Whipped Chocolate Ganache

1 (12 ounce) package of semisweet chocolate chips

1 1/2 cups whipping cream

(**Just a quick note that you can also whip the ganache in our “Simple Spreadable Ganache” recipe (which has a higher ratio of chocolate to cream and is therefore less perishable for instances where the cake will need to sit out for several hours.) –)  Click HERE for this recipe.

Whipped Ganache Instructions~

Combine chocolate chips and whipping cream in medium saucepan over medium heat, whisking constantly until chocolate has melted and mixture is smooth.

Pour into a mixing bowl, cover with plastic wrap by pressing the plastic wrap onto the top of the chocolate or just leave uncovered, you don’t want condensation forming on the plastic wrap and dropping onto the chocolate. Refrigerate until it begins to thicken (approximately 1 hour or so).   Remove from refrigerator and mix chilled mixture on medium speed until stiff peaks form (approx. 20 seconds).  If mixture has become too hard, just leave it out on the counter for a little while, or sit bowl in some warm water briefly to bring to a workable temperature.  Mixture must be chilled at time of mixing  in order to whip properly.

** People just love this recipe!   It is one of my favorite fillings.  Don’t forget to create a dam with your icing before filling with the whipped ganache.   I refrigerate my ganache filled cakes until within an hour of serving.  If you are making a small cake which requires very little filling, simply split the recipe in half.  Enjoy!

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  1. asproella says: #1

    Wrecipe to the letter?ha did i do wrong?mine turned out runny,followed the

  2. Melissa Diamond says: #2

    Hi Asproella–I’m sorry to hear that– did you chill the ganache a little before whipping? It should be at least fairly thick to begin with after being chilled–and then it doesn’t take very long at all for the color to lighten and consistency to become fuller/fluffier. I wonder if yours was still a bit to warm to whip properly?

  3. asproella says: #3

    I left it in hte fridge for hours?

  4. asproella says: #4

    It also had a lot of condensation on the cling wrap when i took it out of the fridge?

  5. Melissa Diamond says: #5

    When you removed it from the refrigerator, was it runny at that point? It should thicken up when cooled. If I’m in a hurry sometimes I will even put the chocolate in a shallow casserole dish to get it to cool off more quickly. I wish that I could have seen it–I haven’t had this happen before.

  6. mmari38 says: #6

    I have a cake delivery thats 2 hour drive. Obviously the cake cutting will not be upon arrival but after the dinner .. how long can I leave this filling (cake filled with it) out ?

  7. Cindy Nash says: #7

    I would love to know the answer to mmari38’s question as well!

  8. Melissa Diamond says: #8

    Hmmm….with a 1:1 ratio of chocolate to cream like this one, I would say that several hours sitting out is fine….I don’t know that I would go with a day or two as with other ganache recipes.

    A 2:1 ratio (chocolate to cream) as in our Simple Spreadable Ganache recipe I would feel more comfortable with leaving out for a day or so. This recipe (the 2:1 ratio) can also be whipped –it just isn’t quite as light as this recipe due to the additional chocolate.

  9. Cindy Nash says: #9

    Thanks, Melissa. I am making a cake ths weekend and the client wanted chocolate mouse filling but it will be covered in fondant. The compromise will be your whipped chocolate ganache!

  10. jasmin saba says: #10

    Hi, does this need to be refrigerated or can it be left out once on the cake?

  11. Melissa Diamond says: #11

    Hi Jasmin– Yes, I would refrigerate this ratio of chocolate to cream as it is a 50/50 ratio of chocolate to cream.

    If you would really rather be able to leave the cake out for several hours or overnight, I would go with our “Simple Spreadable Ganache” recipe– but whipped. This is a 2:1 ratio of chocolate to cream which is less perishable. So, you would just make it as the recipe calls for, but whip it once it has thickened

    Sorry, didn’t know BeBe was logged in…..this is Melissa

  12. jasmin saba says: #12

    Thanks for that, And thanks for your quick responses as always. Looking forward to new videos, I think I watched most of them in the first week!

  13. Melissa Rollins says: #13

    Can this be used to frost a cake with or only as a filling? Or would you recommend the 2:1 ratio to do a whipped ganache to frost a cake with?

  14. Melissa Diamond says: #14

    Hi Melissa–I prefer to use this just as a filling, and to use the “simple spreadable ganache” recipe unwhipped as a frosting. I just haven’t tried frosting a cake with it before–if you try it, let me know what you think!

  15. enyonam andoh says: #15

    My whipped ganache is kind of soft and meling to touch. Can I still use I or chill it for a Little bit.

  16. Melissa Diamond says: #16

    If the ganache is too soft, you can always chill it to firm it up a little bit.

  17. Kylie Pearce says: #17

    Is there a recipe for a white chocolate whipped ganache please

  18. nicole romero says: #18

    my ganache turned out a little to bitter

  19. nicole romero says: #19

    it turned out very runny please help

  20. BeBe says: #20

    Hi Nicole, did you refrigerate the ganache to chill it before whipping? This could be the cause

  21. Ellen says: #21

    Good filling for cupcakes???

  22. Lynn Sutherland says: #22

    hello! due to allergies i have tried something different for ganche. i use canned coconut milk. you can find it in the Asian section of the grocery or the mixed drinks section. if it has separated just hand whip it back together. i then use it the same as the cream. this gives me a dairy free recipe and i don’t worry about refrigeration. i think this is a viable alternative! :)

  23. Becky Garner says: #23

    I noticed the possibility for a link to “Simple Spreadable Ganache” but when I clicked on it I kept getting the message that it was “not found.” When I typed the recipe into your search box I was told it was not found. In reading your comments I note that the ratio is 2:1 – chocolate to cream. Is that the only difference between this recipe and the Simple Spreadable variation?

  24. Melissa Diamond says: #24

    Thanks Becky, I fixed it! You can click the link here also–
    link to mycakeschool.com

    This is a 2:1 ratio of chocolate to cream. You can use it to frost a cake, or you can even whip it for a whipped ganache that is a little firmer than this recipe. I like them both. ;0)

  25. angela mendez says: #25

    Hi.. I have an order for Saturday.. Would this filling hold up being out for 3 hours ?

  26. BeBe says: #26

    Hi Angela, if your cake is chilled and it is out for three hours I think it would be fine because it would take a while for the cake to come to room temperature. The Simple Spreadable Ganache in the recipe section has a higher ratio of chocolate to cream, making a bit less perishable . It can also be whipped for a whipped ganache. I would use that one since you want it to sit out for 3 hours.

  27. Joan says: #27

    Instead of chocolate chips, could I use Wilton candy melts? I’ve got a bag I’d like to use up. Thanks.

  28. Melissa Diamond says: #28

    Hi Joan–I wasn’t sure on how/if the ratio of chocolate to cream would change- but I googled to find that Wilton has a whipped ganache recipe for candy melts~
    link to wilton.com

    If you try it, let us know what you think! ;0)

  29. Justine Hii says: #29

    Hi how u going, I was just wondering what the recipe is for the icing dam? Pease and thank you

  30. Melissa Diamond says: #30

    Hi Justine– You can create a dam with whatever you are using for your frosting. I used to make all of my dams a super stiff consistency, but I personally find that it’s not necessary to do that anymore. So, in some of my older videos, you’ll see me working with a very stiff dam…but in my newer ones, I do not.

    However, I usually do pipe a circle just within the edge of my cake layers to contain whatever frosting or filling I am using. It also helps to prevent air pockets from forming beneath the surface of the frosting by filling in the gaps between the layers.

    Another option is to simply not take your filling all the way to the edge of your cake layers. That way, when you assemble the layers, the filling will not ooze out from the sides.

    I hope this helps!

  31. Paula M. says: #31

    Hi Melissa- Can this recipe be made into a white chocolate whipped ganache by subbing out the chocolate for white chocolate baking bar chocolate? Same quantities? Thank you.

  32. Melissa Diamond says: #32

    Hi Paula– The ratio for white chocolate whipped ganache would be different as white chocolate is a bit runnier. (For example, our “spreadable” ganache frosting calls for 2:1 ratio of chocolate to cream for semisweet & dark chocolate ganache, and 3:1 for white chocolate ganache.)–

    For this whipped recipe, I would experiment with something closer to 2:1 ratio of white chocolate to cream rather than the 1:1 ratio that this recipe calls for.

  33. Paula M. says: #33

    Great Melissa. Thank you very much!

  34. Julia M. says: #34

    Will this fill one cake? I need to fill a 10 in. an 8 in. and a 6 in. How much will It take and will It work on a stacked cake? Thanks.

  35. BeBe says: #35

    Hi Julia, I think this makes approximately 3 cups. Depending on the height of your tiers you may need to double the recipe. For using as a filling, do not spread all the way to the edge or it will spill out as you stack the tiers. You may want to pipe a dam with your frosting and then fill in the ganache. We like to use the Simple Spreadable Ganache to frost a cake and this recipe as a filling.

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