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Disco Dust???

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  1. Ali C.
    Posts: 35

    Hi All..does anyone know if disco dust is the same as pearl dust they have at Michaels....I need some decor shimmer like almost glitter like..Ive heard of this but cant seem to find it..I wanna make sure Im gettin the rt thing..can anyone help me here..thanks

    Posted Apr 8 2013 1:09 am #
  2. Hi Ali--Pearl dust is in a category of it's own. There are pearl dusts, petal and luster dusts, and disco/twinkle/pixie dusts. --

    I cannot get disco dust locally, I have to order it. -- Places like SweetWise, Global Sugar Art, etc. sell it. A quick Google search will point you in the right direction, but if you don't have time to order any, you can work with what you do have access to.

    I use disco dust sparingly these days (in my earlier videos I use it much more often) -- I love it, but reserve it more for gum paste or fondant items that won't be eaten. This is because while it is labeled "non-toxic", it is not intended for consumption.

    I use Super Pearl dust which I ordered online, but I have tried Wilton's Pearl Spray and it works nicely also. It doesn't give that glittery/sparkle look---it is a pearlized look. So, if you spray or brush pearl dust onto a hot pink accent for example, it will make the color a little more muted and give it a bit of pearlized sheen.

    Wilton has edible glitters--pretty, but not the same "bling" factor.

    What are you decorating? Maybe we can come up with some more ideas for you.

    Posted Apr 8 2013 1:46 am #
  3. Ali C.
    Posts: 35

    Hi Melissa..thanks for the info..Im making a silhouette like the one on this link..she wants it to glitter like this one..n disco dust is the one thing I can think of..

    Posted Apr 8 2013 2:57 am #
  4. Paula M.
    Posts: 505
    Location: California Member

    Hi Ali..Would edible sparkles work? Michaels sells these in small bottles in several colors...I have used the clear/or pearl one. They are "flakes" may have seen them. Just a thought..good luck!

    Posted Apr 8 2013 5:50 am #
  5. Hi Ali-- I do think that this is something along the lines of disco dust (pixie dust/twinkle dust....). We often use white disco dust but there are lots of good options.

    As I said above, the "glitter dusts" like disco, pixie, etc. are labeled "non-toxic"...but they aren't approved for consumption. They aren't FDA approved. There is probably not a huge difference between these glitter dusts, and the fine grained craft glitter that you can find at Michael's in the scrapbooking area)...although the disco dust probably has a finer grain. ---If you don't have time to order disco dust, you could just buy the non-toxic craft glitter **assuming that you plan to remove the gum paste or fondant/tylose piece before serving. You could just lightly dampen the front of your dried piece add a little sparkle. I would just tell the client that the piece is just meant for decoration. Gum paste or fondant/tylose doesn't taste good anyway ;0)

    However, if you want to make it all edible, you could just go with a pearlized look instead-- it will be pretty...just not as glittery. The sparkle flakes that Paula mentioned above are of course an option too-- just not as blingy and the pieces are larger. -- Hope this helps!

    Posted Apr 8 2013 1:30 pm #
  6. Ali C.
    Posts: 35

    Thanks Melissa Paula for the info..the lady would like it for I did tell her that if I make it with gumpaste she wont be able to eat I guess I can use the disco dust or even the glitter from the scrapbook section...never would have thought of that ..thanks alot..

    Posted Apr 9 2013 3:30 am #


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