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how to paint on fondant?

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  1. Kelly P.
    Posts: 61

    i am not very familiar with fondant, can anyone tell me the best way to do this? do i just dip a paintbrush into some food gel?

    Posted Aug 31 2011 4:38 pm #
  2. Kelly P.
    Posts: 61

    btw love the new look!

    Posted Aug 31 2011 4:38 pm #
  3. Mix any of your "colors" with vodka or lemon juice... Vodka is my choice. It evaporates quickly and leaves a smooth color behind. Good Luck!

    Posted Aug 31 2011 6:27 pm #
  4. Kelly P.
    Posts: 61

    mix gel colors? or powdered?

    Posted Sep 1 2011 4:07 am #
  5. Hi Kelly--Thanks for the nice comment about our site! --

    I prefer vodka too :0) --The alcohol evaporates really quickly, just leaving the color. Lemon extract (not juice) has enough alcohol in it to dry quickly also, if you are opposed to using vodka. If you used water, or nothing at all, your colors would take a long time to dry, and wouldn't be a good consistency for painting.

    Mixing coloring gels with a little bit of vodka gives you a paint, much like watercolors. I like watercolors and so I use this method a lot.

    However, if you want bolder colors, you can also paint with petal dust or luster dust. I sometimes mix my colors on a plate, but prefer using a little plastic artist's palette...just because the wells keep everything in their place. With the dusts, it just takes a tiny bit of vodka to give you a nice "paint" consistency.

    Posted Sep 1 2011 4:35 am #
  6. Tracy
    Posts: 36
    Location: Member

    I use airbrush color. You don't have to mix it with anything and it dries pretty quickly.

    Posted Sep 2 2011 2:52 am #
  7. bitzidee
    Posts: 7

    Melissa, how about a fondant painting video. :)

    Posted Sep 11 2011 1:36 am #
  8. Joelma
    Posts: 72

    IF you mix petal dust, I find you have to wait a couple of hours for it to dissolve and become paint with the vodka. I especially wait for silver and gold to completely become pasty and looking like acrylic paint. I once used it before it had dissolved and got an ugly look of grey with shiny spots, like I had sprinkled on it. With the dust color dissolve, I got a shiny, smooth metal look (this was for silver rings and zippers, on a purse cake).

    Posted Sep 12 2011 11:44 am #


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