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Rice Krispies molding and covering

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  • Started 2 years ago by rbates61
  • Latest reply from Jackie S.
  1. rbates61
    Posts: 1

    I would like to know how to cover rice krispie treats. In example I made a castle cake for my grand daughter and molded rice krispies for the towers, but I didn't know how to cover them. So I melted white chocolate wafers and painted them. Needless to say they did not look so great.

    Posted Mar 1 2012 6:21 pm #
  2. Hi there--I compress my rkt's as much as possible (which helps with the smoothness) and then coat very lightly with shortening or your "glue" of choice---and then cover with fondant. If I can still see bumps, I cover with another layer of fondant.

    Some people cover their rkt's with modeling chocolate before covering with fondant--others frost with buttercream or ganache before covering w/fondant-- whatever works best for you! ;0)

    Posted Mar 2 2012 1:31 am #
  3. Jackie S.
    Posts: 4
    Location: Staten Island, NY Member

    FYI, I have also heard of people crushing the RKT before compressing them and it allegedly gives a smoother appearance. I have not tried this yet, so I can't confirm or deny this, but it may be worth a shot.

    Posted Mar 2 2012 4:15 pm #


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