Braided Buttercream Cake with Ruffled Heart Topper~ Video

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In this short cake video tutorial, I'll show you how to make an elegant braided buttercream cake design with a ruffled heart cake topper!

These are such elegant techniques and can be applied to cakes for all sorts of occasions from birthdays to Valentine's Day, anniversaries, and more!


Braided Buttercream & Ruffled Heart Topper Tutorial by




*In the tutorial, I'm working with 8"/6" cake dummies (4 inch height).  As always, we recommend settling the tiers & crumb coating before adding the final layer of frosting.  You will need a cake board for each tier, as well as bubble tea straws (or supports of choice) to support the weight of the upper tier, as with any stacked tier construction.

Vanilla Buttercream- We used our Fluffy Vanilla Buttercream, but any buttercream that holds it's shape nicely will work

Royal Icing, medium consistency (Recipes section)

Coloring Gel: Your pink of choice, we used Wilton Rose

Piping Tips: Desired sizes of star & round tips--We used  Wilton 18 & 13 star tips, and round tips 2, 6, 12 (for various sizes of bead border).  Also, 104 (petal) tip for cake topper

Gum Paste or Fondant with Tylose- Cut out desired heart shape

Lollipop stick for anchor

Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter in desired size for topper

Piping Gel or "glue" of choice



For the heart cake topper, allow the gum paste (or fondant/tylose) heart shape to dry for at least 2 days to be on the safe side. Also, make an extra gum paste heart just to be on the safe side.

After piping your royal icing, allow to set up preferably for 24 hours before handling.  I do not like to refrigerate royal icing pieces.  This is something that I would add to a cake close to the time of the event.

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  1. Hi Dene, do you mean the cake layers? You can if you would like to. We often bake and freeze in advance, then thaw before decorating. Maybe I'm misunderstanding your question though, let me know if I am!

  2. Beautiful and clever as always. I love the finished look of the braided tier. The RI topper is awesome! Love it!

  3. Hi Melissa. Love the braid! I was wondering if you have tried piping the ruffle on both sides of the heart? I am thinking that I would have to do this a week in advance - piping one side, waiting 2-3 days then CARRFULLY piping the other side. What do you think?

  4. Thanks Karen! No, I haven't tried piping on both sides. I think that it would work if as you said, the first side has dried firm before doing the other side. It will be a bit on the heavy side, but as long as your anchor runs the height of the tier (or you can thread the anchor through a straw that is cut to the right height, it will be supported. Good luck!

  5. Wow thank you Melissa and Bebe! What a stunning cake. I've saved this as a favourite in case my brother proposes to his girlfriend! It would be perfect as a centrepiece for a bridal shower