Birdhouse Cake- A Cake Decorating Video Tutorial

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 In this free cake decorating video tutorial, we'll show you how to make a CUTE Birdhouse cake!

Beautiful Birdhouse Cake Decorating Video Tutorial by! Online Cake Decorating Tutorials & Recipes!


 I just love bird themes- they make the most wonderful centerpieces for springtime showers & birthdays!  Our design today has a fairly simple construction, and although we are using ganache & fondant as our medium, you can easily adapt to buttercream!

Enjoy the tutorial, and make sure to check below for additional notes and materials!!



We used a total of four 6" layers and one 4" layer.  (there were three 6" layers on the bottom tier, and the roof tier was made from one 6" & one 4" layer.)

Fondant:  Appox 36 oz. (1020 g)

White Chocolate Ganache: Approx.  1898 g/66 oz total (This means a 3:1 ratio of white chocolate to heavy cream. We used approx 1424 g (50 oz) white chocolate to 474 ml (16 fl. oz) heavy cream. ***We based these amounts on the ganacherator amounts for two six inch tiers (4 inch height). Since our bottom tier was over 4 inches height and our top tier was carved and shorter, it seemed to be a good middle ground.

Buttercream: We used our Fluffy Vanilla Buttercream Recipe from our Recipes section (crusting) For our misc. piping and flowers.

Coloring Gels:  We used Americolor Lemon Yellow, Sky Blue, Super Black, Avocado Green, and Wilton Rose & Wilton Leaf Green. (Our shingles and buttercream leaves were tinted avocado green with a touch of leaf green.)

Food Coloring Pen for birds' eyes (You can pipe on buttercream if you'd rather)

Tylose (optional) I like to knead tylose into my fondant for modeling the birds to make them set up faster & firmer. You could also use gum paste.

Piping Gel or your "glue" of choice

Misc: Cake cardboards, bubble tea straws for supports (we used 4 in the bottom tier and 1 in the top tier)

Rice cereal treats (Three 22g. treats) for the point

Circle cutter/piping tip for shingle cut-outs

Heart cutter for topper

Lollipop sticks for perch and topper

Ruler for marking your lines

Cutting wheel or your tool of choice for creating impressions

Long rolling pin for applying fondant to tier

Misc: Shortening, small paint brushes, piping bags, couplers, waxed paper

Piping Tips:  Small round tips 3 or 4. Petal tips (crescent shape) 79, petal tip 104, 10, leaf tip 352

ADORABLE Birdhouse Cake Tutorial from! {member section} Online Cake Decorating Tutorials & Recipes!



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Adorable Birdhouse Cake! A tutorial by!


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  1. Yes, Terri, we did settle the 6 inch layers. I hope you have time to settle for at least a couple of hours.

  2. Hi Melissa,

    Here's my attempt at the birdhouse cake. I chose carrot cake and crusting cream cheese buttercream. Covered it all in fondant and happily starting decorating with buttercream.

  3. Love this cake!! So cute!! Will be making it for my granddaughters birthday this Saturday!!
    Will post picture. excited to try it!!

  4. Hi Lauri- I'm so happy to hear that you are making this! Have fun, and we'd love to see pictures! ;0)

  5. Here is my cake. I used Buttercream on the base and my roof turned out really tall. But my granddaughter loved it!!

  6. Adorable and I love your colors. I personally love the height of the roof!!! Nice job!

  7. @Lauri- Thanks for sharing your photo! The tall roof makes it fun & whimsical! ;0) --I know they all loved it!! xo

  8. I did this cake this weekend for my Mom's 82nd Birthday! Thank you Melissa for such a wonderful tutorial. She will love it!