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Deer antler cake topper

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  • Started 2 years ago by Holly C.
  • Latest reply from Holly C.
  1. ******
    Posts: 63

    So i'm going to attempt a deer antler topper for a cake this weekend...i'm wondering what the best way to go about this is...i googled for some tips and got a lot of mixed reviews! Im hoping a few of you have done these and can tell me the best way to go about it...wire rkt and gumpaste? wire and modeling chocolate? they don't have to be super big they are going to be part of a topper for a 6inch cake... Thanks!

    Posted Aug 16 2012 4:52 pm #
  2. ******
    Posts: 4969

    Hi Holly---This sounds like a funny question but I want to…

    (message shortened)

    Posted Aug 16 2012 8:45 pm #
  3. ******
    Posts: 63

    Antlers only i'm worried about them being too heavy and ruining…

    (message shortened)

    Posted Aug 17 2012 12:25 am #
  4. ******
    Posts: 4969

    Holly--If you are using cardboard cake circles for your base, you…

    (message shortened)

    Posted Aug 17 2012 12:51 am #
  5. ******
    Posts: 63

    Thank you so much melissa! i will probably do this just…

    (message shortened)

    Posted Aug 17 2012 3:35 pm #

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