Edible Sugar Glue

This is a nice alternative to using water for glue.  It takes on a nice, syrupy consistency, and you can easily apply it to your gum paste and fondant creations with a paint brush as you assemble them.

Sugar Glue

1/4 tsp. CMC powder or Tylose Powder

2 Tablespoons warm water

Stir ingredients in a small container.  Add lid.  It doesn’t look so great at this point.  CMC powder will probably be a little lumpy and not dissolved.  Refrigerate for several hours or overnight, and you are left with a nice, clear, smooth glue.  Keeps in the refrigerator for about a week.

****It should be a syrupy consistency.  If it is too thick, stir in a little bit of water at a time until it looks right.

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  1. Ashley Susan says: #1

    Hi love your site… I am wondering if there is another recipe for sugar glue, is there something else other than Tyclose powder you could use

  2. BeBe says: #2

    Hi Ashley, you could use piping gel though I don’t think it is as strong as sugar glue. I have also heard of using meringue powder with a little water, but haven’t tried that yet.

  3. Nancy says: #3

    Hi, at my Wilton course, the teacher told us to put a small ball of gumpast with wather in a small glass bottle and wait for 30 minutes and stir. It works well.

  4. BeBe says: #4

    Hi Nancy, that is a great tip…….I like what we can learn from our members!
    Thanks for making your post.

  5. Cakehunter says: #5

    You can use gumpaste disolved in water about a pea size ball to a tablespoon water, break gum paste into small pieces and let disolve, this is good for about a week. I works great .

  6. Tiffany Lawson says: #6

    Hi Melissa, I looking for the best website to order some cake supplies. Any advise?

  7. BeBe says: #7

    Hi Tiffany, we order from a number of different sources some are:

  8. Dena says: #8

    What is CMC Powder?

  9. BeBe says: #9

    Hi Dena, it is a stabilizer and we add it to fondant to firm it up making it more like gumpaste. We do this especially when making flowers or modeling figures. You could use either CMC powder or Tylose powder. We usually use Tylose. Your flowers and figures will dry so much faster and be stronger if you do this. The general rule is 1 teaspoon CMC or Tylose to 1 pound of fondant. If you don’t have a scale, 1 lb. is about the size of a naval orange. If you don’t want to go that route, you can purchase pre made gumpaste (we use Satin Ice brand) to use making your flowers and figure modeling.

  10. Brenda Soltis says: #10

    I have found that using plain light cornsyrup works great as a glue. I just apply it with a paint brush and I’ve never had a problem with it. Has anyone else tried this?

  11. Belinda Priest says: #11

    is 2 T tablespoon??

  12. Melissa Diamond says: #12

    Hi Belinda, yes it is :0)

  13. Melissa Diamond says: #13

    @Brenda–I have used light corn syrup now and then in some of my videos for glue–I go through phases . :0) –This one seems to create a stronger bond for me though.

  14. damaris caballero says: #14

    Just a tip, incase nobody has posted this yet, Egg whites is a SUPER awesome glue, if your in a bind! My glue of choice is the Edible Glue recipe here, but a little brushed on egg white and the next day it’s stuck! oh the incredible edible egg….my favorite food!!!

  15. damaris caballero says: #15

    oh and it dries clear too.

  16. Alison Davis says: #16

    Be sure to leave this in the fridge! I made a batch of it about a month ago, and my mom didn’t know it was supposed to stay in the fridge. Mold started growing on it. :( But I really love using it instead of the gum paste + water trick that Wilton teaches. This glue is thicker and doesn’t run like the other glue can.

  17. Melissa Diamond says: #17

    Thanks Damaris! —@Alison–Thanks for pointing that out! Nobody likes moldy glue :0)

  18. Josie Carnevale says: #18

    Does it only last a week in the fridge? So you’ll have to make a batch every time you need it?

  19. BeBe says: #19

    Hi Josie, I think it will last 2 weeks in the refrigerator, it will grow mold if kept too long. It is very quick to make, even though it is lumpy when first made and will smooth out a few hours later, we have used it immediately after making with no problems.

  20. Bernice Law says: #20

    I love the sugar glus recipe here…I used to use egg white and it is super strong..however you either have to throw out the yolk or buy expensive cartons of egg whites only . I found I just couldn’t justify throwing away egg yolk or not using the whole carton of egg whites from the grocery store .( You can only eat so many egg white omelettes ! ) :) This tylose sugar glue recipe is soooo convenient and I have made half the recipe and have also done a third of the recipe if I’m only doing a small job that day. It does keep 2 weeks in the fridge.

  21. Bernice Law says: #21

    Oops !! Sorry, meant “glue” not “glus”

  22. Melissa Diamond says: #22

    Thank you, Bernice! I didn’t invent this glue (I’m not sure who did), but I love it too! ;0)

  23. Kristina Sparks says: #23

    I am still alittle confused on what CMC and Tylose is, where would you purchase these? Is it a powder?

  24. Nilda Sierra says: #24

    So excited about your website. I am making a toolbox cake and I will be covering it with white fondant, but I wanted to know if I can airbrush all over it completely with red coloring.

  25. Melissa Diamond says: #25

    Hi Nilda– We always use pre-colored red fondant out of convenience but yes, you can airbrush a white fondant cake red! Glad you are excited about our site ;0) -Hope you enjoy it!

  26. Fran Gentile says: #26

    Is this a good glue to adhere fondant accents to a buttercream cake? Also, should I use a crusting buttercream? Thanks in advance!

  27. Delores Coston says: #27

    Is the suger glue products natural or do they have chemical ingredients in them? What are the ingredients in these products?

  28. nirce santos says: #28

    Kristina you can find the CMC or tylose at the any bakery supply

  29. Tatjana says: #29

    Hi Melissa,
    Does “tsp” in “1/4 tsp. CMC powder or Tylose Powder” mean “teaspoon” or “tablespoon”?

    Thanks a lot!

  30. BeBe says: #30

    Hi Tatjana, tsp. is teaspoon

  31. Gayle P. says: #31

    I’m new to your members and fairly new to decorating with fondant. When recently needing a “glue” and having no source for tyloose powder, meringue powder in a little water worked wonders as a glue for my fondant roses.

  32. BeBe says: #32

    Hi Gayle, That is a great tip!! Thank you so much for posting, I’m sure your information will be helpful to many members of the site.

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