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Deer antler cake topper

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  • Started 2 years ago by Holly C.
  • Latest reply from Holly C.
  1. Holly C.
    Posts: 63

    So i'm going to attempt a deer antler topper for a cake this weekend...i'm wondering what the best way to go about this is...i googled for some tips and got a lot of mixed reviews! Im hoping a few of you have done these and can tell me the best way to go about it...wire rkt and gumpaste? wire and modeling chocolate? they don't have to be super big they are going to be part of a topper for a 6inch cake... Thanks!

    Posted Aug 16 2012 4:52 pm #
  2. Hi Holly---This sounds like a funny question but I want to make sure I'm picturing this right--are you making antlers only for the top of the cake? Or is there a deer head also? I bet that there are so many opinions on this b/c this has been done several different ways successfully.

    Here's a link below that we have on the topic. I haven't done big antlers as a topper before. Only a small deer on top of a cake (in which case the antlers can be brown floral wire). -- For thicker antlers, the wire/RKT either covered in a very thin layer of gum paste or modeling chocolate, or even painted with brown royal icing would be fine. The anchor could be a lollipop stick or the floral wire that runs through the entire piece.

    If you click on "Confetti"'s username in the link below, you will be taken to her profile page where you can PM her. Maybe she can tell you what she did--or someone else who has done a cake like this. Good luck!

    Posted Aug 16 2012 8:45 pm #
  3. Holly C.
    Posts: 63

    Antlers only i'm worried about them being too heavy and ruining the cake as well as them not being sturdy enough and caving in on themselves... we will see what happens. i'm going to try and make them tonight so they have time to dry and if they don't work out i can try another way!

    Posted Aug 17 2012 12:25 am #
  4. Holly--If you are using cardboard cake circles for your base, you could glue a few together (and wrap or cover as usual) and place the 6" round on top. Then, you could sharpen two wooden dowels (one per antler) and hammer them all the way through your cake and into the cake base so that they are secure. You could wrap sturdy wire around each dowel and then let the wire extend up beyond the dowels into the general shape that you need before covering with RKT or gum paste, etc. I suppose that you could do one dowel in the center if your wire is strong enough to wrap around the top of the dowel and then form a "v" shape to make two antlers.

    If you can't find floral wire sturdy enough, you can wrap several wires together or use the thicker aluminum wire that you can find at craft stores like Michael's.

    If you need some sort of a guide, I do something similar in my ice cream party video-- (Sharpened dowel with wire extending past the dowel). If I hadn't done this, the topper would have been so tall and heavy that it would have fallen to the side and damaged the cake. Here's a link~

    If your antlers will be lightweight, none of this is necessary (simple anchors would be enough) but if they are heavier, this plan would work well.

    Posted Aug 17 2012 12:51 am #
  5. Holly C.
    Posts: 63

    Thank you so much melissa! i will probably do this just to make sure they stay put when i deliver it :) and i'll feel better knowing it won't just fall off! Thanks again

    Posted Aug 17 2012 3:35 pm #


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