Quilling with Fondant & Gum Paste

Today I made a cake with quilled fondant accents.  It’s a technique that I’ve been wanting to try out for a while…and one that I’ve received a few tutorial requests on.

Quilling (with paper) is an artform that goes waaay back to the Renaissance….when French & Italian nuns and monks used quilling to decorate book covers and religious items.  Fascinating!  I found this on my trusted source of information, Wikipedia :0) — If you would like to read  more on the history of quilling, click here!

So, quilling with fondant and gum paste, at least this version, is probably a lot less complicated.  You won’t need any quilling tools….just some nice, thin strips of fondant or gum paste.

I used fondant for mine, but I did knead in some CMC powder (or tylose) to give it a more elastic consistency. This makes it easier for me to handle…plus, it dries more quickly than straight fondant.

Also, while some quilled pieces can be applied to the cake while still soft, I think that it is much easier to apply them after they have had a chance to dry.  Depending on the humidity in your area, & whether you are using gum paste or fondant, this make take as little time as a few hours, or closer to a day or so.  I let my pieces dry for a day.

Look at all of the fun designs!

Now…..let’s get down to business.

Now that you know how all of this works, you can make up some great cake designs of your own- and for just about any theme!  Quilled T-Rex anyone?  :0)

I glued my big daisy petals to the front side of my 8″ fondant covered cake.  I used tylose glue but a little melted candy melts/candy coating would have done the trick too.  So would small pieces of dampened fondant.

You can use quilled fondant pieces on buttercream cakes also…just keep in mind that the heavier pieces may have to be placed on top of the cake rather than on the front side.

Want to see the cake?

I think that the top is my favorite part…

Thanks for stopping by the blog today!  I hope that you’ll keep these unique decorations in mind for the cakes, cupcakes in your future!  Have fun!

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  1. Denise says: #1

    Thanks for sharing this idea! Love it.

  2. Lisa-maree Patterson says: #2

    i love it !!!! mums a big fan of quilling im going to make this for her birthday on saturday !!!

  3. Donna says: #3

    I enjoy all that you post! Great tutorial on quilling. I’ve been wanting to do this technique for a while.

  4. Kay Stevens says: #4

    Thanks Melissa! Whether you’re a beginner or an experience designer, My Cake School,
    is a wonderful teaching tool!! Melissa you rock!

  5. heidilynn says: #5

    Love this idea, Have seen it with scrapbooking but never occurred how it could be used with fondant..super ideas!

  6. Trisha says: #6

    Melissa this made me smile after a tough day! Just so cute in every single way! I made the coconuts and will be posting pix with link to you this week! Thanks you made our family luau fantastic

  7. seabass123 says: #7

    Love the 3D art form that it brings to a cake; so cute. Melissa brings refreshing ideas and inspiration to all the novice cake decorators….thanks Melissa!

  8. Linda de Mestre says: #8

    So sweet and pretty. Just gorgeous!

  9. dedda says: #10

    Grat Melissa! Another new skill to try! Thank you!

  10. Angela Barton says: #11

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea!! Thank you for posting this!!

  11. jayhawkcake says: #12

    How fun! I have seen this before and wondered how to do it, thanks for making it look so easy! :-)

  12. Joy Hirst says: #13

    Looks brilliant..would love to be able to do something like this so will have to get practicing.

  13. Melissa Diamond says: #14

    Thank you so much for your nice comments everybody!!! I really appreciate hearing that it brought some smiles :0)

  14. Francesca says: #15

    Thank you very much, this post is fantastic!!

  15. TiffanyRybachuk says: #16

    I just love this. I can’t wait to try it for the next cake I make. Great Great Great post! Thank You!

  16. kalykreations says: #17

    Many thanks for your tutorials – all the very best to you… Lovely work!

  17. mackenzie says: #18

    I’ve made this cake today. Doesn’t look as good as yours but for a 1st attempt at ever covering a cake in fondant it looks pretty good.

  18. Diana Viera says: #19

    I love your cake! The quilling affect is absolutely cute and whimsical looking:D It is something that I have wanted to try and tutorial makes it look fun! Thanks for sharing. ~ D

  19. sweta says: #20

    Hi, pretty looking n colorful. I had a question about white chocolate decorations…I tried to make some the other day…but the chocolate would not set hard. After I meltaed it in the microwave…it looked too runny. After I piped a few designs n left in the freezer for about 10 mnts….it looked set…but became softer rifht after I moved it to the box lined with butter paper. What went wrong?? Is there some specific kind of white chocolate I need to use? Awaiting ur reply. Thank you.

  20. CakesOnTheLane says: #21

    Love this cake!! So cute.

  21. Homemade-Goodies says: #22

    I’d never considered quilling with fondant, how genius!! I will be sure to look for an opportunity to use this technique soon!!! Thanks!!!

  22. monica says: #23

    I love the idea my colombian friend and I make 160 invitations for my daugther quinceanera on this style was fun and I like the foundat design .

  23. Arlene says: #24

    I was one of those inquiring about quilling and I really appreciate that you took the time to show us how it’s done :) THANK YOU!

  24. Micki says: #25

    Another bouquet of roses to you for this fabulous post.
    I do have a question I don’t think anyone else asked.
    Where do we find that roller cutter. Does it have a professional name?
    I want one….so please, please answer. Thanks.

  25. Melissa Diamond says: #26

    Hello Micki— I’m using an FMM brand Multi Ribbon Cutter—Here’s a link –

    link to globalsugarart.com

  26. Dr Janet McComb says: #27

    I made this for my daughter’s September birthday. I used darker colors for the flowers instead of pastels. It turned out beautifully, and was a lot of fun to do!

  27. Wafaa says: #28

    AMAZING u r so talented ,BIG Thanks for sharing your idea:)

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  29. Melissa Diamond says: #30

    Wafaa–thank you!! I hope you’ll try it. — Janet, I’m so happy to hear that you made the cake and had great results! I agree, quilling is a lot of fun!

  30. Lucie says: #31

    I’m just starting out a cake company and am SOOO busy that I can’t imagine having the time to share my ideas like this – complete with pics and links and everything! Thanks so much – you are very generous.

  31. pat stang says: #32

    I absolutely ADORE this cake. I have done a little bit of quilling (paper) for scrapbooking … I do love the look of quilled items. When I saw this blog post though, I was amazed! How beautiful is this! I have to try something like this.

    Oh, and by the way … I’m a relatively new cake decorator. When I made my first buttercream cake, I really wasn’t all that satisfied with it because it was “lumpy” and I had no idea how to smooth it out to look like fondant. Now I know … and I am so entirely hooked on buttercream. I haven’t tried fondant yet … but I will.

  32. Melissa Diamond says: #33

    @Lucie~ Thanks so much!! I don’t have my cake business anymore~otherwise, like you…there is NO way I could do all of these tutorials, lol !! — This site is my job now ;0)

    @Pat– I love quilling too! The possibilities are endless! Thanks for your nice words, and I’m so glad that you are hooked on buttercream now! :0)

  33. Konee Kakes says: #34

    This is the first time that I see quilling on fondant. I love the design and thanks for sharing how to make the design. Very helpful indeed, especially for me who is interested in cake decorations. Thanks so much.

  34. Rita says: #35

    Hi Melissa,
    I LoVe your site! Can I ask how do or how would you recommend getting the quilled pieces to adhere to a crusted buttercream??
    Thank You=) Always look forward to your videos!

  35. BeBe says: #36

    Hi Rita, you could use buttercream to glue your quilled pieces to crusted buttercream. Your pieces would need to be lightweight…..and hold them in place a few second until they stick.

  36. noura alshamsi says: #37

    I’ve always wanted to know how to do this technique. I will try it one day. Thank you.

  37. Shauna says: #38

    So many great ideas on your site! I love it. I have worked with fondant before but never knew about this idea of quilling. So cool! Thank you.

  38. MERY PARADA says: #39


  39. masqueazucar says: #40

    felicidades es realmente precioso y gracias por compartir la técnica… un beso y que Dios le bendiga

  40. Excellent pieces. Keep writing such kind of information on your site.
    Im really impressed by your blog.
    Hello there, You’ve performed a great job. I’ll definitely
    digg it and for my part suggest to my friends. I’m sure they’ll be benefited
    from this web site.

  41. Aliya Tudor says: #42

    If you are using black fondant pieces on a white buttercream cake, will there be bleeding? I’m making a zebra striped cake & customer wants buttercream with black stripes. You think it’s better to pipe black buttercream stripes on it or use fondant stripes?

  42. daria says: #43

    Is so beautiful this thecnique, thanks to share it!

  43. Sonia Friscia says: #44

    Love this cake!!! So CUTE.

  44. Lucila Mendoza says: #45

    Very nice and it looks easy to follow…Congratulations!

  45. Julieta Hernández says: #46

    Muchas gracias todos los Tutorials hermosos y muy bien explicados una vez más gracias

  46. Dilrukshi says: #47

    New idea for me, and thanks for sharing.

  47. siddhi says: #48

    good one keep it up

  48. Naglaa Kotb says: #49

    Pretty colors and design

  49. Carolyn Olson says: #50

    Oh I done a little quilling many years ago! I want to do this!

  50. Melissa Diamond says: #51

    Thanks everyone for your comments on this! I’m just now seeing some of these–

    @Carolyn~ It’s such a fun cake to make, and I bet you’ll have lots of ideas to work with from your quilling days! ;0)

  51. stella Nanna says: #52

    it’s Beautiful and you made it easy to understand thx

  52. BeBe says: #53

    Thank you, Stella!

  53. glenda says: #54

    i am not a member, but i want to be part of it.

  54. seema says: #55

    Love to learn the fondant design from you.. thanks for sharing it

  55. JuanaMaria says: #56

    Gracias por compartir esta tecnica a mi me encanta trabajar con el fondat, esta Hermosa, DIOS LE BENDIGA. ❤ PD: ESPETO NOS SIGA DELEITANDO CON SUS DISEÑOS.

  56. Doris Zeman says: #57

    Thanks for this great tutorial and to everyone for all the additional information. Thanks especially to Bebe for the process of using quilling on buttercream. I’m going to do a buttercream graduation cake with this technique.

  57. Saskia Huisman says: #58


    Thanks for this great idea, for my next cake! So lovely. Thanks for sharing it.
    Greetings from Holland!

  58. Sarah R. says: #59

    Hey I think I’ll use that for my next cake

  59. Shaukat Rizvi says: #60

    I was always fascinated by this technique but never knew how to make a start.
    You have explained it so well and made it very easy. Thanks a lot for for sharing

  60. BeBe says: #61

    Thank you for your nice comment. We are happy you found the tutorial helpful.

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