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Skylanders Cake

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  • Started 2 years ago by Kathleen
  • Latest reply from Kathleen
  1. Kathleen
    Posts: 138

    I have been asked to make a skylanders cake. I am not making the figure just the cake is the base. The cake itself is actually pretty simple although I still have not really figured out how I am going to do the edges. The cake has to glow! the top and center of cake glows white and the bottom base glows green. I got green glow sticks to place around the bottom but I am struggling with the center. I have not been able to find white glow sticks unless I order 20! My question has anyone done a cake where it lights up and how did you get the light in the cake? I was going to use a plexi glass circle as the base for the figure and to allow the light to come thru. I hope this link works I have never added one before. Also I hope I am clear with my question!! thanks for any advice. I am excited to do such a cool cake but incertain as to how!

    Posted Jun 21 2012 5:53 pm #
  2. Holly
    Posts: 532
    Location: Oregon Member

    Hi! My wedding cake was a church with doors, windows and the whole shebang... it glowed from battery operated tea light candles. Would that help at all?

    Could you just do blocks of grey fondant for the edges and mark them up with a modeling tool?

    I hope you post it after it's made, this is going to be an amazing cake!

    Posted Jun 21 2012 10:18 pm #
  3. Hi Kathleen--I have never made a cake that glows. I've seen on cake challenges (at least one where the Cake Girls won a while back) that they used tonic water on their cake to make it glow under a black light. But, I think that the glow has more of a bluish look than white.

    I like your idea of the figure on top standing on something with light shining from it. Something along Holly's idea of the tea lights would be mini wireless LED lights--they often sell these at craft stores. (People use them in cakes often--for instance, to create the look of car headlights.)

    As for white glow sticks, I found these glow bracelets that may work for you if you have time to order--

    Good luck!! Will let you know if I think of anything else ;0)

    Posted Jun 22 2012 3:10 am #
  4. Kathleen
    Posts: 138

    Thanks I did find some glow bracelets that I might use but the battery powered mini light would work. The tea lights I think would be more yellow. Now the question is should I leave a hole in the back so I can turn on and tuck in at the last sec? I could maybe cover the hole with a bit of grey fondant.
    Ha Ha I did just find out my customer was teasing me she really had not expected it to glow but now I am on a mission! Also she does know lots of people who could order from me again.
    Thanks all still open for any ideas!

    Posted Jun 22 2012 3:45 pm #


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