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Fondant/gum paste on buttercream

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  • Started 3 years ago by Anniejoe
  • Latest reply from Anniejoe
  1. Anniejoe
    Posts: 11

    Hey just a quick question, I'm making a baby shower cake, 2 tier. They want butter cream frosting. Can I put fondant or gum paste decorations i.e. flowers or bands right on the buttercream successfully? If yes what do I use to secure it to the buttercream? They don't want the whole cake covered with fondant but don't mind fondant embellishments.

    Posted Jul 1 2011 10:49 am #
  2. lulu50
    Posts: 113

    Sure......I find just using a little buttercream or royal icing as your glue works great for me. If it's a little larger flower or decoration you may have to hold it in place for a minute, but otherwise it adhere's quite quickly. I usually wait for the buttercream final coat to start crusting b/4 I start decorating, but not neccessary. Also, for some pieces that are tiny or delicate or even stripes, I find applying the buttercream glue to the spot that it's going is easier than applying it to the decoration and then trying to get your sticky finger to release it! ( :

    Have fun,

    Posted Jul 1 2011 11:00 am #
  3. Anniejoe
    Posts: 11


    Thanks so much! Guess sometimes I make things harder than they need to be.


    Posted Jul 1 2011 12:25 pm #
  4. lulu50
    Posts: 113

    You're welcome!! And, don't think a thing of it..... we ALL do that when we're first starting out! ( : I'm sure your cake will be adorable!....

    Have a great 4th of July,
    Mary ( ;

    Posted Jul 1 2011 12:32 pm #
  5. After my issues....

    I have now started using gum paste or adding tylose to my fondant when I am putting decor on buttercream. The lighter the items I make out of fondant/gumpaste are, the better they stay. I have had heavy fondant ribbon slide down - and even flowers sink and fall....

    so for me, the lighter weight the decor, the better!

    Good luck!

    Posted Jul 1 2011 6:07 pm #
  6. Anniejoe
    Posts: 11

    Well I tried a ribbon band out of fondant on a buttercream frosted cake and within 15 min. of application it started to slide or sag down. Thankfully I was able to remove it successfully! Sooo. . . plan B. I quickly smoothed the cake with my Viva and waited a few min. and used an impression mat. I probably wont use fondant again. :0( The cake did turn out pretty though.

    Posted Jul 11 2011 6:07 am #


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