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Hi everyone! In this quick demonstration, you will learn how to make a cute circus poodle-- she will be balancing on a ball for her act. This was part of our Circus Cake video tutorial.

I have more involved poodles that I've done in the past (for a shopping cake that we did years ago). But this sweet poodle comes together much more quickly as her legs are lollipop sticks! This topper is quick, easy, and perfect for a circus themed cake.


Approx 1 oz. (23 g) gum paste or fondant with tylose kneaded in
Lollipop sticks- 2 sticks split in half to create the poodles' legs.
anchor for attaching head to body (I used a toothpick)
Food Coloring Pen in Black
Toothpick or scriber needle for creating the mouth
Piping tip 3- I used a small round Wilton tip for piping on my buttercream fur
Buttercream/Royal-- I used buttercream for the fur and paws. You could also use fondant or gum paste for these accents instead.
*Small Styrofoam ball for the poodle to balance on-- (You could also use a rice cereal treat). The ball I used was 1 ¼ inches.
Anchor for attaching the ball to the board. (I used a toothpick but you could use a lollipop stick if pushing directly into the cake) -

Light Pink petal dust for the cheeks (I used Cosmos but any light pink is fine)
Coloring Gels: Electric Green for ball.


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