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  1. BeBe says: #101

    Hi Anita, Melissa and I really appreciate your nice comments, thank you so much. I’ll watch for your money order.

  2. Julia Magalhaes says: #102

    Hi Melissa and Bebe,
    I have a order for a Crown Royal cake and I’m wondering how can I add alcohol to ganache or to buttercream.
    Thank you !

  3. Belinda Davis says: #103

    Hi melissa and bebe i have a cross cake to do for a first communion,i want something simply and elegant, but can’t think of it,please help,any ideas are welcomed

  4. BeBe says: #104

    Hi Belinda, click on this link to pinterest, link to there are many beautiful first communion cakes that will help you choose your design. Hope this helps.

  5. Tracy says: #105

    Hi Melissa and BeBe
    Thanks for ALL your help and fabulous and fun ideas…my grandkids always excited to see what “MeMe made” :-)
    How did you make the ants for your picnic cake?

  6. Jennifer McMorris says: #106

    Hi Melissa! I posted a question but I dont think it went through. I was wondering if you have seen the new craft site called Craftsy? They offer a class called English Overpiping. Can you please do a tutorial on this?

    Thank you,

  7. Ines Bueno says: #107

    Hi Melissa& Bebe!…I have an order of marble cake….I have done it before but it never come out nice….Do you have any tutorial on this?

    Thank you,


  8. BeBe says: #108

    Hi Ines, I’m sorry we don’t have a tutorial. Can you describe what makes you unhappy with your marble cake? If we are making a vanilla and chocolate marble cake, we take out a small portion of the vanilla batter and add cocoa powder to make chocolate……..with the vanilla batter in the baking pans, we add the chocolate batter and swirl it through with a knife. Is this the type of marble effect you are doing?

  9. Maria Mendoza says: #109

    Melisa, I paid to rejoin but when I went to rerister it would not accept my email address or my I d. Please help

  10. Cindy Chatfield says: #110

    I’d like to renew my subscription

  11. amel rouili says: #111

    please tell me how to renwe my subscription ,i will use different credit card

  12. Dejha B says: #112

    Hi Melisa , I love the site and I always understand your techniques better. I want to do a Jack Daniels bottle cake (the bottle laying down) I’m not sure how I would tackle this. I just watched the wine bottle tutorial you have on the site, but the person wants the whole cake to be carved into a Jack Daniels bottle. Any ideas on how to do this? Thank you

  13. Vaishali Patel says: #113

    Hi Melisa

    I want to make chocolate brawnie do you have any receipe for that ?


  14. BeBe says: #114

    I’m sorry, we do not have a chocolate brownie recipe on the site.

  15. Hazy says: #115

    Do you have recipes for begginers, I am new to the cake world and wanted to find out if you can help me narture my new found passion. I got your invoice but wanted to find out first before I pay, thanks

  16. Brenda Stephens says: #116

    Melissa, I can not get the video tutorials to show. The spot where they are is blank!!! What do I do??

  17. Sagarika Mitra says: #117

    Hiii i love my cake school. Please please do a tutorial on house/cottage cake using just cake ( no RCT) Many thanks!

  18. Graciela V Avalos says: #118

    Hi Melissa, since the movie Frozen is in right now, I was wondering if it would be to much to ask for a video tutorial about Frozen

  19. teresa c. says: #119

    Im trying to see full video’s but they all are black box please help If you can and thank you for getting the train cake video working . Thank you Teresa

  20. BrooksieBee says: #120

    I would like a recipe for a store like whip icing, but add cream cheese to it? Thanks

  21. BeBe says: #121

    I’m sorry, but we do not have a recipe for that type icing.

  22. liz kelly says: #122

    Hi ladies! I love your blog!!! Have you done a tutorial using impression mats on buttercream and then painting the design? For example, animal print? I am not a fondant person and would love a little help with this technique. Thanks!!!

  23. LaNita Holland says: #123

    Love your videos and recipes. Lego is so popular right now, have you thought about doing a Lego video tutorial?

  24. Melissa Diamond says: #124

    Hi LaNita- Thank you for the suggestion. We will definitely consider it, they are very cute!

  25. Ghada Hamdan says: #125

    How do I add a photo

  26. Peach says: #126

    Hi Melissa & Bebe, I love your site! I was wondering…how far in advance can I make a modeling chocolate tree without it going bad? Thanks so much!

  27. BeBe says: #127

    Hi Peach, I’m not sure of the exact length of time. We have made pieces a week in advance and they were fine. Just keep in a cool dry place until you are ready to use.

  28. Julia Rufer says: #128

    Hi, Thank you for all the wonderful tutorials–Love Love Love Them.
    I have a question–I am going to be making a 4 tier cake. 2 of the tiers are going to be rose pedals. The bottom layer is 16″ and will be one of the layers with the rose pedals the other tier will be 12″. I was wondering if I can ice the tiers in crusting butter cream rather than fondant? I’m kind of afraid the butter cream will not be able to hold all the pedals and will come off but I’m not sure. I would love to send you a pic of the tier I’m planning on making but I don’t know how to send you a pic. Thank you for your time and help–Blessings, Julia

  29. Rosemarie Martinez says: #129

    Can I renew with a prepaid visa gift card. Rose

  30. BeBe says: #130

    Hi Rosemarie, I am not positive but I think that would be fine. I think I would need to send you an invoice that could be paid with a credit card through PayPal. Let’s try that. If there is any problem, this is the Customer Service number for PayPal, 888-215-5506

  31. Miriam says: #131

    Good afternoon, now pay the subcripcion but I could not aCesar page. Please help me.

  32. BeBe says: #132

    Hi Miriam, I think our Cake School emails are going into your JunkMail, I just sent an email from my personal email, hope you get it.

  33. Doris Zeman says: #133

    Really fun and educational site. Please send an invoice. I have a Pay Pal account that I use for cake decorating and don’t want to link a credit card to it. I can’t get a membership fee to go through without putting in this CC info. Thanks.

  34. Denise Oliver says: #134

    Is any other member unable to access the blog page? I have not been able to since yesterday. When I click on blog link after I log in it takes me to the page with the ice cream cone tutorial and not the blog. HELP…

  35. Melissa Diamond says: #135

    Hi Denise, I’m sorry that you are having trouble! When you click on the blog tab, you can only see the ice cream post? Here is a link to our Blog section just in case you get different results going this way:
    link to

    Also, if you click on our Tutorials Gallery, you will see a listing of all of our video and blog posts (the titles will indicate if it’s a video or blog) starting with the most recent. Here is a link:
    link to

    Also, the “Free Blog Tutorials” section in the right side bar is another way to get to a listing (sorted by category) –

    Finally, if there is a particular blog you’ve seen that you are trying to get to, our Search button should help take you directly to it.

    Let us know if the strangeness continues! If so, you can e-mail us at with the device that you are using, etc. and we can pass along to our guys! On my computer, it’s working as usual. Thanks!!

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