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Christmas Tree of Buttons! Tutorial by


Hi everybody–happy weekend!

I’m going through a button phase lately–I have seen SO many cute and crafty decorations that incorporate multi-colored buttons in all shapes and sizes. The designs are so happy and cheerful that I knew I wanted to jump on the button bandwagon. I’m not all that crafty, but just about anything can be translated into a cake design. This week, it’s all about the buttons :0) Have you ever made a button from fondant?  If not, I’m about to show you how–

So basically all that you need is your desired colors of fondant (I knead a little bit of tylose into mine so that they will dry more quickly), you’ll need tools of your choice for embellishing, a toothpick or small piping tip for creating the holes, and small cookie cutters or piping tips for cutting out your button shapes.

I used my 2D piping tip to cut out fairly large circles of fondant.  It is also great for making star-like embellishments in the fondant.  For smaller round buttons, I used my piping tip 12.  A fork will give a nice ridged pattern in your fondant–be creative with your patterns!

Here’s a closeup.  The shades of green that i used are Americolor Electric Green & Wilton Leaf Green.  (The red fondant was pre-colored, ready made.)  I let my buttons dry on parchment paper for a while before placing on the cake so that they could set up a little.

Next, it’s time to transfer the buttons to the cake.

I started working from the top of the tree to the bottom, trying to keep a nice balance between the colors.

Then, my favorite part-piping on the buttercream “thread”.  I used a piping tip 2 and gradually threaded buttons all over the cake.  This small step really pulls everything together.

That’s all there is to it! Here’s our cute little tree…

I would love to try a similar idea with buttercream dots–but that’s for another time :0) –Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. heidilynn says: #1

    Love love love this! So reminds me of my sister who creates custom buttons( link to ) and I would love to create her something like this that is edible since I am the one who does fun!

  2. SweetS says: #2

    What a FUN idea!!!! This is great, Melissa!!!!!! Thank you!

  3. Anjali says: #3

    Love it! Very cute! Thank you!

  4. Creations by Carolyn says: #4

    How cute!! I love it. This would be fun to do with kids!!

  5. cakeeater06 says: #5

    What a wonderful and simple idea!!!! Thanks for the tips.

  6. diamonddust says: #6

    Now this is really creative for sure. The colors are spectacular. The placement of the buttons to create the tree is so great. I love all of the details of the buttons. This is fit for royalty for sure. This is an awsome job with buttons.

  7. CB says: #7

    I have been trying to decide on a design for a cake I’m making for a school auction next week. I’m still learning, so it needed to be simple :)
    Lucky me, I already have a fondant button press and the other tools, except the embossed rolling pin.
    Now if mine comes out half as cute as yours…..

  8. Monique Hansen says: #8

    Oh this is simply adorable

  9. heather says: #9

    absolutely adorable!!! will be doing something similar!!!

  10. linda says: #10

    absolutely love it!!

  11. deemary says: #11

    What a fab idea, so effective and very Chritmassy..the kids will love making this on thier mini cakes… Thank you for yet another brill design

  12. tahira says: #12

    Really the idea is superb,gonna try it in future,the butter cream u r using is SMBC or IMBC?

  13. BeBe says: #13

    Hi, we used the Fluffy Buttercream (half butter, half shortening) from the recipe section

  14. Heidi says: #14

    The colors are stunning. Beautiful cake for Christmas.

  15. trisha says: #15

    I love this to infinity and beyooooooooond! (and then some.)

  16. pinksugar says: #16

    Love Love Love it. What an adorable cake M. You out do yourself every single time. Gorgeous. Got a macaron book for my bday yesterday and it has Christmas macarons in them. Think I am goingto try my hand at the famous cookie. There is even a macaron cake in the book. Cake with macarons all around the outside rimm. Adorable. Thanks for the idea. You always give us the bestest ideas. Have a blessed day girl!!!!! And to BE BE too.

  17. Anita Barker says: #17

    What an adorable cake. I love it. Thanks Melissa.

  18. becklynn says: #18

    Such a clever idea! Thanks:-D

  19. Cindy says: #19

    I just love this. I think I am going to play all day and create!

  20. GerriW says: #20

    Oh what a fabulous idea Mellisa, will have to try this one. Thank you once again for your great inspirations!!!!

  21. CakesOnTheLane says: #21

    Another fabulous cake! This is so adorable, Melissa.

  22. Sadia Wasim says: #22

    Just love it! Very cute!!

  23. Baker for moro says: #23

    That is sooo adorable!

  24. sweetgrannyjan says: #24

    What a crazy good idea! Thank you.

  25. Grace says: #25


    This is such a great idea! How did you make your red buttercream so red?


  26. BeBe says: #26

    It is difficult to get deep red when coloring a large amount of buttercream…….we only needed a small amount so it wasn’t a problem. We used AmeriColor Red Red, we also like Super Red. It never looks quite right at first but as it sits it deepens into a nice color.

  27. Lisa says: #27

    That is such a neat idea. Will definitely put it down as one of my things to do when the opportunity rises.


  28. AGNES says: #28

    the tree cake is so adorable am having my birthday on the 25th dec and will try
    it for my guests
    thanks melissa

  29. etta says: #29

    Too cute!!! :-)

  30. Melissa Diamond says: #31

    Thanks again everybody! Agnes, I hope that you have a great birthday! ;0)

  31. Ruth, Chihuahua Mex says: #32

    Increíble… me encantó, nunca había visto algo así…. gracias por compartilo. Dios te siga Bendiciendo…

  32. kathy (felkatz) says: #33

    OHH MY word.. that is toooo cute!!! heart it!

  33. Leah says: #34

    Is that sugar sprinkled over top that I see? I don’t think you mentioned that part. It’s all in the details. The pictures don’t do it justice. SO cute!

  34. Melissa Diamond says: #35

    Hi Leah–you know, I’m so used to grabbing pixie and disco dust that I think I do it sometimes without even realizing it ;0) . I’m addicted. Yes, that it either white pixie or disco dust sprinkled over the top…whatever was closest. In person, the tree sparkled! It’s hard to capture in photos sometimes.

  35. verania says: #36

    I am completely surprised, your imagination has not limits. Congratulations

  36. Marci says: #37

    This is gorgeous! I absolutely love the idea. I’ve never seen the embossed rolling pin before but now I have to have one :)

  37. maria gomez says: #38

    me encanto para la cena de navidad muy buena idea grasias y felices fiestas

  38. Jean says: #39

    I loved this button Christmas cake!! It reminded me of my Grandmother when all the children collected her old jewelry making a Christmas tree and they framed it so she could put it up each year at Christmas. I am going to use the idea but make mine out of iced sugar cookies. Beautiful design as always. Thanks.

  39. renata says: #40

    Jestem zachwycona Twoimi pracami,gratuluję talentu!….:)

  40. danny says: #41

    Lindo, adorei !
    Vc é minha fonte de inspiração

  41. Nellie says: #42

    what a cute idea love this cake THANKS for teaching us new things all the time

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