Edible Shine

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2 parts Vodka or Lemon Extract Flavoring

1 part Light Corn Syrup

***This is SO easy.  Combine two parts vodka to one part corn syrup--mix until well combined.  Then quickly use on your gum paste or fondant for lasting, fast drying shine.  **I used to use a 50/50 mix, and recently changed after complaints of it being slightly tacky to the touch.  Now, this is the ratio that I always use.  Since the vodka evaporates so quickly, you won't want to mix the edible shine and leave sitting out for several minutes because the alcohol will evaporate from the bowl.

*****Do a test run on a scrap of fondant or gum paste that is identical to your piece,  to make sure that the coating adheres as it should.  In my wine bottle video, I discuss this-- Every so often, the shine doesn't adhere as it should, leaving it a little splotchy.  So, always do a test patch in a discrete place first!

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  1. Hi Sandrabee, I think that it would be fine, but I haven't tried it. I would test it on a small piece of chocolate first as a trial run so that you will know for sure.

  2. How do you fix the sticky tacky issue ? Read a tutorial that also suggested 50/50 and now my gum paste cups are sticky and loosing their mold. Is there anything I can do to reverse or help without remaking again?

  3. Hi Carol, I'm sorry- I haven't heard of a fix that wouldn't interfere with the shine. It's possible that over time they will become less tacky.

    I have had tackiness before when maybe the shine sat out for too long & much the alcohol had evaporated- but in those cases luckily it was on decorations that were okay to be a bit tacky (although not ideal).

    It sounds like you are having problems with them losing their shape which I haven't experienced but possibly a result of the gum paste absorbing the moisture - I think it should lose some of the tackiness over time as it sits out but I don't know how long that will take. I wish I could help!

  4. Have you ever tried it on edible flowers ?
    Does the end result is water proof ? Can float lightly on a glass of liqueur?

  5. Hi Natalie, I have not personally used glucose syrup, I suggest making a small amount and see if it give you the shine you want. Let us know what you think.

    Milana, We have never used it on edible flowers.

  6. Hi Ritu, we don't work with isomalt often- I've never tried this glaze on isomalt before. If you try it, I would test it on a scrap piece or very small area first to see if you are happy with the results. It's a commonly used recipe and so you may be able to find additional details online from decorators who have used it on isomalt. Good luck!