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Leopard print cake batter

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  1. Tara
    Posts: 1080

    Had a request for a leopard print cake batter? I've done zebra, but not leopard. Anyone ever done it? I'm going to research on it, but thought I would see if you all have any suggestions. She wants the batter, the actual cake to have a leopard print. That print has that little curve to it with the other color center in the semi-cirle. TIA!

    Posted Apr 13 2011 12:47 pm #
  2. Tara
    Posts: 1080

    Nevermind...I saw a few things on how to do it. I think I can do it fine.

    Posted Apr 13 2011 12:50 pm #
  3. glamsweets
    Posts: 31

    what info did you find i have never heard or seen anything like that! thats awesome!!

    Posted Apr 13 2011 2:03 pm #
  4. Karen
    Posts: 26

    Hello Tara, I am interested to know how to do the leopard print batter as well. Please share.

    Posted Apr 13 2011 5:18 pm #
  5. Tara
    Posts: 1080

    This lady just took some of her batter and made a small batch of black (black gel food coloring)and a small batch of brown (using coco powder). She poured some batter in the pan and then made the design, I would assume with a toothpick. She said she would make the spot much smaller next time because they expand as the cake bakes. Then you pour a little more batter in and make some more spots and then finish off the batter making more spots at the top if the batter. Make sense?

    Posted Apr 13 2011 6:53 pm #
  6. glamsweets
    Posts: 31

    thanks so much for sharing ! i live in jersey and the girls around here are crazy about zebra and leopard print. there very "jerseylicious"lol

    Posted Apr 16 2011 12:52 pm #
  7. Tracy
    Posts: 36
    Location: Member

    Maybe you could put the colors of batter in piping bags and pipe out the designs into the main batter??

    Posted Apr 16 2011 8:52 pm #
  8. sarahpugh
    Posts: 73

    Does anyone know how to get the leopard design on the icing of the cake like in the pictures Tara posted? I think it's really fun but have no idea how to even begin that! Thanks!

    Posted Apr 17 2011 2:43 am #
  9. Tara
    Posts: 1080

    That cake in the link I attached is a fondant-covered cake. They simply hand-painted the design on using gel colors diluted with a little vodka probably. If you do it on buttercream, you can pipe it on with buttercream icing using small round tips on a crusted cake and you can leave it raised or you can flatten it using the Viva technique once the piped design has crusted as well.

    Posted Apr 17 2011 11:29 am #
  10. sarahpugh
    Posts: 73

    Oh that makes me want to make a leopard cake! Thanks for the tips Tara. You're always full of such great advice!

    Posted Apr 19 2011 7:01 am #


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