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puppy cake tutorial

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  • Started 3 years ago by iljam12
  • Latest reply from Melissa Diamond
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  1. iljam12
    Posts: 33
    Location: Texas Member

    Hello! i love your site it is very helpful to actually see you do the techniques! Thank you for the videos. i have a request for a tutorial; i wanted to learn how to make a puppy cake or like a purse with a maltese cake inside. Also i saw a puppy made of two cupcakes. do you know how to do that? again thank you for all the helpful information! =D


    Posted Jul 26 2011 8:44 pm #
  2. Hi Natalie--thanks for your ideas! Do you have a website or link that you could post to the puppy made of two cupcakes? Sounds very cute.

    Posted Jul 26 2011 9:34 pm #
  3. iljam12
    Posts: 33
    Location: Texas Member
    i also loved this one!
    but i cant figure out how they made the puppy


    Posted Jul 26 2011 9:44 pm #
  4. BakeAssistance
    Posts: 37
    Location: Cleveland, OH Member

    Hey Natalie, I had seen this on cakecentral before ...haven't tried it though but thought I'd share: - not as cute as the puppy in a purse :D

    Posted Aug 2 2011 1:02 am #
  5. iljam12
    Posts: 33
    Location: Texas Member

    thank you Tammy!

    Posted Aug 2 2011 2:29 pm #
  6. Natalie--those are cute cakes!! I love the puppy coming out of the purse. For something like that, I would either use a carved cake "mound" for the head, or make a rice cereal treat head. I would dowel beneath it either way. Then just use a grass/hair tip or star tip to create the fur, and black fondant or icing to create the eyes and nose, etc. The front legs could be made from fondant, rice cereal treats, or even cake that is also frosted over.

    Thanks for the suggestion. Maybe we can work this into a tutorial eventually--but if you try it first, let us know how it goes! :0)

    Posted Aug 3 2011 3:31 am #


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