Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes!!!!-Minute Video & Blog Tutorial!

Ice Cream Cone Cupcakes!  Blog Tutorial + Minute Video!

Hi everyone!  We have added a “minute video” version of this cute & simple ice cream cone cupcake tutorial!  We originally posted this summertime favorite back in 2011 and the response over the years has been wonderful.  It is such a fun and EASY design!  The only difference that you will notice between the video & the blog tutorial below is that I no longer use piping tips to frost these cupcakes.  I simply snip the end off of my disposable piping bags.  This saves on cleanup time.  Enjoy!!


Blog Tutorial: May 20, 2011

Today we made ice cream cones!!!!

I’m so glad, because I could NOT think of an idea for the blog this week :0) — And then, suddenly….yesterday, I had ice cream on my mind…lots of ice cream!   :0)

This theme is perfect for summer parties and the best part of all is that they are so quick to make!  The most time consuming part is tinting the frosting.

Plus, there are no worries of making the icing super smooth because ice cream is kind of swirly & lumpy-bumpy–hooray!

Here’s what I did…

First, I cut notches out of some waffle cones so that once flipped, the cones would lie pretty flat on my cake board.  It’s best to saw your cones with a serrated knife.  It’s a little tricky, but not too bad…I broke one though!  :0)

We could have used one wide board but we decided we liked the look of three narrow ones better…

We used confetti sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, & toffee bits for decorations.

That’s all there is to it!!  I made three tall ice cream cones for a total of 16…but wouldn’t it be fun to make a super long cone the length of the picnic table?  Maybe another time….   But for now, these happy little ice cream cones make me smile…  :0) —


Thanks for stopping by the blog!!! Have a great weekend!



3 9×13″ sheet cake cardboards if you are doing the exact same setup as I used in my blog tutorial.  (Each board is sliced longways, stacked, & wrapped  to create one narrow base board.)

Your board covering of choice.  I used a plastic tablecloth  secured in back with a stapler.

Your vanilla buttercream frosting of choice

Disposable Piping Bags

Coloring Gels:  I used Americolor Electric Green, Wilton Rose, & Chocolate Brown

Chocolate frosting for the “hot fudge”  (canned chocolate frosting is a good shortcut)

Pink fondant with white 18 gauge floral wire (painted or colored pink with food coloring pen) to create cherry on top

Misc sprinkles, mini chocolate chips, etc. of choice

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  1. Deana Smith says: #1

    Adorable!!!! =)

  2. trish says: #2

    Madame Sweet you have done it again…so so so so cute. Do you dream cake ideas?? I do sometimes….anyway, these are darling. I am trying to figure out a way to do it with mini cupcakes….Thanks, when I saw this come up in my blogroll I was excited!

  3. Kendra says: #3

    That is the most creative thing I’ve seen in a long time. I love it! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. CakesOnTheLane says: #4

    This is so cute!!

  5. Melissa Diamond says: #5

    Thanks so much everybody! Trish, I’m sure that you could do the same with mini cupcakes—how cute! I would just saw off the top half of the cone (give or take), so you would have a shorter , cute little cone to work with :0)

  6. Andrea says: #6

    I LOVE THESE! Way cute have to do them this summer!

  7. Erin says: #7

    This might be the cutest thing I have ever seen!!! What a clever and unique idea!!!

  8. Ann says: #8

    This is too cute!

  9. stephanie says: #9

    I really LOVE these cupcakes!!!! I need to find an excuse to make them!!!

  10. CharleyGirl says: #10

    I can only imagine how much fun it would be to do these with my lil neices! I’m in awe of your creativity!

  11. Darlita says: #11

    WOW!!!! They look fantastic! Very creative!

  12. Melanie Couch says: #12

    That is the cutest thing I have ever seen!!!! I will have to share this!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  13. Jayme says: #13

    These are so fantastic! LOVE!

  14. Paula says: #14

    Those are super-cute!! Love them!!

  15. Those are just so adorable! It makes me want to have an ice cream party now!

  16. katali says: #16

    This such a great idea for the summer. I was thinking of a ice cream social party now you give me the idea. Great work.

  17. Bonnie Moses says: #17

    LOVE them!! How creative. :)

  18. lulu50 says: #18

    ABSOLUTELY darling and creative as usual!! Melissa….THANK YOU so much for sharing your talents and ideas with us!! ( : Will definitely have to do these soon!

  19. What a clever creation! Cupcakes and ice cream the combination of the two doesn’t get much sweeter! Love the presentation!

  20. JB says: #20

    These are absolutely adorable! I hope I get a chance to try this out!

  21. Melissa Diamond says: #21

    Thank you so much for all of these nice comments! If anyone makes them, send me a picture! I would love to see!!

  22. Tamanna says: #22

    This is super duper creative and darn cute! awesome work!

  23. xmstazx says: #23

    I LOVE IT!!!! very nice and such a fun idea

  24. Karen says: #24

    OMGoodness…I love this. And I love Trish’s idea of doing this with the smaller cupcakes. Adorable!!! I just made the vanilla wafer “burgers” yesterday for a picnic themed party. Now we need to have an ice cream party!!! I am SO glad that I found My Cake School! You’re awesome!

  25. Lona W says: #25

    I was just shown your blog today and I am already in love with you!!! This is the cutest thing I have ever seen to do with cupcakes. I can’t wait to make these!

  26. MrsAB says: #26

    OMGoodness!!!! These ABSOLUTELY ingenious! I love all your creations. You indeed must dream cake! Thank you for sharing your creativity and your skills with us. And just think, I found your site by mistake…so glad I did.

  27. Janeen says: #27

    100% ADORABLE! So very creative! LOVE IT!

  28. martha says: #28


  29. martha says: #29

    very cool

  30. Daniela@Isreview1 says: #31

    Super cool! what a great party idea!!

  31. kari says: #32

    Love this love this love this..i love cupcakes!! Wish i could bake like you but i will pass on idea to someone who can make them for me!!

  32. sarah says: #33

    Love, love, love this idea. So adorable. Reposted on my FB page.

  33. Jamielyn says: #34

    These are the cutest cupcakes I’ve ever seen!! Love! I shared them on my fb page. link to

  34. Tania says: #35

    OMW!!!! that is sooooo cute, and just perfect for my baby girls birthday party (In August). She will be turning 2, and the theme i choose is flowers, cupcakes and butterflies :)
    Ohhh, I will have to give this a try, The kids are going to love this 😉

  35. Olivia Salcedo says: #36

    OMG…..luv it!

  36. Melissa Diamond says: #37

    Thank you!! And Jamielyn, what a cute blog you have!!!!! Love it! :0)

  37. LOVE this!! I might use it for my sons birthday!!

  38. Brenda says: #39

    I have been scanning through your blog as I waited on my pressure cooker to finish…I laid down my butter and sugar for a short stint with fresh veggies. I just wanted to tell you how very much I have enjoyed your blog (went back to last December) and express how gifted and blessed you are to have such talent. Thank you for sharing.

  39. So very very brilliant. I just adore this idea. I posted a link on (spotted on pinterest). :)

  40. This is one of the cutest cupcake ideas I have ever seen. I just saw it over at Edible Crafts and had to stop by to see what else you have created.

  41. Bronwyn says: #42

    This is fantastic! Do you know the iPod app “Scoops”? It’s just like that!

  42. Wendy says: #43

    This looks incredible 😀

  43. Crystal says: #44

    This is so cute! I’ll be featuring it on my blog today.

  44. christine portoulas says: #45

    What an outrageously awesome idea!!!

  45. polly white says: #46

    I too am very excited to come across your site ITS FANTASTIC you are amazing and Thank you so much for sharing with everyone step by step. cant wait to share my cones with my family and friends.

  46. hersheysmom says: #47

    Making these for July 4 th– wish me luck!

  47. Brooke says: #48

    These are adorable!! Making them for a summer party! So far- these look the yummiest, the coolest and believe it or not the easiest!!!!!!

  48. Natalie says: #49

    LOVE these!!! I have decided to do an Ice Cream themed party for my nieces birthday next month just because I HAVE to make this! lol! Can’t wait to give it a go! Thank you for this amazing idea.

  49. Angela Sisk says: #50

    I am not a cakey, sweet-making, baking or very creative/talented in the kitchen at all but I might could actually do this, and might even want to try (which is also highly unusual). Wow! Thanks for a great blog and cake/party/shower idea that would not cost a fortune and could feed however many you needed it to. I will definitely be bookmarking this page. You rock!!

  50. Jessica says: #51

    Holy Smokes! You are awesome! I am going to try this idea this coming weekend for my son’s 5th birtdhay. I was going to attempt a star wars cake but this would be great with light sabers as the theme ! Thank you for sharing!

  51. Tammy says: #52

    These are the sweetest, I am going to have to try this, wish it would turn out as beautiful as yours!

  52. Gussie Schmitz says: #53

    I absolutely adore this! I am doing an ice cream theme for my daughter’s bday this weekend and was still trying to decide on the cake! Thank you so much!!!

  53. Cindy says: #54

    This is AMAZING! LOVE IT! So glad my daughter just happened to tell me a couple days ago that she wants an ice cream birthday party next year…otherwise I may have tried talking her into one after seeing this!

  54. Mariëlle says: #55

    My daughters birthday is next week, i am going to make thse, this is so cute

  55. Anna ♥ says: #56

    This is super cute!!!

  56. Jessica says: #57

    I used your idea this past weekend for my sons bday party! Big hit! Thanks :) I hopefully backlinked you correctly on my site! Posted pics of the party and cupcake cones!

  57. Anna Anees says: #58

    Too cute. I also like to create edible sweets. Candy buffets, cupcake & candy bouquets, etc., etc..

  58. Bronwyn says: #59

    I made it! I was makign food for a “Gruffalo” birthday party (after the book by Julia Donaldson), and created “Owl Icecream” using your idea as a starting point. You can see the result here: link to

  59. Melissa Diamond says: #60

    Thanks for your comments everybody! Bronwyn– LOVE how you put an owl spin on these, lol. Yours came out awesome!

  60. Kim says: #61

    i love this so much~!

  61. Julie says: #63

    Saw your ice cream cone idea online and just loved it! We made this for my daughter’s birthday. We filled with pudding and topped with real cherry. Kids loved them. Thank you!!

  62. Melissa Diamond says: #64

    Julie—that is great to hear! So glad that you tried them out! ;0)

  63. LadeeTee says: #65

    Soo Cool!

  64. Carolina says: #66

    Me encanta!!!!!!, desde Costa Rica, muchas gracias!!!!!

  65. Paula says: #67

    Thank you for sharing!!! I just made two for a dessert auction my husband’s church is having tomorrow to raise money for a mission trip. I hope they bring in a lot of money.

  66. BeBe says: #68

    Oh, I hope so too.

  67. Donna-Marie Sloma says: #69

    They are so cute, a great thing to do with the grandkids! They are going to live it! I love the way you think!

  68. Paula Jean says: #70

    This is way to kool .

  69. baking4ever says: #71

    I never saw those, how cute!

  70. victoria says: #72

    Hi!! I absolutly love this cupcakes!!! So supercute!! xo

  71. Kristin says: #73

    OMG these are SERIOUSLY the CUTEST cupcake/ cake idea ever. I am making them next weekend for my daughters 4th birthday party. I do have a quick question, for the painting of the floral wire is there anything you can use besides Vodka? I dont have any on hand and really dont want to have to go buy a bottle just to paint the spirals ya know. I am not a Vodka drinker I prefer rum lol. Anyways if you could get back to me and let me know I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks so much for sharing this idea! LOVE IT!

  72. Melissa Diamond says: #74

    Hi Kristin–Thanks, I’m glad that you are going to make them! If you happen to have lemon extract (or any clear extracts that have a decent amount of alcohol in them), that will be fine—but if not, just mix a little water into your coloring gel! The purpose of mixing with alcohol is for fast drying, but for something like this, water would be fine.

  73. Shanna says: #75

    These are so cute, I’m making them for my daughters bday on Saturday. Is one batch of buttercream icing enough?

  74. Melissa Diamond says: #76

    Yes, that should be plenty!

  75. Rose Bakes says: #77

    I have a customer who wants something like this… how in the world would it travel for delivery/pick-up (she actually lives farther than I deliver, so she would need to pick them up)??

  76. Melissa Diamond says: #78

    Hi Rose– I don’t think that your customer will have any problems. A dot of buttercream on the bottom of each cupcake will act as a good glue, and so will the frosting “scoops” across the top. For the ice cream cone itself, with it being a little heavier you may want to use warm (melted) white candy melts as your glue….but I remember that even with buttercream, it seemed nice and secure after it had a chance to set up.

    If your boards are the same size as mine, you can transport each one in it’s own sheet cake box (meant for 9×13″ cakes). A little snippet/square of rubber shelf liner is also good for preventing sliding. You could use this beneath your cake board if your box is a lot larger than the cake, or even beneath the bakery box as you load it in the car. *Cake boards really need to travel on a completely flat surface. Hope this helps!

  77. Rose Bakes says: #79

    Thanks Melissa!

  78. Thank you so much for sharing this great tutorial. I used it to create a cake for my little girl’s birthday ! You can see the pictures here: link to
    I have linked back to you so my readers can find your tutorial
    Thanks again

  79. Patti says: #81

    My daughter works at a ice cream shop and this would be so cute for her birthday!!

  80. Angela says: #82

    I just made these for my daughter’s 1st birthday. They were adorable and were a hit! Thanks so much for the creative ideas and clear instructions:)

  81. Melanie says: #83

    I am making these for my sons 5th birthday party. I have my cake boards cut and taped together, however I’ve ran into a bit of a wrinkle. How on earth do you get the wrinkles out of the plastic table cloth. Yours look absolutely perfect. Love this idea and hope mine turn out as cute.

  82. BeBe says: #84

    Hi Melanie, I tape the plastic tablecloth on the board, once it is on, there are usually some wrinkles remaining. I add additional pieces of tape that will pull those areas that have wrinkles…….the plastic will stretch and remove those wrinkles………often there is a lot of tape on the back of the board. The plastic used for tablecloths seems to vary and the tape that will stick vary also. You will need to experiment to see what holds best for the plastic you use. I most often use the silver duct tape, but have used regular household Scotch tape, even electrical tape.

  83. Melanie says: #85

    Thanks for your advice BeBe. I got the plastic taped on just fine. Regular scotch tape work really well. I decorated a test batch with three cupcakes and they turned out super cute. Thanks again for this darling whimsical idea.

  84. Lauren Lincoln says: #86

    I need to have a BBQ or something so I can have an excuse to make these this weekend.

  85. Michal says: #87

    So creative and bet it’s delicious

  86. Sinea says: #88

    Wow! Just pinned this and am featuring it in my fourth Cupcake Parade on Ducks’ na Row this Friday! Hope you can stop by:)

  87. Elizabeth says: #89

    That is lovely. Thank you.

  88. Tammy says: #90

    So cute

  89. Nancy says: #91

    To trim the cones a zester/grater works super and the cones don’t break. I’ve used it several times for other decorating with sugar cones.

  90. Melissa Diamond says: #92

    Thanks everyone for your nice comments!! @Nancy~ Great tip about the zester/grater. Will have to try it next time!

  91. Carla says: #93

    Love it!!!! Perfect for summer!!

  92. C Peterson says: #94

    These are adorable – can’t wait to start making my own!

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