosy cheeks
*Royal Icing- optional--I used this for extra accents on Santa's beard and fur lining. (I used a tip 2 for this)
Lollipop Stick- optional--useful for an anchor from Santa's foot if you want one.
Sharpie or black pen with a fine tip (I mentioned using this on Santa's list--optional)

Have fun!


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  1. I have enjoyed watching your Santa and reindeer tutorial. You make them look sooooo easy to make and I am inspired to give them a try. Thank you for both great tutorials and website. xx

  2. This is exactly what I needed for my cake!!!! Just worried because it's due tmrw- so I hope there is enough time for all the parts to set up- ugh- they should have named me "Last Minute Annie" ha-- Melissa- you made it look so easy!- Thanks BeBe for filming a great video--


  3. Good luck, Mo ! ;0) -- You sound like me. You should be fine--especially if you are using gum paste or fondant with tylose (or CMC or gum tex) kneaded into it. Let us know how it goes!