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Are you ready for more cuteness? Today we're making an adorable miniature frog cake!

I just love Wilton's mini wonder mold pans and this sweet frog cake is just another reason why!  I usually just make one at a time, either to use as a fun cake topper or a centerpiece on a platter of cupcakes!


How to Make a Frog Cake

Let's get started! Here is our mini wonder mold cake. Keep in mind that you could make a larger frog cake as well using a regular sized wonder mold pan, or a 6 inch cake layer or two topped with a half ball pan, and so on! ;0)

Sweet Frog Mini Cake Tutorial by

First, I coated with a yummy, crusting vanilla buttercream.  I waited for it to crust, then smoothed with a Viva paper towel.The cutest mini frog cake tutorial by! Makes a great cake topper! Free tutorial.

Next, I decorated assorted, small sugar cookies with royal icing.   I outlined with stiff royal icing, flooded with loose royal icing.  These are going to be cupcake toppers!  I set aside a couple of small round'll see why later.Such a cute mini frog cake tutorial by! Online cake tutorials and recipes!

As the icing becomes hard, it's safe to decorate your cookies with stiff consistency royal-- If this is a little boy's party, you'll probably go with a different color scheme...maybe even pipe some creepy crawlers onto the cookies....but, I tend to go girly whenever possible...hence the pink and yellow and cute little dragonflies and daisies :0)

Mini frog cake tutorial by! Makes an adorable cake topper! Free tutorial.

Here are those couple of cookies that I mentioned earlier-- I poked toothpicks into them, and layered on some fondant froggy eyes.  (You could also pipe royal icing eyes onto the cookies....or make marshmallow eyes with chocolate chip centers) --Adorable mini frog cake tutorial by! Makes a perfect cake topper! Free tutorial.

Froggy needs a tongue--so he can catch flies, bugs, and nearby cupcakes.  Mine is gum paste, that I allowed to dry nice and wavy and pinched around a piece of 20 gauge floral wire on one end. Cute mini frog cake tutorial by! Online cake tutorials and recipes!

Now, let's check in on Froggy-- eyes make all the difference!  So do legs, piped in buttercream (I'm only halfway through the job) -- and of course, a smile.  Nobody likes a grumpy frog.

The cutest mini frog cake tutorial by! Perfect frog cake topper! Free tutorial.

Lucky for us, BeBe just so happens to have a fish pond in her back yard!  Isn't this the CUTEST?  I love the little cookie cupcake toppers---and Froggy steals the show! 

Usually, the birthday boy or girl gets to eat the frog....but since I don't see and birthday boys or girls around, I guess I'll have to take care of it :O) --   Goodbye for now, happy caking!

The cutest little frog cake tutorial by!

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  1. These are wonderful. What type of pan/container did you use to make the cake base for the frog?