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  1. Stephanietoo says: #1

    so excited…

  2. marisa alatorre says: #2

    My cake school looks like fun

  3. PATRICIA CIRILLO says: #3

    Melissa, I would love to join the furum but I can’t sign up as a member. I’m sorry. Your site looks very nice. Love the ruffles-Pat

  4. Melissa Diamond says: #4

    Hi Patricia–thanks for your interest in joining! If you look in the right side bar, you should see a round circle that says “Click for information on Joining”. From there, you’ll find some FAQs, intro video, and a PayPal button that you can click to proceed with payment– ($30/year). Let me know if you have any more questions! You can e-mail at

  5. Natalie Sng says: #5

    Hi Melissa! I joined as a member a few days back but can’t seem to access the forum from my iPhone. Is the forum not compatible with iPhones? Thank you! By the way, thank you for doing this! It really is helpful for people who are living across the globe (I’m from Singapore!) to learn so much! Love your school~ Thank you again!

  6. Ariane says: #6

    Hi Melissa, can I sign up as a member being from Brazil?

  7. Melissa Diamond says: #7

    Thanks Natalie–let me check about that!

  8. Melissa Diamond says: #8

    Ariane–Yes, we would love to have you!! When you click the “Click for Info on Joining” button in the right side bar, you will see a PayPal button that you can press and proceed to checkout. Membership is $30usd/year. We have members from all over the world :0)!

  9. Rosy says: #9

    I am a blog member, and I would like to know where can I buy the gun clay that you use ?Thanks.

  10. Nunley79 says: #10

    Can you not access the forum from iPad? I am signed in and it won’t me access the forum. Thanks

  11. Melissa Diamond says: #11

    Nunley79– Let me see what I can find out from our computer guys. I wasn’t aware of an issue with ipads & the forums–I’ll be in touch when I have an answer for you!

  12. Nunley79 says: #12

    Hi Melissa. The forum isn’t working again from my iPad. Worked for a day or two, now won’t let me access??? Thanks

  13. Melissa Diamond says: #13

    I’m sorry–I don’t understand but I just e-mailed our support about it. It may be Monday before we have an answer–let me know if anything changes!

  14. Trishalicious says: #14

    I cant access the forum fom my iPad either so I’m looking forward to hearing what’s wrong

  15. Melissa Diamond says: #15

    Thanks–no word yet. Will let you know as soon as I hear back!

  16. Cindi says: #16

    Just looking at your pics,nice work!

  17. edna says: #17


  18. kelly says: #18

    I can’t find the video or tutorial for the “leopard inside” the cake.

  19. BeBe says: #19

    Hi Kelly, are you a member of the site?

  20. Veronika says: #20

    Hi I am from Russia, Moscow, will recepies be available for me if i join?

  21. Shelley Suzuki says: #21

    I love decorating cakes.

  22. moseah afidchao says: #22

    its so incredible…how i wish to learn and make it

  23. migda cominencia says: #23

    wish to learn all what you are doing.I am fron Curacao

  24. BeBe says: #24

    Hi Migda, you live on a beautiful island. We would be happy to have you as a member.

  25. Johnna says: #25

    Hi. Can you tell me if I will be able to see the videos on my iPad gen 1?
    Thank you.

  26. Melissa Diamond says: #26

    Hi Johnna–Our videos are compatible with ipad— However, in the off chance that there are issues with compatibility, our policy is to refund! We would love to have you.

  27. Grace Valdez says: #27

    Hi Melissa the $30 payment is this a American dollar?

  28. BeBe says: #28

    Hi Grace, yes it is American dollars

  29. maria andallo says: #29

    i just re-joined but somehow it is asking me to choose another username? Please help. How do I access your website as I have already paid via paypal a few minutes ago. Thanks.

  30. yorleidyccc says: #30

    hi melissa how much is the renew?

  31. BeBe says: #31

    Hi, it is $30.

  32. Daniela Marçal says: #32

    Hello Melissa, I am Daniela from Brazil, MyCakeSchool loved, I wonder if I need to make international card entry …. or visa card or mastercard national I get? My English is not good, so I used google translator …….. kisses :)

  33. BeBe says: #33

    Hi Daniela, you should be able to join through PayPal using Visa or Mastercard. Let us know if you have a problem.

  34. Claudina says: #34

    Hola Melissa,Soy Claudina de Perú yo no cuento con ninguna de esas tarjetas, a donde puedo pagar? gracia.

  35. marcela says: #35

    Hi! I do have a Paypal Account because that is how I get paid for translations, but my account is not linked to any credit card. So my question is, can I still buy membership through Paypal, but without me having a credit card? Thanks!

  36. BeBe says: #36

    Hi Marcela, If you already have funds in your PayPal account, you should have the option to use those funds. If you do not see that option, you can log into your PayPal account and use the “send money” option, and send $30usd from your account to (You would just need to e-mail us to let us know the username and password that you would like.)

    You can also pay by mailing us a check or money order. Are you in the US? Let us know at if you would like the address. Thanks!

  37. farnaz says: #37

    hi.I like your cakes

  38. elvira says: #38

    I just join cakeschool last night but im having trouble I can’t get conected . Were can I go to create a new user name and password seems that Im having problem with that. Is there a phone # that I can have so I can call technical support. Thank you.

  39. Nonsi Mhlanga says: #39

    I just joined your site but having problems as it won’t accept my log in details.Keeps saying error,what should I do as getting frustrated as can’t wait to get started watching videos. Thanks

  40. Melissa Diamond says: #40

    Hi Nonsi, I think that our e-mails may be landing in your spam folder, as we sent you a password just a little while ago after receiving your e-mail. I’m going to try e-mailing you from my personal e-mail address. Thanks!

  41. Cindy Chatfield says: #41

    I’d like to re enroll but I’m having trouble with joining pay pal can I use my Debit card ? and I’d like to change my e-mail address how can I do that?

  42. Susan Raynes says: #42

    BeBe, help me out. I renewed my subscription a while ago. But when I tried to
    log on today, it said I was no longer a member. This is the second time I am renewing. Am I doing something wrong? I love this site, and you and Melissa are the best!!!

  43. Jakia Jones says: #43

    I joined using PayPal a few minutes ago but am not able to login. I’m try to find out where I create a username and password?

  44. Marisol Martinez says: #44

    I already pay my membership but, I can’t log in to anything. Can you help me plz

  45. Melissa Diamond says: #45

    Hi Marisol, I’m sorry that you have had trouble. Registration e-mails should go out automatically so that you can set up your password. I have just sent you an e-mail! If you do not receive it, can you check in your spam/junk folder? I have sent you your password. Thanks, and welcome to our site!

  46. Mayra says: #46

    I just paid my membership and when redirected back to the site I got an error. Can you help me?


  47. Melissa Diamond says: #47

    Hi Mayra, thank you for joining! I’ve just sent an e-mail to you but wanted to message you here also in case our e-mails are landing in your spam folder. You can e-mail us at with the username and password that you would like to have. We will set you right up! Thanks!

  48. Mayra says: #48

    I have not received yet but I will email you the user name and password. Thank you very much!

  49. BeBe says: #49

    Hi Mayra, You are all set to login with your username and password. I also emailed you from the cake school site ( . Make sure that our emails are not blocked from your computer so you will receive news about new videos that are posted. Check your Junk Mail for our earlier emails. I hope you will enjoy the site.

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