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Elizabeth Marek Fondant Question

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  • Started 1 year ago by Tammy L.
  • Latest reply from Stephanie
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  1. Tammy L.
    Posts: 42

    I noticed you used this the last couple of times. What is the taste like? Also does it dry hard after being on cake or does it stay somewhat soft for cutting and chewing?

    Posted Aug 4 2013 12:59 am #
  2. melissa p.
    Posts: 18

    I have used it several times now. The consistency is great.. very pliable and does not get as hard and dry as straight Wilton fondant. It softens easily when warmed by your hands. This is my favorite MMF recipe.

    Posted Aug 4 2013 2:38 am #
  3. BeBe
    Posts: 1052
    Site Mother

    Hi Tammy, yes, Melissa has been using Elizabeth Marek's marshmallow fondant recipe for her most recent fondant cakes. It has a marshmallow taste that we like, sometimes we do add clear vanilla. I cannot taste the Wilton fondant that is added to it. It has great elasticity and can be rolled very thin. Yes, I think it does stay soft for cutting and chewing......softer than the Satin Ice we use.

    Posted Aug 4 2013 3:06 am #
  4. stephanie72
    Posts: 488
    Location: Bay Area - California Member

    I tried making this recently and it was a total flop!! The powdered sugar didnt all incorporate into it in my mixer and it was a big lumpy mess. I have no idea what happened.

    Posted Aug 5 2013 3:38 am #
  5. Paula M.
    Posts: 511
    Location: California Member

    Hi Stephanie..I am going to try to make this fondant recipe. I googled Elizabeth Marek fondant recipe and she does have a video tutorial showing herself making it. (maybe you have already seen it). She also says she will answer questions posted as well...maybe give that a try??

    Posted Aug 5 2013 3:47 am #
  6. I made some LMF a few months ago for a cake. I wrapped the leftover fondant well in plastic, put it in a ziploc bag and stored it in my storage room. Last night, I took a bit off the ball, and it easily kneaded back to a soft pliable fondant. I added some color and tylose powder to it, to make some letters using Tappits.

    Just as easy to use as the day I made it.

    Posted Aug 5 2013 1:13 pm #
  7. stephanie72
    Posts: 488
    Location: Bay Area - California Member

    Paula, I did watch her video. Mine definitely didn't come out like hers. It was like the ball of fondant was too compact and hard to incorporate any additional powdered sugar in my mixer. So when I took it off, it was a ball of semi incorporated fondant and a bunch of powdered sugar. I tried mixing it in by hand and it was so lumpy I gave up.

    I'll try again though. I hear great things about this fondant so I'm not ready to give up yet.

    Posted Aug 5 2013 1:46 pm #
  8. Paula M.
    Posts: 511
    Location: California Member

    Hi Stephanie..humm..I don't know because I haven't tried, but when I do I will post the results. I wish we lived closer so we could try recipes together....I am just too many hours South of you. :-) (love the Bay Area)..did you warm the Wilton Fondant or was it already an issue before that step? Did you use the cheap brand of Marshmallows? I guess Jet Puff/Kraft don't work...glad you won't give up....if Elizabeth can do it, so can you!!!!

    Posted Aug 5 2013 4:23 pm #
  9. stephanie72
    Posts: 488
    Location: Bay Area - California Member

    This happened when I was incorporating the powdered sugar into the marshmallows, so yes, before I even did the fondant. And I used the brand of marshmallows she suggests (from Winco, can't remember the name of them at the moment - HyTop or something like that).

    I'll try again for sure.

    Posted Aug 5 2013 5:33 pm #
  10. Stephanie
    Posts: 320
    Cake Advisor

    I love LMF. However, I add flavoring to mine. I find that a dram of Lorann oil works great. The Lorann emulsions work great also.

    Posted Aug 27 2013 2:38 am #


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