Bicycle with Balloons Cake~ A Blog Tutorial!

Hi everyone!  Happy Weekend!

Today I’m going to show you a very simple, cheerful design for summer.  I wanted to take a little break from fondant today and so we are working with two of my favorite things–buttercream & chocolate candy coating! ;0)

I started out by frosting a 6″ cake with buttercream frosting (tinted Americolor Sky Blue).  Then…the fun part…


The main focus of our cake will be our chocolate bicycle.  Use whatever colors you’d like–our bike is piped with pink, black & white candy coating.  You can find colorful bags of candy coating (Wilton Candy Melts for instance) in your favorite cake supply shops–but for our bike, we deepened our shade of pink candy coating with Wilton Pink Candy Coloring.  (*You cannot tint candy coating/candy melts with the ordinary coloring gels that you would use with frosting or fondant.  The chocolate will seize. It  needs to be candy coloring, which is oil based.)

For your template, you can draw your own bicycle, print one off of clip art online, or Click HERE to use mine.  You’ll want to tape your template to a cake board or cookie sheet, and then tape a piece of waxed paper or parchment on top of it.

Next, melt your candy coating & put into your piping bags.

Chocolate Bicycle Tutorial by

Ready?  Here we go!

Here I am, tracing my bicycle.  I’m using  a Wilton 4 tip.  (If you’d rather skip the piping tips altogether, you can just snip the ends of your piping bags.  The tips ensure a nice round opening, the only drawback is cleaning out the chocolate later ;0)

Chocolate Bicycle Tutorial by


After outlining the bicycle once, I went over it once again.  This is optional, but the thicker your chocolate decoration, the more sturdy it will be.

I used silver dragees in the center of each wheel.  You can see that my bicycle is not perfect…but still very lovable ;0) — I did mine all in one sitting, but if you’d rather chill the cookie sheet/bicycle in the freezer for a few minutes in between color changes, that works very well too.

Once your piping is finished, place in the freezer for a few minutes or just until firm.  (It would firm up at room temperature too, but it would take longer & would be more fragile when placing on the cake.   Chocolate Bicycle Tutorial by

Once the bicycle is nice and firm, run your hand gently beneath the waxed paper to release it.

Chocolate Bicycle Tutorial by

You’ll notice that your bike has a smooth side and a bumpy, more textured side.  Choose your favorite and then flip it over to apply dots of buttercream here and there to the back.  It’s best to handle your chocolate pieces while still cold.

Chocolate Bicycle Tutorial by

I decided that I wanted a chocolate present for the back of the bike.  Since I didn’t think of this earlier, I’m going to have add it to the bike later with a bit of chocolate…but for you, I’ll go ahead and incorporate it into the template ;0)

Chocolate Bicycle Tutorial by

Now, let’s talk balloons!  We considered tinting buttercream lots of different shades so that I could pipe on buttercream balloons.  Tinting buttercream is not my favorite though, and it just so happens that I have several different shades of Wilton Candy melts.  These became my balloons–hooray!  Of course, if I didn’t have these on hand, I would have made them in buttercream.


I used a dot of buttercream to apply the chocolate balloons to the cake.  Some balloons had more buttercream on the back than others, to add a little depth and movement.


Chocolate Bicycle Tutorial by

While most of my balloons are candy melts, I snuck in a couple of hot pink buttercream ones too.  These are piped with a Wilton medium sized tip-12.

Chocolate Bicycle Tutorial by

I added buttercream strings using my Wilton Tip 1…  Things are starting to come together!


Chocolate Bicycle Tutorial by

I added a few puffy clouds with my Wilton 12 tip and some grass with my Wilton 21 star tip (grass is tinted with Americolor Electric Green.) –


That’s all there is to it!  I think that the cake turned out really simple & sweet.  The chocolate present on the back is decorated with buttercream dots & bow. I hope you like it– if you ever give it a try, we would LOVE to see.


Chocolate Bicycle Tutorial by


Thanks for stopping by, we’ll see you next time ;0)



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  1. Tammy Lantz says: #1

    So cute. Thanks

  2. Gloria says: #2

    Wonderful! Thanks for the tutorial :-)

  3. Phoneny Verly says: #3

    I love it ,that very cute thank you for sharing tutorial

  4. Luanne says: #4

    Really cute! Thanx =)

  5. Love it so much! Thanks for the tutorial, Melissa!

  6. BrandiO says: #6

    So adorable! Thanks!

  7. Melissa Brown says: #7

    Thank you so much. I love all the different techniques used. Just might give it a try!

  8. Marjorie Dormer says: #8

    Very clever to use the colorful chocolate wafers for balloons. I also love the bike.

  9. Mihaela says: #9

    Just amazing !

  10. Laura says: #10

    Thank You for the AMAZING cake tutorial. I LOVE all your work that you have done and hope to see more? Have a sweet and wonderful day :)

  11. Iris58 says: #11


  12. April Costello says: #12

    Looks amazing! I am definitely going to attempt this one!!!

  13. Taz says: #13

    that is too cute. thanks for the tutorial. i will have to try it.

  14. rosi lopez says: #14

    Very lovely.

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  16. Yiggie says: #16

    Thanks, Melissa. So simple, but very sweet. I really must try this.

  17. cyndi barnett says: #17

    It is really a fresh and happy cake : ) I have a suggestion…you know how the candy melts have that little bump? why not just turn the bump side toward the cake and use the flat side out for the balloons. It might even add a little “stand out” from the cake.
    I get so excited when I see you in my inbox! Great ideas!

  18. Anita barron says: #18

    So cute and a different way of decorating using choc. melts. You are so talented. Love my cake school!!!!

  19. aarti sarin jain says: #19

    Hi can i make the bicycle with royal icing ?

  20. Cristina says: #20

    What a cute idea..thank you Melissa

  21. Rima says: #21

    Such an adorable design! Thanks so much for sharing!

  22. Julie says: #22

    Thanks so much for sharing, this is a very nice design. :)

  23. Anne marie says: #23

    I love your chocolate / butter cream videos – they are my favorite – thanks

  24. Wendi says: #24

    So cute!

  25. Melissa Diamond says: #25

    Thanks so much for your comments!!

    @Aarti- Yes, you could make the bicycle in royal. I would make it a few days in advance to be on the safe side, and apply to the cake close to the time of the event. (I would make an extra just in case!)

  26. Lori says: #26

    This cake as lovely as well as so many others I’ve been exploring today! I love your style. :)

  27. Terri Tate says: #27

    The cake is darling. Thanks for sharing with us!

  28. Keri says: #28

    How tall is the cake itself? How many layers? I am making this for my daughter’s birthday this weekend. Thanks!

  29. BeBe says: #29

    Hi Keri, this cake would be very cute using the standard 4 inch high cake. Ours is 6 inches tall, we used 6 inch cake pans, 4 layers. It is a double barrel construction and Melissa demonstrates how to do this in the Cookie Jar tutorial, here is a link to

  30. Yaneri Rodriguez says: #30

    Beautiful Ladies!!!! What a great summer cake!!!

  31. Keri says: #31

    Thanks so much!!!!

  32. ggomo says: #32

    sooooooooooo cute!

  33. Tamarah says: #33

    This was so great and beautiful! You made it look easy and fun to do!

    Can you add melted Wilton Candy melts to buttercream to colour it? I have problems achieving rich pinks and purples with even Americolor gel food colouring. It makes my buttercream very bitter at the slightest overdose which is the amount I need to get a true pink / purple.

  34. khatereh says: #34

    i made this tnx very much

  35. Melissa Diamond says: #35

    @Tamarah- Sorry for the delay! I’ve never heard of coloring buttercream with chocolate candy coating. I’m not sure that you could get the intensity that you are looking for going that route. I haven’t noticed the bitter taste with Americolor Coloring Gels…but I use my deep shades mainly for small accents. Americolor is also highly concentrated, so you should be able to use less dye & let it sit for several hours to give it a chance to intensify a few shades.

    @khatereh- I’m so glad that you made it!

  36. fiona says: #36

    This looks wonderful – I would love to make it for my husband who runs a bicycle shop. I live in the uk and I don’t think they sell candy melts here, do you have any idea what the equivalent would be? Thanks

  37. BeBe says: #37

    Hi Fiona, I have read that you could use Dr. Oetker’s Scotbloc. If it does not come in various colors, you could use oil based candy coloring to achieve various colors.

    Do you have Candy Bark, also known as Almond Bark or Candi Quick Bark available to you? In the US it is sold in grocery stores. It could also be used with oil based candy coloring. White chocolate chips (Nestles or Ghirardelli) could be used but I don’t know if the bicycle would be firm enough using the

  38. fiona says: #38

    Thanks Bebe, I’m quite new to all of this so am not very familiar with what products are available, perhaps I’ll ask in my local cake craft shop. Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! Can’t wait to try this cake with whatever I manage to find, it’s gorgeous!

  39. Very sweet design – thanks for sharing, Melissa.

    ~ marie, the EpicureanPiranha

  40. Fabiola says: #40

    Hi! Just found your blog, amazing!, thanks for the tutorials!,,
    I have a question, how do you get that perfectly smooth buttercream frosting on the cake? I don’t know much about frosting a cake but would love to learn more!

  41. mayra says: #41

    Great idea and beatiful cake.

  42. suchie says: #42

    wow… that is the most easier to make bicycle.. thanks alot!

  43. Sagarika Mitra says: #43

    Hi Love the bike :) super duper cute
    @Fioana: U will find wilton candy melts at link to
    (online and store both) in UK

  44. Suebaru327 says: #44

    i love this cake so much. can’t wait to try it some time.

  45. Uyen Ly says: #45

    Thank you for the detail tutorial. Simple but elegant and cute. Can’t wait to try it this summer!

  46. Melanie Macpetrie says: #46

    Beautiful, fun cake. Thank you for sharing.

  47. Okeahialam Nkechi says: #47

    fantastic work I will like to learn more

  48. Carrine says: #48

    I am not a big fan of buttercream. Can I frost the cake with colored pastry pride whipped cream instead but keeping the rest of the decorations with buttercream and candy melt?



  50. I love this cake! I used your template to make my own bicycle cake for Valentine’s Day and linked back to your tutorial. Piping the candy melts and not having them run all over the place was harder than I thought it was going to be, but I think it turned out really cute. Thanks for a great idea!

    link to

  51. Connie says: #51

    So cute;) I`m goimg to try to make this for my birthday;)

  52. Rachel says: #52

    Adorable!! My birthday is the 14th. I’m gonna attempt this. Thanks again you’ve been very sweet by sharing.

  53. Suky says: #53

    This is just what i was looking for! I tried making this using stiff buttercream but before I saw your tutorial! But now Im sure it will work using your method.
    Thank you. Its lovely.

  54. Melissa says: #54

    Wow I LOVE this!!! Do u happen to have a tutorial or blog about how you make the cake? I’ve tried making a layered cake before and can never get it to stack correctly and definitely can’t frost it like that…please provide the link to a cake recipe/frosting tutorial if you’ve got one!!! Thanks so much :)

  55. Debbie says: #55

    I love this cake and am hoping to make it for a benefit that I have been asked to donate a cake or two…thank you so much for posting and especially for including the printable pic of the traceable bike….I am also happy to see that I can use some of the choc disks for this…

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