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Learn from home!– My Blog is open to everyone. For only $30, gain access
to cake decorating assistance, advice, and well over 200 full length cake decorating
video tutorials for an entire year! Makes a wonderful gift too–click our “Gift Membership” button or contact me at for details!

Take a look at our sample video~  Springtime Flowers in Chocolate~



1.  $30 for a year’s access to over 200 videos (and counting) sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?

There’s no catch, this is truly the best deal around.  ;0) – Our aim is to make cake decorating lessons accessible to everyone by offering a huge amount of content for a very affordable membership fee.  We are excited about our growing community!


Someone asked this very question on our Facebook fan page and here are just a few of the responses posted~Click photo to enlarge. *** (You can see the full FB discussion by clicking  HERE!)



2. Why should I join when I can find cake decorating videos and tutorials online for free?

A membership is the best, most cost efficient, convenient way to learn cake decorating through quality video tutorials.  We are a trusted site with a growing community of beginning “students” as well as seasoned decorators.  The days of stumbling through video sharing sites are over–we have a huge amount of instructional video content on our site, and are here to help you become a better cake decorator!

With a My Cake School membership, you will have online access to every video tutorial that we have made, recipes, our message boards, and member photo gallery & member tutorial gallery.  These are invaluable tools, and our list of tutorials is constantly expanding!

3. What is the membership fee?

Membership is ONLY $30 usd for a full year.  Let’s think about this… $30 for online access to over 200 full length, quality video tutorials that we have made.  You can watch our tutorials whenever you would like, as many times as you would like, for as long as you are a member!  If we break that down, that comes to less than 15 cents per tutorial.  With the skills that you will learn from our site, the membership will pay for itself many times over through the course of the year.

The main thing that separates us from other cake decorating sites is that we do not charge per video.  If we did, you would have to spend thousands of dollars to gain access to the hundreds of videos that we offer our members.  Instead, we want to make our instructions affordable…and we want our community of decorators to grow!


4. What online tutorials are available for members to watch? has over 200 VIDEOS,  and each one is available to our members!  Most average approximately 30-40 minutes–these are full length videos and are extremely thorough.  We add new videos at least twice a month, and I am constantly drawing from members’ suggested topics.

*The easiest way to see exactly what we offer is to click on our Video Tutorials tab–here is the link:

5. Will I have to pay more money in order to see the entire video?

No, videos in the tutorial section are complete videos that will allow you to fully grasp the techniques being demonstrated. This is what sets us apart from some of the other online cake schools. We currently have nearly 200 posted videos, and we have many, many more videos scheduled for posting.  Once a video is posted to our library, it stays there permanently.  So, new members will not have missed anything!

6. Who makes the videos?

My name is Melissa Diamond and I ran a successful cake business from home for years. A couple of years ago, I decided to take what I had learned and begin teaching.  That’s when the idea of My Cake School was born.  My mom, also known as “BeBe” by our members, runs the site with me.  Not only is she the lady behind the camera, but she is also a great source for baking and decorating advice.

You may find that some decorators are reluctant to share all of their secrets. This is not the case for me. Since cake instruction is now my one and only job, I want to share EVERYTHING with you. It makes me so happy to hear success stories from members after trying out techniques that they have learned on the site.  We are always researching new ideas, and when I discover a new technique, I can’t wait to share it with you all.

7. Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, memberships are $30/year, and renew annually.  However, at any time during the year, you can click the “subscription” button in the top right of our site and follow through with the auto-renew cancellation (or you can contact me directly.) –Due to the nature of our site, we do not give refunds (except in rare cases of compatibility issues or for members who forget to cancel their auto-renew and no longer wish to be a member.)

8. What if my computer is not compatible with the videos?

If you have ANY trouble viewing videos upon joining, contact us for advice.  If we cannot help you, you will receive a refund. The same goes for gift memberships.

9. Can I buy a gift membership for someone?

Yes!  Please do!  A Gift Membership is the perfect gift for anyone who loves cake decorating, anyone who has a creative or crafty streak, or even moms or dads who may want to decorate for their children. Look for the GIFT MEMBERSHIP button in the right side bar!

 Thanks for stopping by, I hope you will join us soon!


  1. BeBe says: #101

    Hi Waffa, we can email you an invoice to be paid with a credit card through Paypal, as their guest, without joining Paypal. Let us know if you would like to join.

  2. BeBe says: #102

    Hi Anne Marie, yes, we do have members from Ireland. The videos should work fine for you. It does not happen very often but if we have a member unable to view the videos, we will refund their money. We would love to have you join the site.

  3. meeso nahar says: #103

    i would like to join…thanx :)

  4. BeBe says: #104

    Hi Meeso, you can click on “Click to Join Paypal” that is just above or you can email us at and we can send you an invoice to be paid with a credit card.

  5. BeBe says: #105

    Let us know if you need help in joining.

  6. wafaa alkanderi says: #106

    please answer my question can i pay by credit card

  7. carolina sanchez says: #107

    hello I live in Mexico ,City can I pay by credit card,

  8. BeBe says: #108

    Hi Carolina, we can email you an invoice that can be paid with a credit card through Paypal, as their guest, without joining Paypal. Let us know if you would like an invoice sent to you. We would be happy to have you join the site.

  9. Nicole says: #109

    Hi there, I already have a paypal account. How do I sign up?

  10. BeBe says: #110

    Hi Nicole, we would be happy to have you join. You can scroll to the top of the page and click on the button that says “Click to Join”. Here is a link,

    link to

  11. Nicole says: #111

    Is there a link to the canadian one? Sorry!

  12. Donna Cathcart says: #112

    Ido ot recieve your e-mails & pay for the membership, Iwas wonderig if you can put me on the listagain or check if my e-mail adress is still there!

  13. Lisandra B. Cintron says: #113

    I’m interesting to pay with my credit card. Can I do that? And how do it?

  14. BeBe says: #114

    Hi Lisandra, yes, you can pay with a credit card as a guest of Paypal without becoming a member of Paypal. Let us know if you would like us to email you an invoice to join this way.

  15. Laura says: #115

    Ciao Melissa, how can I join your website?

  16. Lisandra says: #116

    I’m trying to pay with my credit card, but the system does’nt accept the state, city and postal code.

  17. BeBe says: #117

    Hi Lisandra, I’m not sure why it won’t accept… you might need to call Paypal Customer Service, 888-215-5506. We also accept payment with a check or money order, email us at if you would like that address.

    Hi Laura, we would be happy to have you as a member. Scroll to the top of this page. Under Melissa’s picture, click on the pink circle that says “Click for more information on joining.

  18. Lisandra says: #118

    Yes, I would like that you send me an invoice that I can pay with my credit card whithout become a member of Paypal. I live in Puerto Rico and maybe this is the reason for the system not accepted my address. I’m sure that the address is correct.
    I wait for your invoice to pay. Thanks.

  19. BeBe says: #119

    Hi Delores, we can email you an invoice that can be paid with a credit card to join as a guest of Paypal without becoming a member of Paypal. Let us know if you want to join with this method. We also accept checks or money orders within the US. We do not have dvd’s or videos . Our video tutorials can be also be watched on smart phones, ipads etc.

  20. BeBe says: #120

    Hi Delores, that is fine, I’ll send you an email with the details.

  21. Lisandra says: #121

    I’m waiting for the invoice to pay with my credit card. I don’t have received answer and I’m very interesting in the videos and tutorials. Please, contact me. Thanks.

  22. Lisandra says: #122

    I just have received an invoice on June, 27 to pay and actually I can’t pay it. Please, call me in Spanish for know what is the problem and complete the order.

  23. Joan says: #123

    Question – I’ve been contemplating joining for some time now and have decided I want to do this. But I have a question about recipes…will I easily be able to print them so I can use them? I’ve been to sites that make it difficult to print, either they don’t have a print option (so you have to cut and paste it into a Word document), or you can print it but you get additional pages with advertisements. How do your recipes print? I’m looking forward to joining, but am also afraid that I’ll be addicted to my computer watching all day and night. So excited!!! Thank you so much.

  24. Melissa Diamond says: #124

    Hi Joan–Thanks for your interest in our site. We do have a “print” button on our recipes–they just print off on one sheet of paper, I believe with our logo across the top ;0) – No worries of additional pages. We would love to have you!

  25. Paulette Jacobs says: #125

    My membership is over in about a week. Is it possible that there is a reduced fee for members after the first year? I am not a business and just enjoy looking at the video’s but don’t have a need for recipes, etc. Mostly, I am entertained and enjoy the little interaction between the two of you. My Mother and I wouldn’t have last two days. lol

  26. Yuka says: #126

    Would like to join but do not have Paypal … there any way?

    Thank you

  27. Melissa Diamond says: #127

    Hi Terry– I’m sorry if we missed a question of yours. Can you e-mail us at The last question that I could find was on 9/2/13 under our Chocolate frosting recipe, and it was answered the same day.


  28. Terry Broussard says: #128

    Hey it’s great to get a response ! Can I cover whipped milk chocolate ganache with mixer fondant. Regular and marshmallow ?

  29. Terry Broussard says: #129

    I am making a 8″ double barrel cake and plan on chilling the ganache coverd cake before I cover it with the mixed fondant what do you think?

  30. Melissa Diamond says: #130

    Hi Terry– Yes, that should be fine! I answered your question last night in our Forums- We seem to be missing each other ;0) Here’s the link-

    link to

  31. lovely treats says: #131

    Hi There,

    I’m interested in joining. Your tutorials are awesome. Just had a question: Am I able to save your videos and is there an instruction sheet to print out?

  32. BeBe says: #132

    Hi, thanks for your interest in the site. The tutorials cannot be saved, they are available for you to watch as many times as you would like during your year membership. There is no print out.

    Let us know if you have other questions.

  33. Carolina Polo says: #133

    I would love to join, please send me the invoice so i can pay with a card, thank!

  34. maham khatri says: #134

    i would like to join. how can i pay?

  35. BeBe says: #135

    Hi Maham, I have sent you an email

  36. Araceli says: #136

    Hello! I´m from Mexico and I want to know if I can register and pay by credit card? And the tutorials are all in English? And the instructions are written?
    Thanks :)

  37. BeBe says: #137

    Hi Araceli, you should be able to pay through PayPal, at the top of this page in the pin circle you can click on joining information. Let us know if you have problem. The tutorials are in the form of videos and they are in English. There are some written instructions but most are verbal.

  38. Olga Gonzalez says: #138

    Hi! I am up for a renewal and my credit card has changed. Where can I update my information? Thanks

  39. Lisandra says: #139

    I send you a money order for $30.00 on October, 11 for my membership and now I don’t know how enter to view the videos. Please e-mail me to do that.

  40. Fresh Treats says: #140

    Hi Melissa
    I would like to join. Please send me details

  41. BeBe says: #141

    Hi, Fresh Treats, the most often asked questions are listed above, is there a specific question I can answer. Would you like to have an invoice sent to you. If you would rather pay through PayPal, the PayPal Button to join is found just above question #1 as you scroll to the top of this page

  42. Sherri Dillard says: #142

    Good morning! I would love to join My Cake School. I am not a Pay Pal customer, so I would really appreciate you sending me an invoice I can pay with my credit card. Thank you so much!

  43. maham says: #143

    i dont have paypal here. how can i pay then?

  44. maham khatri says: #144

    can u plz tell me any other way to pay other than by paypal?

  45. Blessing Bill says: #145

    Happy new year Melissa. I bake from home and I really want to improve on my skills in order to meet up with the trends. I’ve been following your page on Facebook since last year and this year I’ve decided to join this great school but my challenge now is that I’m in Nigeria and I really do not know how to go about with the payment. Tips from you will be appreciated. Thanks.

  46. wafaa says: #146

    Hi .. i would like to join

  47. Jennifer Manter says: #147

    I would love to join!

  48. BeBe says: #149

    Hi Maham, I am sorry your question was overlooked. If you are in a country that is not on the PayPal list I am not sure what can be done. This is PayPal’s Customer Service number 888-215-5506. I would give them a call to find if they have a solution for you.

  49. Linda Johnston says: #150

    Do you have a video about how to stack a wedding 3 tiered wedding cake? I have been baking simple birthday and wedding cakes, but when I stack the tiered ones, they lean. I would join if I knew some of the videos were basic ones as I would probably never use the detailed ones.

  50. Aiswarya says: #151

    Hi Melissa,I would live to join mycakeschool blog..but I don’t have a paypal account…can I pay without joining paypal…please tell me what to do…

  51. Melissa Diamond says: #152

    @Linda– Yes, we have tutorials for basic tier stacking. We have videos for all skill levels. Even though you are not a member, you can still click on the “Video Tutorials” section at the top of the page & see titles and photos of all that we have to offer.

    @Aiswarya– I can e-mail you an invoice, which will allow you to pay by credit as PayPal’s guest.

  52. maham says: #153

    ok :)

  53. BeBe says: #154

    Hi Marina, yes you can access all your devices with the same member account.
    Let us know if you have other questions.

  54. Stella Brown says: #155

    Hello Melissa
    I cant wait to join, will you please email an invoice so I can pay via credit card…… Thank you

  55. tayla says: #156

    ill will love to join I made your birdcages for my year 8 cupcake project and came first im happy with everything your done they are all so creative and im such a cake deco lover so can I please join

  56. tayla says: #157

    hello Melissa,
    do you have to pay to join?
    just wondering

  57. Laura says: #158

    I am interested in joining how often does new tutorials get put on or is just what is on the site?


  58. BeBe says: #159

    Thanks for you interest, Melissa adds 1 to 2 new videos each month as well as Blog tutorials

  59. BeBe says: #160

    Hi Christine, We can email you an invoice that can be paid with a credit card through PayPal, as their guest, without joining PayPal. Another way to pay would be with a check or money order. Let me know which way you prefer.

  60. Lorrie says: #161

    Are your videos compatible with mobile devices (ipad/iphone)? Will they play on these devices?

  61. Tania says: #162

    I would like to only purchase one year of the membership without it automatically renewing. Is this possible? Please let me know how.


  62. BeBe says: #163

    Hi Tania, Yes, you can join without the auto-renewal. I can email you an invoice that can be paid with a credit card through PayPal, as their guest, without becoming a member of PayPal. It does not auto-renew. Even when paying as a member of PayPal you can unsubscribe from the auto-renewal. Also, if anyone is renewed that did not wish to rejoin, we refund the charge. I will email you the invoice, please let me know if you have other questions.

  63. Eva Buchholz says: #164



  64. Trina Treiber says: #165

    I cant seem to get logged back in, I dont think my year is up but when I click on login it says there is no search result. So there is no option to log in.

    Thank you

  65. Brenda says: #166

    I can not see where to join?

  66. Brenda says: #167

    How do I join?

  67. Melissa Diamond says: #168

    Hi Brenda– We would love to have you! You should see a “Join” section at the top right of our home page, and also a “Click for Info on Joining” button in the right side bar. Either of those will take you to joining information, but here is a link! :
    link to

    You can click the PayPal button to proceed with payment, or if you would like to pay another way, you can e-mail us at Thanks!!

  68. Dave says: #169

    Can the videos be watched on Android devices or just mac and pc’s.

    Thanks, Dave A.

  69. Melissa Diamond says: #170

    Hi Dave- Yes, they are compatible with Android also!

  70. kham bahadur chhetri says: #171

    My name is kham bahadur chhetri. I would like to join your cake school so what should i do. How can i join you.

  71. BeBe says: #172

    Hi Kham, Thank you for your interest in the site. I will email you an invoice that can be paid with a credit card through PayPal, as their guest without becoming a member of PayPal.

  72. violet.chaka says: #173

    I would like to join using visa. Please help

  73. Adrienne says: #174

    I joined using PayPal and realized that the email attached to the account is no longer active. The payment went through so how do join?

  74. fifi says: #175

    we need take the class if u have

  75. ladynextdoor says: #176

    Hi, I would like to join.

  76. BeBe says: #177

    Hi ladynextdoor, at the top of the homepage you can click on Join at the top of the page and it will take to you PayPal for joining. If you would rather not become a member of PayPal I can email you an invoice that can be paid with a credit card through PayPal, as their guest, without joining PayPal. Just let me know if you would like the invoice.

  77. cherrylyn serra says: #178

    How do i create my username and password for log in. I paid thru paypal today. Thanks

  78. Melissa Diamond says: #179

    Hi Cherrylyn–Thanks for joining! You may want to check your Spam/Junk folder to see if a registration e-mail may have landed there for you. If you can e-mail us at with the username and password that you would like to have, we will set you up from our end! Thanks!!

  79. rola shaheen says: #180

    Please I need to know why I have a problem in loading any videos? ??

  80. BeBe says: #181

    Hi Rola, It often means that you need to update your adobe flash player, here is a link, link to Or you might need to view in a different Browser. If you will click on Member Resources found above Melissa’s picture on the homepage and choose Member FAQ. Once you are on that page scroll down to # 5 . Are you unable to see any videos or is it just certain ones. Let us hear how it goes.

  81. Sweet Treats says: #182

    I am thinking on becoming a member. Are videos still added every month? Can you send me an invoice so I can pay by charge? Thank you

  82. Melissa Diamond says: #183

    Hi Sweet Treats, thanks for your interest!

    Yes, we do add new videos monthly. I’ll send an invoice your way!

  83. Sweet Treats says: #184

    Hi Melissa, I paid the invoice. How do I create a user name and pass word? I am not seeing a place to do that. Thank you

  84. Melissa Diamond says: #185

    Hi Sweet Treats, thanks! You can send us your preferred username & password to Thanks!!

  85. trish church says: #186

    Hello I would love to join but I do not want to joint PayPal. How can I do this? Thank you very much

  86. Melissa Diamond says: #187

    Hi Trish, we would love to have you! I’ll e-mail you an invoice which will allow you to pay by credit card as PayPal’s guest. Once you’ve submitted payment, you can e-mail us at with the login info that you would like. Or, if you’d rather pay by check or money order, you can e-mail us at

  87. Lori Fields says: #188

    Melissa, is there anyway I can join without going thru PayPal?? Thanks!!

  88. Melissa Diamond says: #189

    Hi Lori, I will e-mail an invoice to you!

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