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Today I'm going to share how to pipe a BIG buttercream rose on top of your cakes for a dramatic, beautiful look.

Gorgeous Gigantic Buttercream Rose! Tutorial by


There seems to be a renewed interest in buttercream piping lately, and I love it! I wanted to share with you this very simple (really!) method of piping a buttercream rose that is so large, it covers the entire top of the cake!

While buttercream roses are very traditional in cake decorating, the exaggerated size of this rose gives the cake a fresh, trendy feel.


Materials for Big buttercream rose

*This cake is a three layer, 6 inch round cake (white almond sour cream--doctored mix) and it is frosted with our "Fluffy Vanilla Buttercream" from the recipes section. It is resting on it's own cardboard cake circle cut down to the size of the cake. I smoothed the buttercream using the "Viva Paper Towel Method".

Wilton 125- (Or your preferred very large petal piping tip). This is all that you need for the rose.
Wilton 2- for the small dots piped around the sides
Wilton 21- or your preferred star tip for the shell border

Coral Buttercream- I made using a combination of Americolor Deep Pink, Orange, and a very small amount of Red Red


Turntable-- Makes this cake so much easier to create since spinning and piping makes for a very quick rose
Small Paintbrushes--I use them all the time--in this case, I used to add create movement in the petals at the end of the tutorial. Optional.

*If you have trouble piping buttercream roses, I hope you'll try this cake anyway.

The method of piping an extra large rose over the cake is similar to piping smaller individual roses, but I think that you'll find it much more forgiving.

This design is perfect for decorators of all skill levels. Can't wait to see your beautiful cakes!


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  1. Absolutely beautiful.

    Is this the best sized of piping bag to work with to keep things neat? Bigger bags always seem a bit hard to handle

  2. Melissa - love, love this cake. In fact, love the last few videos you've created for us with the hand-painted flowers. Can't wait to try these. Thank you so much!

  3. LOVE this!!! So pretty. I almost did this on my cake for today - it would have worked perfect but ran out of time. Can't wait to try this.
    How many cups of batter do you put in your 6" pans?
    Thanks Melissa!

  4. Love "My Cake School" so much!! It has been the BEST gift I have ever received! Melissa, you are an incredible teacher! Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge! <3

  5. This is a great idea! And is easy to do. My first two did not come out perfectly but will repeat the technique and I think it'll be improved. My husband commented that it looked like the final products would have been very difficult to do. Thanks so much for the inspiration!