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Hi everyone!  Are you ready for more cuteness?  I have mentioned before my love for Wilton’s mini wonder mold pan.  Here’s another reason why…  you can make the most adorable frogs with them!  I usually just make one at a time– to use as a fun cake topper or centerpiece.

Let’s start from the beginning. …

First, I coated with a yummy, crusting vanilla buttercream.  I waited for it to crust, then smoothed with a Viva paper towel.

Next, I decorated assorted, small sugar cookies with royal icing.   I outlined with stiff royal icing, flooded with loose royal icing.  These are going to be cupcake toppers!  I set aside a couple of small round ones…you’ll see why later.

As the icing becomes hard, it’s safe to decorate your cookies with stiff consistency royal– If this is a little boy’s party, you’ll probably go with a different color scheme…maybe even pipe some creepy crawlers onto the cookies….but, I tend to go girly whenever possible…hence the pink and yellow and cute little dragonflies and daisies :0)

Here are those couple of cookies that I mentioned earlier– I poked toothpicks into them, and layered on some fondant froggy eyes.  (You could also pipe royal icing eyes onto the cookies….or make marshmallow eyes with chocolate chip centers) —

Froggy needs a tongue–so he can catch flies, bugs, and nearby cupcakes.  Mine is gum paste, that I allowed to dry nice and wavy and pinched around a piece of 20 gauge floral wire on one end. 

Now, let’s check in on Froggy– eyes make all the difference!  So do legs, piped in buttercream (I’m only halfway through the job) — and of course, a smile.  Nobody likes a grumpy frog.

Lucky for us, BeBe just so happens to have a fish pond in her back yard!  Isn’t this the CUTEST?  I love the little cookie cupcake toppers—and Froggy steals the show!  Usually, the birthday boy or girl gets to eat the frog….but since I don’t see and birthday boys or girls around, I guess I’ll have to take care of it :O) —   Goodbye for now, happy caking!

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  1. queenbee says: #1

    Ok…going thru the archives is so much fun……..

  2. Irenegalizia says: #2

    what type of frosting did you use for the cupcakes they are so fluffy looking , pretty

  3. Elaine Scotton says: #3

    i agree, going through archives is the best, gives sooo many ideas…

  4. Jessica S. says: #4

    These are wonderful. What type of pan/container did you use to make the cake base for the frog?

  5. BeBe says: #5

    Hi Jessica, we used the Mini Wonderful Mold pan.

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