Cupcake Blog Tutorial—A Little Birdie Told Me….

Hi everybody–Happy Friday! Today we made some cute little birdie cupcakes—they are so sweet & simple-and the presentation is my favorite part of all.  Anyone can make bird cupcakes—but birds perched on branches takes cuteness to a whole new level ;0) –

What I’m starting with here are several strands of 22 gauge, brown fabric covered wire. I recommend twisting 3-4 pieces of wire together to make one skinny “branch”. In the photo below, I’ve made two “branches”, and I’m twisting the first branch around the second to create one even longer branch. This is optional, but my cake board is large (24×24″) and so I wanted the extra length, plus I think that the branches are more realistic this way.  You’ll see what I mean in a minute–

Okay, so here are my finished branches (minus leaves).  You  can see that none of them are lying flat. The 22 gauge wire is very easy to bend, and so I wanted parts of the wire to float above the board. I secured the wire here and there with duct tape :0)

Now, we’ll focus on our birds. Here is a cupcake that I’ve frosted with a crusting buttercream (Americolor Electric Green) using my tip 21 piping tip.

I decided to make the birds nice and smooth, so I tore off a piece of Viva brand paper towel (no impressions/quilting) and smoothed over the icing after it had crusted.
I added wings with my petal tip (I used Wilton 104), and little black eyes using a tip 2 & beak using a tip 3.  (Any small round tips would be fine for these little accents).


Take a few minutes to figure out exactly where your birds will go. This may require some extra wire bending as you decide how you’d like the branches to fall in relation to each bird or group of birds. Once you’re ready, add a dab of icing to the bottom of your cupcakes and place them onto the cake board.

At this point I piped on little orange buttercream feet with my tip 3 and some tailfeathers (also tip 3) ;0) Any small round tips are fine for these accents! Look how cute!

I decided to make party hats too– I cut out fondant triangles (with tylose kneaded in to speed up drying) and painted them with coloring gel mixed with vodka. Then I drank the rest of the vodka. (Just trying to keep it interesting)

All that’s left is piping on the leaves and sticking on the hats! The hats were attached with a dot of buttercream, and I used buttercream to add the trim at the bottom of the hats & a ball on top. I used both small star tip 16 & a small round tip 2 for these little hat accents. Use whatever you’d like!

For the leaves–I piped buttercream (tinted Americolor Leaf Green) with a tip 66. Make sure to pipe right over all of that duct tape! Small leaves clung pretty well to the fabric wire also–so I added some leaves here and there to make it more colorful.

Are you ready to see our birthday birdies?  Eeeek!

Group shot!


Thanks for stopping by! I hope that you enjoyed the birds ;0) I think that this would be such a cute design for baby showers too– if you try it, be sure to send me a picture!

See you next time–Have a good weekend!

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  1. Cakes On The Lane says: #1

    Melissa, this is just too darn cute!!

  2. Helen says: #2

    This is the most beautiful thinks I’ve evered seen. You really have great talent.

  3. Karen Johnson says: #3

    I love this! Can’t wait to try this out. Soo cute :)

  4. Debbie says: #4

    Love these cute little birds! Will definately try these in the spring!

  5. Kristen says: #5

    So cute!! Out of curiosity– what did you cover your cake with?

  6. lulu50 says: #6

    O MY GOODNESS…………too stinkin’ cute!!! ( : (and I mean that in the best of ways! ) HA!
    Sooooo creative……..and makes me think spring!

  7. Kristen says: #7

    Whoops… I meant cake board… :)

  8. Verna says: #8

    That is really cute. I would have drank the vodka : D

  9. Janice lane says: #9

    You r so talented, ur work is awesome!!!!!! It is so nice for u to share ur talent with us that is less talented, thank u!!!!!

  10. Carol-Lynn Roe says: #10

    fabulous. thanks so much for sharing all your wonderful ideas!

  11. luisita says: #11

    They are absolutely lovely!!! I admire your work. Thanks for a new proyect.

  12. Rosana Ang says: #12

    This is toooooooooooooooo cute. Well done Melissa!! You are such an artist!

  13. trisha says: #13

    This is not just the BEE’s KNEE’s….it is the BEEZEST KNEEZEST!!!
    I WILL be making these birdies…WILL WILL WILL!!!!!!

  14. Stacy Brown says: #14

    You are sooo talented…I love these little birdies!

  15. Christina P. says: #15

    So cute and so creative!

  16. Melissa Diamond says: #16

    Everybody, thanks so much for your comments!
    I’m sure there are lots of other “bird sayings” we could have used….here are some that we thought of in case you’d like to use them: “Happy Birdie to You”, “Time to Feather the Nest!” (baby or bridal shower), “Little Gracie is about to Hatch (for baby showers)”, “It’s your birthday, Shake your Tail Feathers”….

    @Kristen–We covered a 24×24″ plywood board (which are sold pre-cut at home improvement stores such as Lowe’s and Home Depot) with a light blue plastic table cloth.

  17. Jackie Turner says: #17

    So adorable. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Sadia Wasim says: #18

    Such a cute idea!! Love the other sayings about birds too! Great idea! Thanks!

  19. 4sweetssake says: #19

    Too Cute…too cute…too cute!!! Thanks for sharing Melissa and Happy 2012 to you, Bebe and the rest of your lovely family….

  20. graziella says: #20

    it is just too cute… thk you for this tutorial…best wishes to you and all your family
    graziella from reunion island

  21. ccsweets says: #21

    These cupcakes are super cute. Thank you for sharing. I love all your tutorials.

  22. Grammy Sue says: #22

    OMGoodness…too stinkin’ cute!!!

  23. Candy says: #23

    OMG they are just so cute! Thank you.

  24. Jaimie says: #24

    WOW–Melissa, I’m a new member and am so happy I found your website. This is so very precious; have 3 granddaughters that I would use this idea.
    Thank you–your’re a great teacher.
    jaimie :-)

  25. Paula says: #25

    These cupcakes are simply adorable! Love this idea. And, I’m glad to read that I’m not the only one who drinks the rest of the vodka. tee hee

  26. Cheryl Ginnetti says: #26

    I LOVE this idea!!!!!!! One of the most creative ways to display cupcakes that I’ve ever seen. I want to make this RIGHT now!! Well done!

  27. Naheed says: #27

    Wow! Melissa. This is such a cute idea, just in time for my daughter’s birthday :) m

  28. D says: #28

    OMG, how do you think of these darling things. It’s just too darling, Melissa. I particularly enjoyed your remark about the vodka too. Thanks so much for sharing your amazingly creative mind with us. D

  29. Maureen says: #29

    Same question as D -how do you think of these adorable ideas???? I can only wish to be half as creative. I really love these- they are too cute for themselves!!!

  30. Clevercookie says: #30

    Hi Melissa, all the comments before me say it all. However, I would just like to add. If it weren’t for you and people like you, who share their amazing talents with people like me, the world would be a different place. You inspire me and give me a reason to get up in the morning. Thanks heaps!

  31. Tesei says: #31

    This is gorgeous, absolutely lovely!!! Thanks so much, have a great year 2012 and I look forward to many more posts and visits to your blog!

  32. TIKISWEETTREATS says: #32


  33. enza vespoli says: #33

    Melissa, I love your birdie cupcakes….great idea…i also love your writing…do you have a tutorial on cursive writing….it’s something that i have not mastered yet….just a thought!

  34. Sandy says: #34

    This is adorable!!!! Very creative, thank you. May you have a happy new year filled with wonderful new ideas!!

  35. Lauren says: #35

    I have a birthday the week before Easter… I think this will be my cake I make for myself ;0) Thank you for sharing!

  36. What a creative idea … the branches and little birdies are just too cute!

  37. Luanne says: #37

    So, so cute! Thanx, Melissa! =)

  38. Lynn Sutherland says: #38

    this is such a cute idea! thank you :)

  39. Jules49 says: #39

    OMGosh! These little guys are just adorable!!!

  40. PHCALEF says: #40

    I cannot wait to try these.

  41. These are off the charts, COOL! I love them.

  42. Olivia says: #42

    OH —- MY —— GOSH!!!
    These are the most ADORABLE little birdies EVER!!!!!
    These really took the cake! (forgive stupid pun..or bun…whatever). :)


  43. OMG…that is too cute! Love it!

  44. Irenegalizia says: #44

    Melissa you are the best your idea’s are out of this world

  45. Billie Horner says: #45

    Your cupcakes are beautiful, can’t wait to try these

  46. Rowaida Flayhan says: #46

    Wow this is beautiful you are really amazing Melissa.
    Happy New Year wish you a blessed and successful year.
    Best Wishes

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