Conversation Heart Flower Toppers!~ A Cupcake Blog Tutorial

Hi everyone! I just wanted to add one last little tutorial before Valentine’s Day.

We are going to whip up some CUTE cupcake toppers made from Conversation Heart candies, melted candy coating, and a few sprinkles! They are the perfect cupcake accessories for your Valentine’s parties, class parties, etc. An added bonus is that this sweet project is extremely kid-friendly, so if you have any little helpers around the house, they will love making these too!

Let’s get started….


First, I put a block of candy coating/bark into a plastic wrap lined bowl and zapped it in the microwave for about 30 seconds or so until melted.  (Skip the plastic wrap if you don’t have any that is microwave safe– it’s just to save you a few minutes of cleanup) ;0) *Use your candy coating of choice, Wilton Candy melts or something along those lines is fine.


Next, I spooned the melted candy melts into a disposable piping bag and snipped the tip off.  I piped a row of melted chocolate dots and then pressed my candy hearts into them in flower formations.  Five candy hearts seems to be the magic number.  Just make sure that each heart is at least touching part of your melted chocolate, which will act as our “glue”.




You can leave the centers plain or add sprinkles while the chocolate is still soft…


Or… you can pipe a bit more chocolate to the center and add sprinkles for a more raised look.  (I did this for most of my flowers).



To firm things up, place your cookie sheet of flowers into the freezer for about 5 minutes or so.  Then, they will be ready for cupcakes!

You can see below that I did a little experimenting with my Wilton pearl spray on a couple of my flowers  — A fun alternative but the words do become harder to read ;0)


After chilling, this is what they look like from the back.  Nice and secure thanks to the chocolate!


I used a piping bag of pink (Americolor Deep Pink) buttercream fitted with a 2D tip to swirl my cupcakes.  Then, added our flowers!

You can see that for some flowers I used the same candy color all the way around.   Love these little conversation flowers, and I love how simple they were to make!  They would be cute on a cake too ;0)



Thanks for stopping by, and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! xoxo


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  1. Maureen Zaccaria says: #1

    So love these!! They are so beautiful!! Very creative!!

  2. Nellie says: #2

    what a fast and cute idea even kid friendly THANKS

  3. Wanda Higgins says: #3

    This is a great tutorial! I was wanting to use conversation hearts and bought pink pearls just this past week. This will work great for my granddaughter’s 4th grade class for Valentine’s Day.

  4. Melissa Diamond says: #4

    Thank you for your comments!!

    @Wanda- that sounds perfect! So glad that you plan to make them.

  5. MsGF says: #5

    Cute and simple. Love it. I’d need to buy 2 bags of conversation hearts, if not I might not have very many flowers to put on my cupcakes. LOL I’m a candyaholic, but admitting it is the first step right.

  6. Marijac says: #6

    So cute. Thank you. Just joined recently. Love your work. So glad to be a member. You have such good taste.

  7. Melissa Diamond says: #7

    Thank you so much, Marijac! — Happy to have you ;0)

    @MsGF– That is too funny, my most dangerous post lately was that “bee mine” post…I only needed the yellow peanut M&Ms for my bee cupcake toppers…so all of those other colors were just calling out to me ;0) –Peanut M&Ms are my weakness!

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