How to Make Elephants & Seals! (Part of our Circus Cake)~Video

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Hi everyone! I'm working on a CUTE circus cake! To make things a little easier, we are dividing some of the modeled circus figure tutorials into separate videos. We will also have a "circus tent" cake, which our clown and animals will be placed around. --

In this tutorial, you will learn to make elephants and seals. I think that you will love the final result, and they are so simple to make. Enjoy the tutorial!



Grey Gum Paste (or fondant with tylose kneaded into it)
Tinted Black fondant (for nose)
Flower cutter (for collar)--I used the medium daisy cutter from a Wilton set but any flower cutter is fine!
Toothpicks (for anchor and for creating impressions.)
Tinted Fondant for ball (I used red and blue)
Colors: Super Black to make the grey gum paste, Your colors of choice for collar & ball
Americolor Food Coloring Pen- I used a black pen for eyes
Piping gel, tylose glue, or your edible "glue" of choice
Pixie dust for sparkle-optional (not edible)


Rice cereal treats - I used 1 ½ cereal treats (22g size) for the body of the elephant
Grey gum paste (or fondant with tylose kneaded into it)
Tinted red fondant for blanket on elephant's back (or your color of choice)
Coloring Gels- I used Americolor Super Black for the grey fondant, Royal Blue for the hat, Americolor bright white for toes
Toothpicks for anchors and modeling (or your anchors of choice)
Misc: Q tips for applying the white toe nails, lemon extract or vodka to create white "paint"
Piping gel, tylose glue, or your glue of choice
Pixie dust- optional for sparkle (not edible)

**If you are using fondant rather than gum paste to create your figures, there is a chance that your guests may try to eat the toppers. You'll want to warn your customers that there are toothpicks in the animals and not to eat them. If you want the figures to be completely edible, you'll want to allow the animals parts to dry completely and then "glue" them together with little balls of dampened fondant or gum paste. You could also use dry pasta for your anchors.




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  1. Love it! But I had to admit I giggle when the knife was appeared! lol. Love the seal. Thank you very much.