How to Make a Clown~ Video

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Hi everyone!  In this video, you will learn to make a cute clown.  (No creepy clowns allowed!) ;0) -

Our clown is actually going to be part of our circus cake tutorial, which we will link to as soon as we have it posted to the site.  

We are also going to be creating several animals as part of our circus.  To keep this circus cake video from being hours long, it's best to break it up in to segments!


So here is our adorable clown, I hope that you enjoy him!



I used Satin Ice gum paste to create my clown.  You could also use fondant with a bit of tylose powder kneaded into it if you would rather, or even a 50/50 mix of fondant and gum paste if you want to slow the dry time a bit.

Toothpicks~ I used toothpicks to anchor my clown pieces together, but you could also use floral wire, lollipop sticks, or even dry spaghetti noodles ;0)

Styrofoam block.  I find it much easier to put my gum paste figures together if I have a piece of styrofoam to anchor the figure as I work.

Pillow fluff or shredded paper towels (optional) to cushion your pieces as they dry (to prevent them from becoming completely flat on the back)

Colors:  Americolor Electric Green, Royal Blue, Super Red (or pre-colored red fondant), Orange, Yellow

Food coloring pen (black) to drawn on face.  I also used a purple pen for his buttons.

Small flower cutter for flower on hat (optional)




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  1. Thanks so much!! Editing a circus poodle now & then the tent!! (Hope to have it all posted tomorrow!) ;0)

  2. Very cute, I love a not creepy clown LOL!

    I've never heard the expression "bedroom shoes" made me smile.

    We just call them house shoes or slippers. But bedroom shoes sounds a bit sexier -LOL!!