Gum Paste Roses Cake Tutorial

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Today, I'm going to show you how to make gum paste roses in this cake decorating video tutorial!

Gum Paste Roses on White Chocolate Ganache- Cake Video Tutorial by! Online cake tutorials, recipes, videos, and more.


These add such a touch of elegance and although they look difficult to master, I think that you'll find them to be one of the simpler flowers to learn.  

When our site first began, I created a rose tutorial which will be replaced by this one.  While some of the techniques are the same, I've adjusted my method over the years in favor of a much simpler,  less rigid, and therefore less stressful approach.

However, the final outcome of this simpler method is every bit as elegant (and in my opinion, more elegant) than my past roses!

I'll demonstrate creating the roses using three different methods-- it's always good to have options! ;0)

1) Using a set of petal cutters

2) Using a couple of round cutters

3) Using a 5 petal rose/blossom cutter (JEM easy rose cutter)

I'll also demonstrate combing our white-chocolate ganache frosted tiers, and also how to attach your roses and a few filler flowers/leaves to your cake.  I hope that you enjoy the tutorial!


We have divided our Video into Two Parts:

PART ONE:  Learn to create roses using the petal cutters and round cutters.  I also demonstrate creating and wiring leaves, applying petal and pearl dusts.

PART TWO:  The second half of our video focuses on the third method of building a rose-- with a 5 petal leaf cutter.  I'll also demonstrate frosting/combing our ganached cake, & finally applying the roses, leaves, etc. to our cake for a stunning (if I do say so myself) design ;0) --

Materials for Gum Paste Roses:

I made three tiers of cake:  8 inch, 6inch, 4 inch

Frost or cover your tiers as desired.  I used white chocolate ganache (3:1 ratio chocolate to heavy cream).  I used 2,220g chocolate (I used White Ghirardelli Chips) to 740 g heavy whipping cream (or 78 oz chocolate to 25 oz cream)

Satin Ice Gum Paste (or your gum paste of choice.)

Your cutters of choice (I demonstrate with petal cutters, round cutters, and a 5 petal JEM easy rose cutter)
Ball Tool

Cel Pad aff. link (The yellow pad you'll see in the video)

Cel Board-aff link (This board has grooves to make wiring your leaves and petals easier)

Foam Pad (optional.  Mine was Wilton)

Cup/bowl with foil to use a former (or flower former of your choice)


20 gauge and 22 gauge floral wire

Floral Tape

Sugar/Tylose Glue (or your glue of choice)

Paint brushes and Petal Dusts (My dusts are: Watermelon, Moss Green, Buttercup, and Super Pearl Dust)

Cones for your centers (either plastic/store bought or gum paste)

Kitchen Rack for drying your roses

Cake Comb(s) - Optional--I used a Wilton set.

...and then everything else...A cake board for each tier to rest on, bubble tea straws or supports to support the tiers--(I used 4 bubble tea straws within the 8" tier, and 4 within the 6"), and pedestal or base of your choice.

** Whenever possible, work days in advance.  As you saw in our tutorial, our gum paste dried very quickly but in some locations it will take several days for your flowers to firm up.  It's best to work at least a few days in advance to be on the safe side...especially if you are new to making gum paste flowers and are not sure of the dry time to expect.  Dry your flowers (and store any leftovers) out of direct sunlight or fluorescent  lights to prevent fading.  Also, store your flowers in a container that can breathe (like a bakery box for instance)

Gum Paste Roses on White Chocolate Ganache. Member Cake Decorating Tutorial from Online Cake Decorating Tutorials, Videos, & Recipes!!

Enjoy the Tutorial!



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  1. Hi Marilyn, gum paste is best for creating very thin, delicate petals. However, if you knead a little tylose powder into your fondant, it will behave much like gum paste. You will be able to roll it more thinly and it will dry firmer and more quickly. (If you do not have gum paste or tylose powder, you can still experiment with making roses...the petals will take longer to set up and dry, and they will be a bit more fragile.)

  2. Hello there, i just join the site, thanks for sharing everything that you share, i am asking if there is a recipe for fondant and gumpaste

  3. Hi Violet, we are happy to have you!

    We use Satin Ice brand of pre-made gum paste. If you would like to make your own, Nicholas Lodge's recipe is a popular one. Here is a post that features his as well as an adapted version for humidity:

    For fondant, we prefer Liz Marek's recipe which is a combination of pre-made fondant and marshmallow fondant. You can find it here:

    Or, if you want straight marshmallow fondant, you can see our recipe here:

    *When making flowers, it is best to work with gum paste because you can roll the petals very thin for a more realistic look, and they will dry firmer and more quickly. You can also knead tylose powder into fondant for a consistency that is similar to gum paste.

  4. Hello, they can be stored indefinitely as long as they are out of the sunlight or fluorescent lights which can fade them. Just keep in a dry/low humidity place out of the light. I often keep mine in a bakery box.