Fondant Ruffle Rose Cake- Free Tutorial!

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Today I'm going to show you how to make an elegant fondant ruffle rose! This is a beautiful fondant cake design, and the elegant fondant ruffle technique is much easier than it looks!

Keep this beautiful ruffled flower design in mind for all sorts of special occasions from birthdays and bridal showers to wedding cakes!


How to Make a Fondant Ruffle Rose for Cakes- A free step by step cake tutorial!


In this quick step by step cake tutorial, I'm going to demonstrate how to create these gorgeous fondant ruffle roses! Whether you are creating just one rose or several, the results are always impressive!

Learn how to make an elegant Fondant Ruffle Rose Cake in this free step by step cake tutorial! Online Cake Tutorials, Recipes, Cake Videos, and More!


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How to Make a Fondant Ruffle Rose Cake


I started off by rolling out a 50/50 mix of fondant and gum paste to about ⅛" thickness....go even thinner if you can.  I like thin ruffles!

After rolling it out, I cut the fondant into strips.  I used my trusty adjustable FMM Multi Ribbon Cutter (aff.) which sped things up a bit. I use this often for borders and ribbons.

Of course you can also just can use a sharp knife and measure out your strips of fondant or even just eyeball it!

I used about six, approx. 11 inch long fondant strips, which were about ½ inch wide.

Beautiful Fondant Ruffle Rose Cake Tutorial by! Free Tutorial.



One at a time, I placed a strip on my cel pad , and using a ball tool, I applied pressure as I slid the ball along the edge of one side. This is going to naturally give a nice frilled effect as the fondant becomes thinner.


Beautiful Fondant Ruffled Rose Cake Tutorial by! Free Tutorial.


The other strips of fondant were waiting for their turn under a piece of vinyl that we bought from the fabric store.  You can also keep them under a glass bowl or in an airtight container while they wait.

Beautiful Ruffled Fondant Rose Cake Tutorial by! Free Tutorial.



Now for the fun part--- Decide how big of a flower you want to make, and use a paint brush to brush on some piping gel where your first strip will be placed.  The first strip of fondant determines how large of a flower you are going to have.

Then, start arranging your strip.  You may have to add a little more piping gel here and there.  (Sugar glue or tylose glue works well too.)

Don't press the frilly edge of the fondant into the glue--you'll need that fluffiness for dimension.


Beautiful Fondant Ruffle Rose Cake Decorating Tutorial by! Free Tutorial.




Continue with your circular pattern, brushing the area with piping gel and then wrapping around your fondant.


Gorgeous Fondant Ruffle Rose Cake Tutorial by! Free Cake Decorating Tutorial.


It only took about 5 strips before my flower was almost full.  The last little space in the center of the flower I decided to fill with a rolled piece of fondant.


Elegant Fondant Ruffle Rose Cake Tutorial by! Free Cake Decorating Tutorial.



So pretty! Our fondant ruffle rose is really taking shape! You can use a toothpick or Q-tip to manipulate the petals however you like.


Gorgeous Fondant Ruffle Rose Cake Tutorial by Online cake tutorials, cake recipes, videos, and more.


I finished it off with a tiny buttercream bead border around the top (using a tip 3) and a ribbon border around the bottom.

I couldn't decide if I liked the ruffle rose better front and center like this...




Beautiful Ruffled Fondant Rose Cake Tutorial by! Free Tutorial.




Or just off center like this.....


Learn how to make an elegant Fondant Ruffle Rose Cake in this free step by step cake tutorial by!


I think that I like it at both angles! My favorite part about this fondant ruffle rose is that once you have cut your fondant strips, the process goes very quickly!  It's a great way to add the elegance of a fondant/gum paste flower without the wait!

I hope that you liked this technique--& I hope you'll consider adding a little frilliness to one of your creations very soon.  Until next time, happy caking!

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  1. Hi Teresa-- I'm afraid that this would be a bit too heavy--I probably wouldn't risk it for fear that it would slide. If you are able to roll your fondant extremely thin, and your cake is frosted in a crusting buttercream, you may be able to make it work (or at least a smaller version), but I would definitely do a trial run first to be on the safe side. (The safest bet is to create a fondant or gum paste flower that is anchored into the center of the flower and pushed into the cake.)

  2. Hi Nadisha, did you use a 50/50 mix of fondant and gum paste, or fondant mixed mixed with tylose. Fondant being too soft could have caused the drooping.

  3. Hi! I love all your tutorials! Always good pictures and clear instruction. I was wondering if the ruffles would hold up if refrigerated while stored overnight after fully drying? Do you have suggestions if needed to be made a day before?

    Thank you!!

  4. Hi Sarah, thank you!! I have never had trouble with fondant drooping in the refrigerator, but if you've never refrigerated your fondant before, do a little trial run with a piece of fondant to make sure that it holds its shape after several hours. I say this because even though I've refrigerated fondant cakes (including this design) many times with no issues, your brand of fondant or location/humidity levels, refrigerator etc. may be different than mine. *If your fillings are not perishable, your cake would be just fine left in a cool room in your home.

    Just fyi, I've refrigerated Satin Ice fondant and gum paste as well as Liz Marek's recipe with no issues. Hope this helps!

  5. Melissa... LOVE your cake!!! Help... ASAP??? I'm making a wedding cake for this Saturday (Yikes) and need to know what size is your cake? Trying to fig out how much fondant I'll need (oz.) to make large flowers mostly, plus a few smaller filler ones, to cover the side of 14" dia. cake that's 4-1/2" high.??? Thnx in advance! Oh! also, how long approx. before the ruffles are dry enough to stay in place w/o drooping once they're actually on the cake? Using Wilton fondant (not "Decorator Preferred, just reg.) I'll have the AC going constantly and was hoping I wouldn't have to put this 4-tier in the fridge... or will it dry out too much by Sat. that it'll be hard to cut?

  6. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and expertise. This is just what my daughter wants as the basis of a design on the bottom tier of her wedding cake. I now feel confident enough to experiment with this technique.

  7. This tutorial made so much sense! Easy to follow instructions, THANK YOU! I have a wedding cake that had this design on the picture and I had no ideas what it was. I will definitely attempt this next week.

  8. I got blown off with this this morning when i saw it...i tried it today...not so full though but i will keep trying are the BEST.