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Does anyone have a Red velvet cake recipe for cake sculptin?

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  • Started 2 years ago by sophiescupcake
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  1. ******
    Posts: 48

    Hi everyone~

    I just made Paula Deen's Grandmother's red velvet cake as I've read somewhere that it's a good recipe for cake sculpting because it's denser....

    The cake came out horrible! It was flat and wet, the center of the cake was cooked but the edges were not (no matter how much longer I bake it for) and it kinda shrink after I took it out from the oven! Not to mention for some reason the top of the cake shrink a lot more than the bottom (no idea why).

    I think I won't be able to use that for the cake I'm making on sunday... so need to make another one instead (eeek! all the ingredient wasted)

    Would really appreciate if someone can share a good sculpting/carving red velvet cake recipe!


    Posted Apr 13 2012 2:43 am #
  2. ******
    Posts: 992

    Hi, the red velvet we have in the recipe section…

    (message shortened)

    Posted Apr 14 2012 3:28 am #
  3. ******
    Posts: 529

    A couple of nights ago I started messing around with recipe's…

    (message shortened)

    Posted Apr 14 2012 3:39 am #
  4. ******
    Posts: 48

    Thanks Holly!

    I had to re-make Paula's recipe because I didn't get…

    (message shortened)

    Posted Apr 14 2012 4:46 pm #
  5. ******
    Posts: 29

    I have used this red velvet recipe below from cake central…

    (message shortened)

    Posted Apr 16 2012 4:36 pm #
  6. ******
    Posts: 5

    I did not like Paula Deen's recipe - I much prefer…

    (message shortened)

    Posted May 18 2012 7:25 pm #

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