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  1. Melissa, what is the best way to store your edible markers?

  2. Melissa Diamond says:

    Hi–We always store our Americolor pens in our decorating drawer at room temp. I was just googling to check myself and see that refrigerating supposedly extends the life…but ours seem to last a long time without refrigerating.

  3. Lou says:

    Thank you so much for this video… I love this cake and I really needed explanation on how to make the animals, and sure enough you have come to the rescue once again… I love your work and this site. Thank you again.. :)

  4. Great video, love the animals.. specially the flamingo with leaves.. lol I love to hear Bebe voice from backstage, thanks for the video the cake is beautifull :)

  5. Josie Carnevale says:

    I LOVE your tutorial…. great work.. you have great tutorials…
    Any chance in future tutorials you could show us the bodies of the giraffe and panda? I just love watching how they are done…
    Just loving your site!
    Keep up the great work…

  6. Bryttannee Eaton says:

    I want to make this cake for my son’s baptism. How far in advance can you make the animals for the cake?

  7. Josie Carnevale says:

    Love to see a full bodied alligator too… :)

  8. Nadine Bogner says:

    As always! Congratulations, you are a true “inspiration”! Thank you from Barcelona, Spain.

  9. zeeba hasan says:

    Hi-I just love this cake school. Melissa iam unable to watch any of the videos.it just doesn’t play. Iam using the ipad.

  10. BeBe says:

    Hi Zeeba, thanks for letting us know, yesterday our video hosting site, Viddler, made an update creating a problem with some of our videos. I thought it had been corrected. I can see the Noah’s Ark video on my laptop but, like you, I cannot see it on my ipad . We will be working today to resolve the problem. I’ll keep in touch.

  11. BeBe says:

    Hi, Zeeba, I was able to see the video when I refreshed the page. Give that a try and let me know if your problem is solved.

  12. zeeba hasan says:

    Hi,bebe,thanks so much for looking into my problem. Yes, I can watch the videos when I tried today.just love to spend my afternoons on this school.its really amazing.thanks again.

  13. kelly says:

    I had a go at this style of cake using the tutorial. Thank you so much I had a lot of fun working on the cake and it came out really well.

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