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birthday cake for a teenage boy

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  • Started 2 years ago by Urooj H.
  • Latest reply from Melissa Diamond
  1. Urooj H.
    Posts: 20

    Hi Melissa, I'd be very grateful if you could please do a tutorial on a cake or cupcakes for a teenage boy, probably something with a laptop or an ipod on it. I am posting this link that I found yesterday on internet, can you please do something like this?
    My son is going to turn 14 in September and his name is also Ryan and I'd love doing a cake for him.

    Posted Aug 7 2012 6:52 am #
  2. Stephanie
    Posts: 320
    Cake Advisor

    Hi Urooj H! There is a tutorial that Melissa has previously done that might assist you. Although, it is for a girl's sleepover, and it is done mostly in buttercream. However, it will give you an idea of some of the basics. To create a bedspread like the link you posted, you would have to use fondant. Here is the link for Melissa's video

    Hope this helps!

    Posted Sep 13 2012 12:53 pm #
  3. Hi Urooj--Thanks for the request (and thanks Stephanie for your answer above!) --I agree that you could use the Sleepover Cake video for your bed. For the boy, we have several gum paste people videos like the "Gum Paste Guy" video. Only, he would be laying down for this cake and that would be easier anyway ;0)!--

    The laptop could be made by rolling and cutting out rectangle of gum paste and allowing it to dry over a corner so that once dry, it will have the basic opened laptop shape. Then you can layer on your thing rectangles of light grey/silver fondant for the screen, keyboard, etc. Hope this helps!

    Posted Sep 14 2012 3:09 pm #


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