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  1. ******
    Posts: 12

    Do you ever work with poured sugar ? Or isomal? Would love to learn how to make some bling :-)

    Posted Apr 1 2012 3:51 pm #
  2. ******
    Posts: 4859

    Hi Lori--I would really like to do a tutorial on this.…

    (message shortened)

    Posted Apr 1 2012 9:06 pm #
  3. ******
    Posts: 33

    Ditto on the isomalt. That would be interesting to learn how…

    (message shortened)

    Posted Apr 15 2012 3:01 pm #
  4. ******
    Posts: 27

    Love the idea!

    (message shortened)
    Posted Jul 18 2012 7:05 am #
  5. ******
    Posts: 3

    This is something I would really love to learn especially for…

    (message shortened)

    Posted Feb 12 2013 8:19 pm #

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