Buttercream Trellis Basketweave & Flowers- Video Tutorial

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In today's video tutorial, I'm going to show you how to create beautiful buttercream trellis basketweave piping as well as some lovely buttercream flowers!

I really wasn't sure what to call this piping technique--just basically a pattern of squares ;0)   Although the design is simple, it really does have an elegant look, especially thanks to the buttercream shells that are incorporated into the design.

Traditional trellis piping involves lots of intricate string work. Today's technique is much different, and reminds me of a basketweave pattern. So, we decided to refer to it as a trellis basketweave.

No matter how you refer to this method, I think you'll enjoy this elegant, simple technique!

Elegant Buttercream Trellis Piping





In this video, we decorated 8 inch and 6 inch tiers, frosted in fluffy vanilla buttercream frosting. Each tier is on it's own cardboard cake circle cut down to the size of the cake. The top tier is supported by 4 bubble tea straws. Before stacking, we chilled the tiers until the buttercream had firmed up (about 15-20 minutes). 

Coloring Gels: Americolor Red Red (used for both the shades of red/pink), Lemon yellow, Avocado Green

Piping Tips: Tip 21 for "trellis piping", petal tip 104, grass tip 233,  Ateco Tip 79, Leaf tip 352

Miscellaneous: Cake turntable & bench scraper/spatula, waxed paper squares, cookie sheet, disposable piping bags





Beautiful Buttercream Trellis Piping and Flowers! Cake Decorating Tutorial

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  1. Gorgeous! Love it! The Trellis piping is fabulous :-) And the flowers are beautiful, the colours are wonderful! Clever and simple as always :-)

  2. I just keep getting a message saying video file not found when I click on the video above. Any ideas what might be wrong?? Cake looks amazing!

  3. Hi Edna, You could pipe with whipped cream that is whipped to stiff peak stage and stabilized with gelatin but I don't recommend it for this trellis design. I have not tried it but I would be concerned that after coming out of the refrigerator the design could soften and begin sliding down the cake.

  4. @Linda- I'm not sure what would cause the problem for you but I've added an alternative video format at the bottom of the page- hope you can at least see that one! If not, you can e-mail me at info@mycakeschool.com so that we can hopefully find a fix!