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Fall flowers cake?

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  • Started 1 year ago by LittleApronBaker
  • Latest reply from Melissa Diamond
  1. ******
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    I have to make a simple 8" round bridal shower cake this weekend and was wondering if anyone had some suggestions for some fall-ish flowers I could add to the top along with her monogram. It will be a simple cake in vanilla buttercream (maybe the petal effect or ridges around the sides) but I think a couple fall-colored flowers would add elegance and some color. Buttercream or gumpaste/fondant suggestions welcome! Or share some of your fall cake designs!

    Posted Sep 25 2012 1:45 am #
  2. ******
    Posts: 27

    When I think fall, I think mums. Melissa shows how 2…

    (message shortened)

    Posted Sep 25 2012 1:57 am #
  3. ******
    Posts: 4976

    Hi Shannon! I love fall themes. We have one…

    (message shortened)

    Posted Sep 25 2012 2:53 am #

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