Edible Shine

2 parts Vodka or Lemon Extract Flavoring

1 part Light Corn Syrup

***This is SO easy.  Combine two parts vodka to one part corn syrup–mix until well combined.  Then quickly use on your gum paste or fondant for lasting, fast drying shine.  **I used to use a 50/50 mix, and recently changed after complaints of it being slightly tacky to the touch.  Now, this is the ratio that I always use.  Since the vodka evaporates so quickly, you won’t want to mix the edible shine and leave sitting out for several minutes because the alcohol will evaporate from the bowl.

*****Do a test run on a scrap of fondant or gum paste that is identical to your piece,  to make sure that the coating adheres as it should.  In my wine bottle video, I discuss this– Every so often, the shine doesn’t adhere as it should, leaving it a little splotchy.  So, always do a test patch in a discrete place first!

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  1. 4sweetssake says: #1

    What if I paint an animal print on my fondant first and then apply the edible shine. Will it affect the pattern that’s already there or will it just ad a shine to it?

  2. Genelle Grant says: #2

    Hi Melissa, wonder if u can help me living in Australia we don’t have light corn syrup here and in was wondering if u know of a substitute that I can use


  3. BeBe says: #3

    Hi Genelle, click on this link for a substitute link to ochef.com.

    Do you have glucose available to you? It is a thicker and heavier product but I wonder if that might work also.

  4. Genelle Grant says: #4

    Oh you wont believe this, I was at my local little supermarket here in Australia and they had Karo Light Corn syrup…I nearly feel over, considering I have been looking around for this for ages and ages ..:)

  5. lorie09 says: #5

    Hi there, what does it mean when you refer to “2 parts vodka, 1 part light…”? Thanks!

  6. BeBe says: #6

    Hi Lorie, that means if I use 2 Tablespoons vodka, I’ll be using 1 Tablespoon light corn syrup. It applies to whatever measurement you are using……..such as 2 cups of one ingredient to 1 cup of another ingredient. I hope I explained that clearly.

  7. lorie09 says: #7

    Thanks Bebe for the explanation =)

  8. mkychelle says: #8

    I am new to this, what is this used for?

  9. funkreativekakes says: #9

    can you put edible shine on the fondant covered cake ,then put on an edible image label and some paint some flowers on top of the shine…..(because I dont want the shine on the flowers)?

  10. funkreativekakes says: #10

    I guess it doesn’t matter if the flowers shine …can you put the edible shine over everything the edible label and the flowers?

  11. marlene says: #11

    Hey Mellisa and BeBe. Well my new shoulder is in. The therapist tells me it will probably be 4 months before I can do cakes again. It has only been 2 weeks and I am chomping at the bit.

    On your edible shine. I was wondering how much I would need to make if I wanted to shine a fondant covered 8″ cake. Could you shed some light on this? Thank you both so much.

    Take care

  12. Courtney Wiemann says: #12

    Genelle, I wonder if golden syrup would work as well as light corn syrup? That’s readily available in Australia I believe (since it’s in ANZAC cookies… which now makes me want to make a batch!).

    I’m thinking this would be wonderful for my sister’s wedding cupcakes… wonder if it could be quickly topped with edible glitter, too? She’s ALL about the bling!! Haha!

  13. Ursela Sultan says: #13

    can I use lemon extract instead of vodka

  14. Ursela Sultan says: #14

    nevermind :)

  15. Sarah Baker says: #15

    will this work to make my gumpaste leaves shinny

  16. Sarah Baker says: #16

    can i use rum for this?

  17. Melissa Diamond says: #17

    Hi Sarah– yes, you can use this on any of your gum paste or fondant pieces for shine. I do always recommend doing a test patch first just to make sure that it works to your satisfaction! ;0) – I have never used rum– I’ve always used vodka. But as long as it is clear and has a high alcohol content, it should work just fine!

  18. Sarah Baker says: #18

    ok thanks as had been looking at Confectioners Glaze as was told about in a viedo on crafsty to get shin but this seemes more simple as have what i need

  19. Trina Treiber says: #19

    I am looking for a simple sugar to use on my cake before I frost it. Do you have one, Thanks

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