Simple Easter Wreath Cake~ Blog Tutorial

Every year, I look for ways to incorporate malted milk egg candies into my Easter decorating. I love their speckled chocolate shells, the pretty matte colors, and I love to eat the leftovers!!

Last week, I bought a colorful Easter egg wreath for our front door…and then it dawned on me that a candy Easter egg wreath would make the perfect decoration for a tall, buttercream frosted cake! Hooray! So, this year, my malted milk egg candy decorations are coming to you in the form of an Easter wreath. It comes together in minutes, and the final look has a country chic feel ;0) — I hope that you enjoy it!

Let’s get started…


First, I frosted a tall (double barrel–6 inches tall & wide) cake with vanilla buttercream.  I created a textured look with vertical strokes, moving my tapered spatula from bottom to top, scraping off my spatula after each pass.

(My cake is sitting on a cardboard cake circle, cut down to size–this makes it simple for us to move it from our turntable to the pedestal later.)


Then, as usual,  I spread the excess icing away from the edge, and smoothed toward the center of the cake.




Next, I used a 4 inch circle cutter to mark my circle.  If you don’t have a circle cutter that will work, look for things around the house…a glass, a plastic cup, etc.



One bag of eggs would have been plenty, but I love these things, and buying different brands gave me more of an assortment (and an excuse to buy more than necessary) ;0)


By the time I had picked out the colors that I wanted for my wreath,my crusting buttercream had crusted over. So, I filled a piping bag with more buttercream, snipped the end, and piped buttercream onto the back of each egg.


And so on and so on…



After completing the first row of eggs, I decided to make another row.  You can see how I staggered my second row of eggs to fit as snugly as possible into the first.



After finishing with the egg placement (isn’t it cute?), I snipped my edible Easter grass into little sprigs and placed here and there into my wreath.  I’ve seen Edible Easter grass as Target and my local grocery store….but if you have trouble finding it, the wreath would be just as cute without it, or even with a few sprigs of piped buttercream grass.



We tied a sheer pink bow for the top of our wreath, and attached it with a dot of buttercream.  (If our bow had been heavier, we would have anchored with floral wire.)


And that’s all there is to it!  Here’s our sweet little Easter cake…


Sometimes simple is better, don’t you think?   I hope that you enjoyed the tutorial,  thank you for stopping by!

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  1. Paula M. says: #1

    Oh how cute!! I think this will be my Easter cake! I love those malted milk eggs too..and the peanut butter eggs…and the tiny jelly bird eggs…oh my..the list goes on and on. :-)

  2. melissa poua says: #2

    I think this is pretty but I may try it iced in a pastel yellow or pink.

  3. Melissa Diamond says: #3

    Thanks ladies! Paula, haha, the Easter candy row is dangerous-I love it all! ;0) —

    @Melissa– We almost went with a pastel pink frosting…I think that would be pretty too! If you try, we’d love to see!

  4. Such an adorable cake, and I think I can do it! :) Thanks, Melissa!

  5. Melissa Diamond says: #5

    Thank you, Sue!!!

  6. MsGF says: #6

    I love this idea. I think this might be our Easter cake. Awesome as always Melissa!

  7. Mom2three says: #7

    Melissa, beautiful as usual! Simple and elegant at the same time. Love it!

  8. Marie-Anne Duarte says: #8

    Too gorgeous! I can’t wait to try this for Easter.
    Thank you.

  9. Freda says: #9

    Very beautiful… all the colors….one question? What buttercream recipe did you use on the cake…white one??? I am making a first birthday cake for a party outside in Florida/ April…. just got to get a good recipe for one that will hold up…;) kind of new at this…;)

  10. Melissa Calegan says: #10

    I love this, as always! Thank you for another beautiful and simple design.

  11. SweetS says: #11

    So cute, Melissa! And yes, sometimes less is more.

  12. Elizabeth says: #12

    Seriously, you two are brilliant. Love it! So adorable and so simple! So glad I subscribe to your site! :)

  13. Jan Stone says: #13

    You always have the sweetest ideas! I made your Easter bunny cake last year and everyone loved it! I am going to do this for a tennis luncheon – my teammates will go crazy!! Thanks!!

  14. Brenda says: #14

    Cute!….one candy for cake, two for me….one for cake, two for me….lol

  15. Melissa Diamond says: #15

    Thank you all so much for your comments! xoxo

    @Freda- This is just a basic crusting American buttercream recipe but with part shortening/part butter. (Our “fluffy” recipe if you are a member of our site) — The more shortening a frosting recipe contains (in place of butter), the more heat resistant it will be. However, you do lose some of the flavor when substituting shortening in place of butter, so be sure to compensate with additional flavorings!

    @Brenda- Yes, that’s about how it went for me! ;0) haha

  16. María José A.G. says: #16

    simple and beautiful.
    Thanks for your tutorials.
    A Kiss

  17. Dorothy Loza says: #17

    Very nice!

  18. Wendi says: #18

    So creative! I love it!!!

  19. GuppyLove says: #19

    Cannot wait to try this out for Easter!! Thank you for ALL your tutorials!

  20. Carlee says: #20

    Would a 4 inch round cookie cutter still work if I use only 3 layers of cake? I don’t have the board or straws to make a double barrel cake.

  21. Melissa Diamond says: #21

    Hi Carlee– I would probably use a smaller circle as a guide to make it more proportional (and because I like a little space above and below the wreath), but this is something that will be more clear once you’ve assembled and frosted your layers & know the height of your cake. –

    Instead of using a circle cutter/template for the outer edge of the wreath, another option is to instead use a small circle as a guide for the inner circle, and then build around that.

  22. Carlee says: #22

    Thanks for your response. I tried making the cake today, but couldn’t get the eggs to stay on the cake (even when I put frosting on the eggs they kept falling off). So I just gave up and put the wreath on top of the cake, which worked, but I think it’s cuter to have the wreath on the side of the cake.

    Thanks for the tutorial anyway. Still a super cute idea!

  23. Melissa Diamond says: #23

    Oh no! I’m sorry that your eggs wouldn’t stick….I wonder if yours were larger than mine (heavier) or maybe a softer frosting? I’m glad that you made the wreath on top as your Plan B! Mom and I actually talked about how that would have been a good option too after posting the tutorial. I’m sure it is really cute! Happy Easter!

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