Clumsy Witch!~A Halloween Blog Tutorial

Hooray! It’s that time of year again….time for ghosts, goblins and all things creepy to find their way to our dessert trays! It may be a little early, but I’ve seen so many cute Halloween posts in blogs lately that I am in the mood to start planning.

Hmmmm….blood and guts vs. cute, any guesses on which way I’m going to go? ;0)

Let me introduce you to our clumsy witch……

To get started, you’ll need paint a lollipop stick brown.  We’re making a broomstick!  I used a “paint” of (Americolor) Chocolate Brown with a touch of vodka. (This creates a food safe “paint” very similar to watercolors).

For the end of the broomstick, I cut and fringed a piece of tinted fondant mixed with tylose (to firm it up).  The fondant is tinted with chocolate brown and lemon yellow.  Gum paste would work well too….or even some yarn or floral wire!

Using a little water as glue, I wound the gum paste around the end of the lollipop stick until it looked like enough. I gave it a pinch at the top to secure it.

…and I used an Americolor orange pen and my brown “paint” from earlier to add a few extra accents.

Next, I made some witchy legs. At first I thought I’d just go with one long piece, but I later cut this in half. I used my Americolor black pen to draw stripes on the yellow fondant, but you could also create a paint similar to the brown paint we made earlier (vodka + black coloring gel).  This is about 5 inches total, but go with what makes sense for your witch.

The cake that I am working with is a four layer 6 inch round cake. It is fairly tall…right around 6 inches, which gives me a nice surface to work on.

I pushed the broom into the cake once the gum paste had firmed up a little. Then, I pressed the witch legs (still soft) into the cake. *If you’d prefer buttercream, you could just pipe on the legs!

Next…every witch needs a cool hat. We made our hat out of a circle of black fondant with a bit of tylose kneaded into it for firmness (cut from a 2D piping tip) and a cone of purple fondant (Americolor Regal Purple) that I attached with a little bit of water. (I’ve also seen really cute “cookie/candy” witch hats like these if you’d rather go this route!

While I let my fondant hat set up a bit, I decided to give our girl some shoes. I piped these on with black buttercream using a Wilton tip 5. (You would be fine with any small round tip.) I made them really simple, piping a hook shape and then a straight little line next to it for the heel.
class=”aligncenter size-large wp-image-18175″ />

Now…the dress/body. I continued using my black buttercream and piping tip 5 to pipe our body. My buttercream was medium needs to hold it’s shape since we are piping a fairly thick body for dimension. I find it helpful to draw a basic outline and fill in. You could do this with a toothpick first if you are afraid to jump right in with the piping!

I used a knife to smooth some of the areas of our witch’s dress. I wasn’t going for total smoothness…I wanted that “crashing into the cake” rippled effect ;0)

We’re getting closer! Next, the hair. This was my favorite…I love piping hair. It brings everything together. Using buttercream tinted Americolor Orange and using a tip 4, I piped several wavy lines and curls as well as a round circle of icing for the head. (We needed a little bit of dimension for the hat to rest on.)

I pressed the hat right onto the back of the head while the icing was still soft. Then, I made some little (Americolor Electric Green fondant) witchy hands and pressed them into the cake.

Our witch is now finished but before the big reveal, let’s turn our attention to a super quick and easy black cat. Using our pre-colored Satin Ice brand black fondant, and with a little tylose kneaded into it, we formed our shapes. If you want the tail to stand upright, let it dry for at least 30 minutes or so. Everything else is self explanatory. Teeny tiny balls of white fondant were pressed into the cat’s head to create the eyes, and I used our black Americolor pen to add the details. He was so small that I was able to piece him together after about 15 minutes.

Now…what should our sign say?! I went back and forth on this one. So, I printed out my top two choices on photo paper. The winning phrase was cut out, attached to a lollipop stick with tape, and outlined with glue & purple pixie dust…

Are you ready to see?




Yay! Our first Halloween tutorial of the season is done. I hope that you enjoyed it! If you think of any other funny phrases for this crashing witch, I’d love to hear. If you try this cake, I think you’ll find it to be a very forgiving and easy design. The best part is that you don’t even have to worry with making the witch’s face! She would be perfect for kid’s parties or even adults’. You know, for an adult party, she could even be holding a martini glass in one hand. (Witches should never drink and fly) ;0) — See you next time!

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  1. Ashley says: #1

    I absolutely love this! Thanks for another amazing cake!

  2. Melinda Parker says: #2

    Cute cake and adorable cake stand!

  3. I will take cute over gore any day! Melissa, This is just about THE CUTEST cake ever! I am so happy that you have a tutorial:) I am going to try it…thanks!!!

  4. Beth says: #4

    You are so, so sweet to share this most adorable cake with us all! I am totally making this cake this year – your ideas are so amazing – and they keep coming! Thank you Oh Talented One!!


  5. n sil says: #5

    great! so fantastic, I am going to try it…thanks to share this!!!

  6. Thank you so much for this lovely tutorial!!! I absolutely LOVE this adorable cake!!

  7. rosi lopez says: #7

    I luv it! Keep them coming!

  8. Chineka says: #8

    I love this cake. I’m going to have to try it out.

  9. Sadia Wasim says: #9

    Its so cute! I love it!

  10. trina karnes says: #10

    Melissa you are so very talented you make things so easy to understand and you give me confidence to try things outside of my comfort zone thank you thank you thank you YOU TOTALLY ROCK!!!

  11. xmstazx says: #11

    What kind of Fondant do you use? Normally I would make MMF, but I would like a nice premade fondant for something quick. I know fondant tastes bad, so if I could get a good tasting one that would be nice :) Can anyone help? I would like to do this cake!!! :)

  12. The Bearfoot Baker says: #12

    This is fantastic!!! LOL Funny!! You are awesome Melissa!!

  13. Amanda Conner says: #13

    Love this cake! Going to make it tomorrow. Where did the cake stand come from/who is the maker? I have looked all over the web and I can’t find that one.

  14. Char-Lee Murphy says: #14

    Too SWEET Melissa! I love the way your mind works :)
    As much as I try to be original, I watch your “witchy cake magic” and just have to make this!

  15. BeBe says: #15

    Hi Amanda, the cake stand came from Sur la Table (we bought it right after Halloween last year on clearance), here is a link:
    link to

    thanks for you nice comment.

  16. Melissa Diamond says: #16

    Thank you all SO much for your wonderful comments! I really appreciate it!

    Xmstazx- We use Satin Ice brand fondant but the Duff’s brand that you can find at Michael’s and AC Moore is a good option (and I think as far as fondant goes, it tastes pretty good!) ;0)

  17. Anissa Willis says: #17

    LOVE this cake! So clever and fun! Where did you find that adorable cake stand??

  18. BeBe says: #18

    Hi Aissa, in my post above I give a link to Sur la Table when the cake stand can be ordered. It is also in their retail stores if one is near you. Thanks for you nice comment.

  19. Jan Dunlevy says: #19

    Oh Melissa! What an awesome cake. I shared this on my Facebook page this morning and got 2 orders within minutes! Thank you too for sharing where you got the cake plate. I had googled a search and only found some very expensive options! Ordered it and am ready to go. Thank you for continuing to broaden my cake skills and sharing you wealth of knowledge.

  20. Melissa Diamond says: #20

    Yay Jan!! Music to my ears. These are so much fun to make. ;0) Thanks for your nice words about our site!

  21. Amanda Conner says: #21

    Thanks so much BeBe!

  22. Michelle Curry says: #22

    OMG! Too cute!

  23. ceecee says: #23

    Fantastic thanks for sharing…my daughter’s class will LOVE this!

  24. Raquel says: #24

    I would love to do this for our Halloween party here at work. I am fairly new to cake decorating, what is the best way to transport this in the car so it doesn’t go flying in every direction?

  25. Brenda Soltis says: #25

    Where do you come up with these ideas? I have such a difficult time trying to create something new. This is so creative and cute I can’t wait to make it! Thanks Melissa and Bebe , I love this site!!

  26. jhasiim says: #26

    That is sooooooo cool!

  27. BeBe says: #27

    Hi Raquel, yes traveling with a cake can cause worry. Your decorated cake should be on a cardboard cake circle (maybe two taped together) that you have covered in foil or whatever you like. This cake base will be larger than your cake but still fit into a bakery box, a nice snug fit is good. If the cake circle slides the cake circle will hit the sides of the box but your cake will not. Put on a flat surface, the floor or trunk of your car. If you place rubber shelf liner or something like that underneath your cake box it will not slide.

  28. michelle jones-brown says: #28

    Hi, Melissa. I LOVE this cake! It made me smile when I first saw it. Absolutely adorable. I was wondering if you have a tutorial for the way you frosted the cake, or is that a spin on the ridged buttercream technique? Thanks!

  29. Melissa Diamond says: #29

    Hi Michelle- Thanks!

    Yes, I demonstrate this buttercream look in this tutorial~

    link to

    You are right, it’s similar to the ridged buttercream look…just a difference in pressure. It’s a great option for buttercream frosted cakes because it is much faster than smoothing and looks really nice. ;0)

  30. Toni Meyers says: #30

    This is FAB! Im sooooo going to make this for Halloween!

  31. Annissa says: #31

    I can NOT get this cake out of my head! It is so cute! I must make one. Like, now. I was wondering about using your ideas to sell cakes but I notice someone above has done so. I feel kind of like I’m cheating, but they are such cute ideas, I don’t think I can top them!

  32. Wanda Higgins says: #32

    Love it! What a fun cake!

  33. Heather Peterson says: #33

    another wonderful tutorial! love them so much!!! :)

  34. Abbie Taylor says: #34

    Super cute! And best of all, I JUST bought that cake stand! So fun to see it in action :) Thanks for another great idea!

  35. Channell Manuel says: #35

    Cute cake! love the details!

  36. What a cute idea. And really not that complicated!

  37. vera jorge says: #37

    just one question, do you use bases between the cakes?

  38. BeBe says: #38

    He Vera, this cake is three six inch layers and there is a cardboard cake circle only under the bottom layer. When we bake a double barrel cake with four six inch layers we use a cake circle under the top 2 layers and one under the bottom two layers.

  39. ftth viettel says: #39

    • Hello. Very cool site!! Man .. Beautiful .. Amazing .. I will bookmark your web site and take the feeds also…I’m happy to find so much useful information right here in the post. Thanks for sharing…

  40. faithfulme1 says: #40

    What a cute idea for a Halloween Cake! Thank you for sharing this Melissa! I am so going to have to try to make this for my Grand Babies for a wonderful Halloween treat! You have such creative ideas, I am so glad that I joined your Cake School! 😉

  41. thyme2play says: #41

    Love this cake can’t wait to make it!

  42. bakerstreats says: #42

    So cute. I can’t wait to try with my kids!

  43. Spooky_789 says: #43

    This cake is adorable! Definitely going to have to share it on FB!

  44. Catherine Vallejo says: #44

    I love it!!! I would like to try it soon…

  45. Melissa Diamond says: #45

    Thanks again everyone–so many great comments, we’re so glad that you like the tutorial!

  46. Bonnie Bakes says: #46

    I think this is the cutest cake
    I have ever seen!!! Love it!!!

  47. Angela Zeppetelli-ali says: #47

    Love the cake!
    Will you make more for Halloween ?
    I need to start planning to make one for the kids this year.
    They love it !
    Thanks for all your ideas!
    We appreciate your time and efforts with all your cakes…..

  48. faithfulme1 says: #48

    Hi Melissa…Awesome Cake! I have a question for you, or anyone that may know the answer…;-) I would like to know how long to bake a cake using a 10 inch Wilton Cake pan? I filled it 2/3 full and baking at 350. I am making the zebra stripe cake

  49. faithfulme1 says: #49

    Thank you anyway Melissa, I found my answer on the Wilton site. 😉 Wish me luck making the Zebra cake, that the stripes come out ok!

  50. Melissa Diamond says: #50

    Hi–Good, that was fast! Good luck! ;0)

  51. Avianti Jewelry says: #51

    Such a cute idea , I think the kids will loved this witch crash cake its funny!

  52. Carla Walton says: #52

    Maybe for an adult party the sign could read”Don’t Drink and Fly!

  53. seabass123 says: #53

    Again, very simple and cute. Job well done!

  54. trish says: #54

    I always say that I feel like I have been hit by a truck…but hit by a cake, now that sounds AweSOME! Lucky Witchie Poo! CUTE!!!

  55. roula says: #55

    you are amazing :).
    love CakeImake.

  56. Rubi says: #56

    How fun and creative! I wanna do one like this!! Is that okay?

  57. Anita Barron says: #57

    This is so cute. I don’t know where you get your cake ideas but please keep them cumming!!!!!!I want to try this one for Halloween.

  58. Emily says: #58

    This made me laugh when I first saw it. I’ve modified her slightly and made her to land on a spider web. Thanks for the idea!

  59. Holy crap Melissa this is so awesome. I love her! So going to attempt this for when my sister comes to visit

  60. Melissa Diamond says: #60

    Everyone, thanks so much for your comments!! @Emily–I love that idea of her flying into a spider web! –@Karen– you’ll have to show me your version when you make it! Would love to see ;0) —@Carla, I had the same thought! I imagined her with a martini in hand- ha ;0)

  61. Diana Viera says: #61

    Too cute for words! I love it!!!

  62. JeanF says: #62

    This may seem like a silly question, but where did you get the plastic pallett you use to mix your colors? I have looked all over and can’t find one similar! Thank you!

  63. BeBe says: #63

    Hi Jean, I think we bought it at Michael’s or AC Moore

  64. Maysem says: #64

    Adorable and hilarious!! Love it:D

  65. Jan Carmichael says: #65

    So cute! And so do-able! Thanks!

  66. Hi Melinda!!!!!! Thanks for sharing I love the idea!!!!!!!! xoxox

  67. Sandy says: #67

    I love this cake. It’s so cute. I will do this for Halloween.

    Thank you so much.

  68. Fer says: #68

    Love it! thanks soooo much for putting your wonderful work of art for us to enjoy. Cant I copy this cake? or do I need a special permit from My Cake School?
    Thank again.

  69. Nicole says: #69

    Love it!
    The broom stick alone was an amazing thing to learn, let alone all of the other stuff on the cake!

  70. Julie says: #70

    I was born on Halloween andi have always been called a little witch loving this cake so cute and so me;)

  71. loni osadchuk says: #71

    I love this cake!!! Thank you for sharing

  72. Shannon Leger says: #72

    This is so cute! Thanks for the tutorial, your ideas are just awesome!!

  73. marjorie d. says: #73

    LOL !

  74. Melissa Diamond says: #74

    Thank you all so much for your comments! Love that she is making you laugh a little ;0) —

    For those of you who asked if you can make this cake–of course you can! Nothing would make me happier ;0) —

    @Michelle Jones-Brown– I do have a video on this method of frosting. (Yes, very similar to the “ridged buttercream”, only I use a wider spatula and don’t press in so much.) –I use it in my Shabby Chic Flower video ;0) Here’s the link-

  75. Leslie Jeansonne says: #75

    Great tutorial. Love your designs. Keep up the great work!!!

  76. Pilar says: #76

    Funny cake. I love it!

  77. Chris (biscuit33) says: #77

    How do you get the buttercream black like that and it still taste good?

  78. BeBe says: #78

    Hi Chris, you can start with chocolate frosting and it won’t take as much black coloring gel.

  79. Eva says: #79

    OMG…this is sooo cool :-) The cake looks amazing – I absolutely HAVE to try it! (and if I do – I’ll of course, share the result with you…). I just discovered your blog…but why, why, why didn’t I knew it before? I feel like Alice in Wonderland…and I regret I must have missed so many things! BRAVO for your work, it’s really, really wonderfullllllll! :-)

  80. Eva says: #81

    Hello, I’ve tried the cake…it seems to me, it turned out not so bad (for such a beginner as I am…) – would like to share the result with you… but I don’t know how to do :-( I’ve added the pictures on my Facebook profile – but I’m not authorized to put an identification with your “name”…

  81. gracie says: #82

    Where did you find the cute cak stand?

  82. Melissa Diamond says: #83

    So many nice comments–thank you so much! @gracie~ The cake stand came from Sur La Table. (Mom has a link in comment #15 above if you need it!) —

  83. gracie says: #84

    yes! I just found one at Sur La Table today!!!
    Can’t wait to make cake for my halloween party…
    Would a 3 layer 9in cake be tall enough for witch, you think??

  84. Melissa Diamond says: #85

    Hi “gracie”- Great! I was in Sur La Table today also and saw that they were on sale. Glad that you picked one up! ;0) — I think that you’ll be fine with a 9″, three layer. As long as it’s approx 4″ or so, you can make it work. You can always make your witch slightly smaller, or let her hat brim extend slightly past the top of the cake if necessary! ;0)

  85. Vanessa says: #86

    Dear Melissa thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us. I have made this cake following your tutorial! End result was brilliant!! Everyone commented on the witch splattered on the cake and we had a lovely Halloween party with the kids! A big thank you! Much appreciated.

  86. Melissa Diamond says: #87

    Hi Vanessa! Thank you so much for your nice words–I’m thrilled that you made the cake!! Sounds like the party was a success—Happy Halloween!!! xo

  87. Marina says: #88

    I Love this cake!!

  88. dawn kimber says: #89

    I just adore this cake, so funny to x

  89. Jacqueline says: #90

    I will have to try this one too! How cute!

  90. Diana says: #91

    “One too many brews!”

  91. Naureen says: #92

    Thank you so much for wonderful tutorial & a great idea. I made this cake this year Halloween. Please see the link. Thank you again.

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